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There are several solutions that help to improve the effectiveness of letters, landing pages, advertising. And here are the most popular ones:

AIDA Advertising Formula – Lightning Sales Technique

This technique was created in the late 19th century. Its developer was the American Elmer Lewis (Lewis) – a professional in the field of advertising. It is most often used when it is necessary to sell cosmetics or food: meat, fish, bakery products, etc. The answer to the question why these products are profitable to sell according to this formula is simple: images with appetizing dishes and beautiful, slim models are of interest. consumers and the desire to experience the products themselves.

  1. Attention. It can be achieved if you intrigue a person, break his patterns and stereotypes. In the text, the function of attracting attention performs the name. Sometimes, instead of heading people “provoke” the subtitle, the first paragraph. But do not try to make them too emotional or “screaming.” It is better to achieve Attention with a calm but informative header.
  2. Interest. Here it is important to make it clear to the person that this proposal will help solve his problem. It is better to use no more than three arguments to warm up the interest and to be as concise as possible, of course, without prejudice to the information.
  3. Need. It is necessary to make the audience want to have the goods. The main thing is to enter the position of the consumer, get closer to him, to demonstrate that we understand his problem. At this point it is necessary to form a person’s desire to buy a product.
  4. Act. The last few sentences in the text are usually an appeal. It is necessary to consolidate the previous moments and conclude that this product is the best in our company. But here the main thing is not to overdo it: excessive aggressiveness or perseverance will lead to the fact that a person decides to make a purchase elsewhere.

AIDA is a variation of AIDMA. In this case, the Motivation between Desire and Action is added to the already prepared scenario. Most often, in its role is the action, discount, advantageous offer.

ТОП-13 формул, эффективных для продающих текстов


Less well-known, but no less effective formula for sales is ACCA. Its name consists of four components:

  • Аttention.
  • Сomprehension.
  • Сonviction.
  • Аction.

Unlike the previous model, aimed at stimulating sales of inexpensive products, the need for which is manifested almost daily, АССА is effective in the field of expensive purchases: real estate, cars, travel vouchers, large household appliances.

If you compare the structure of these two formulas, then you will immediately notice that the first and last components are completely identical. But the 2nd and 3rd paragraph are different. The fact of the matter is that ACCA is not intended to affect emotions and fleeting desires. It is based on rationalism and works only when the choice is made after weighing all the pros and cons, not “from the heart”, but “the head”.

ТОП-13 формул, эффективных для продающих текстов

ODC (Offer→Deadline→Call to Action)

This formula is used by most single-page sites. Its structure is as follows:

  1. Offer – we have defined our target audience, created a user’s portrait and made an offer that in any case will “hook” the visitor to the Landing page. The main difference from the previous formulas is that we already know exactly what the buyer wants, so we don’t “play” with tricks, but make a concrete proposal.
  2. Restriction – then you need to limit the offer with the help of time or quantity of products so that the person does not pull with the purchase.
  3. Call to action.

4 why from “Skobeev and Partners”

Before you use the service or purchase a product, a person tries to answer four main questions:

  1. Why this particular product / service?
  2. Why should I use exactly your offer?
  3. Why at the specified cost?
  4. Why this day / month.

According to this formula, the majority of successful entrepreneurs create their selling pages. As a result, the conversion increases, the flow of customers increases.

Frank Dignan’s offer creation formula

American advertiser Frank Dignan believes that the ideal sales formula looks like this: Star → Chain → Hook. What is this component?

  1. The star is your main task to develop a proposal that the client cannot refuse.
  2. The chain is the next step, to provide a chain of logical evidence, that is, to convince a person that he needs this product, using facts.
  3. Hook – reviews of people who have already purchased a product / service, various bonuses, promotions, discounts, limited offers and so on will be able to help the future customer swallow the bait.

4U headers

This sales model has four components that can be placed in any desired order. This is Usefulness-Uniqueness-Ultra-Specificity-Urgency.

  1. Utility. Given the interests and requirements of potential customers, it is necessary to prove to them the benefits of the purchase.
  2. Uniqueness. Exclusive products always have their fans.
  3. Specificity. Housewives are unlikely to be interested in winter and summer tires, just as men rarely go to the site about needlework. At this point, it is important to make it clear to the person that this offer is created for him.
  4. Urgency – limit the offer to the time or quantity of the goods and the consumer will definitely want to “get into the last car”.

“Tasty headlines” using the PINC formula from Michael Hyatt

This strategy was developed by American Michael Hyatt – one of the chairman of the board of Thomas Nelson, a major publisher in the United States. Hyatt’s scheme consists of Romise / Intrigue / Need / Content.

  1. Promise – the title of the text contains a promise (“Lose 7 kg in a week, thanks to a diet from Larisa Dolina”).
  2. Intrigue – then you need to intrigue. For example, “The secret method of attracting new customers, which your competitors do not know about yet”.
  3. The need is “Chocolate cake in 5 minutes”.
  4. Content – the specifics are important to some users: “5 wise tips on how to create a selling text”.

Use any kind of the headings listed above, and an influx of readers is assured.

PmPHS model

This formula is suitable if a person has any kind of “sore callus” on which to press. “Pain”, you can choose any: overweight, the problem with hair growth and so on. For example: “Do you want to become the owner of long, luxurious hair, but the curls, even after the best masks and shampoos, remain brittle? Use an effective mask with mustard and natural oils! 20 cm per month! Try it and see for yourself! ”

PPPP marketing formula by Henry Hawk

This formula is ideal for offers posted on Vkontakte, Facebook and other social networks. It consists of 4 components: Picture-Promise-Prove-Push.

  1. Picture – should be beautiful, bright, attracting the attention of users.
  2. Promise – we promise that with the help of our product the cherished desire of the reader will be fulfilled.
  3. Proof – here you need to prove that the products really solve the problem of the consumer. We beat not according to emotions, but logically, rationalism, we say that everyone already uses this product.
  4. Call to action – with its help we fix the result.

Three “Yes”

Experts working in the field of neuro-linguistic programming, expressed the opinion that if you twice said “Yes”, then you will also answer affirmatively to the third question or suggestion. Advertising professionals decided to use this data in their own way: before selling something to a client, they try to make him say three times: “Yes”. This is a kind of consumer confidence building, an attempt to get closer to it.

DAGMAR from Russell Colley (defining advertising goals – measuring advertising results)

According to the American advertiser Russell Colley, buying products or ordering a service consists of the following steps:

  1. Brand recognition.
  2. Check the quality of the product.
  3. Convincing the client that he needs to make a deal.
  4. Purchase.

This is the way you should lead a potential customer. If you do it right, profit is guaranteed.

DIBABA from G. Goldman

This formula was created in the 70s of the last century. It is most often used as a base for landing, online store, commercial offer. It consists of 6 stages of influence on the consciousness of a potential client:

  • D — determine the desires of the target audience.
  • I — display the desire data in the context of advertising.
  • B — to force the consumer to make certain conclusions.
  • A — predict the reaction of CA.
  • В — warm up interest in the product, cause the need for its purchase.
  • А — to create conditions for a bargain.

Ken Davis Valuable Content Formula

This sales model was mentioned in his book “Platform” by Michael Hyatt. The formula consists of 6 components: Subject + Central Theme + Objective + Rational + Resources + Evaluation.

  1. Item – the choice of an attractive object.
  2. The central theme is to focus on one aspect of the subject.
  3. The central theme is to focus on one aspect of the subject.
  4. Rationalism is the rationale for the content theme.
  5. Resources – phrases, stories, giving the text brightness, exclusivity.
  6. Evaluation – checking the value of words and sentences. If you cannot determine the meaning of a given word or sentence, remove it.
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