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The productive work of the online store is interconnected with its position in the search results. We offer you to get acquainted with the 10 key points that optimize the SEO of your site, helping to organize the effective work of targeted traffic.

  1. The site must have a semantic core

A well-chosen kernel helps to build Wordstat, then you can combine the received requests into groups for specific pages.

  1. The location of the keyword in the title

When writing the title, use the key whenever possible first or closer to the beginning.

  1. One Header (H1) with Keyword

When creating the page, do not allow the presence of several H1, but you can additionally use h2-h3 for aesthetic text conversion.

  1. Insert the alt tag in the image

The names of all images in the online store must contain an alt tag.

  1. Write the main query in the text no more than 100 words.

ТОП-10 рекомендаций по оптимизации SEO

Avoid re-spam by inserting key phrases and queries unnecessarily intensively, but note that finding them in the first hundred words from the beginning of the readable text would be the best arrangement.

  1. Design Adaptation

Rate how the site looks through various browsers and gadgets. Its display should remain correct and attractive on any devices and in any formats.

  1. Shredding or internal reference base

It will not be superfluous to organize keywords in the form of links to similar pages with the goods of your online store – you are more active in using linking. Internal links have an impact on promotion in TOPs. Additional redirection to a similar request has a direct impact on the position in the issue and increases its rank.

  1. Video improves behavioral

Increasing the time of presence on the resource pages, a greater number of actions and transitions are positively evaluated by search engines. Use the video presentation capabilities: make an attractive video ad for key products or replace the text greeting with a video sequence.

  1. Quality content

It also affects the behavioral factor, because the useful information is studied longer, used for reposts and taken into notes, thereby additionally attracting the attention of search engines.

  1. Optimize nesting level

The optimal level allows no more than 3 keystrokes to transfer a visitor to the requested product or service. It also affects the ranking of the page in the resource structure, showing the smallest number of transitions (clicks) used by the visitor to move from the main page to the search target.

The distribution of page nesting levels: the main one is the first level, the transition pages from the main one to the goal in 1 click are the second, the transition to 2 clicks is the third and further by analogy. Increasing the index of nesting reduces the chances of conversions from search engines. Do not raise the nesting level above 3, otherwise the page will cease to participate in the search results.

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