Top 10 mistakes in contextual advertising

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The main errors that occur during the development of contextual advertising include:

  • service tools and features are used selectively;
  • excessive confidence in the automatic process;
  • the settings are not as thin as needed;
  • Mistakes arising during the writing of ads, in the form of generalized reference material and keys;
  • no analytical accounting.

Statistics provide an opportunity to identify ten major shortcomings that are directly related to the listed reasons.

  1. Applies exclusively through Yandex.Direct

Quite a large number of advertisers work strictly with Direct, ignoring Google AdWords. This decision is motivated by the fact that in the first case a higher conversion. Indeed, in the search market in Russia, it is so. But in practice, ideally, work with two sites at the same time.

  1. Nighttime advertising turned off

Perhaps you want to save in this way. In fact, there are a number of settings, disabling which allows you to save finances, but not in this case. The cost of the night display of your ad is usually several times lower than during the day. This is especially true in relation to topics with high rates of competition, as with a decrease in activity is a good compensation.

  1. Manual bid management is not performed.

Experienced advertisers hourly check rates, not using automatic control at all. If you look, then automation, of course, significantly saves time, but the money allocated for advertising goes at an accelerated pace. Moreover, given that gradually some parameters become obsolete, even the most effective initial settings require adjustment over time.

  1. Geo targeting is not configured

If there is no geo-targeting, there are senseless costs associated with the volume of untargeted traffic. Determine in which territory you want to offer your services, sell products. In the event that people who do not live in your locality should know about you, you should mark an expanded geotargeting option in Direct. AdWords has its own options in the settings that you need to select in order to achieve the desired effect.

  1. Minus – words omitted

Equally important is the use of keywords as well as setting negative keywords. Subsequently, the list will need to be supplemented by constantly analyzing reports on search queries. Similar to geo-targeting, you will have the opportunity not to waste resources on people who are not interested in your offer.

Top 10 mistakes in contextual advertising

Increased sales are prioritized over the number of conversions. In turn, the level of sales is affected by the relevance of responses to a query in a search. Often in advertising contains a link to the main page of the site, which is wrong. A potential buyer does not want to search the site for the desired product, but to see it and a description immediately. It is here and indicate the link in your ad.

  1. Many ads are set for one ad.

When linking the announcement of a particular product to the requests for the category to which it belongs, the result is untargeted traffic and, as a result, reduced clickability. As an example, take the outerwear. The client needs a pink jacket, but he is shown a jacket in other colors or a pink coat and so on. Keys must be selected strictly under the position (need specifics).

Top 10 mistakes in contextual advertising
  1. No additional title

A brief description, description of the product, its features, advantages of the offer, brand name or price indication will provide more noticeable advertising from the future customer and, quite possibly, he will choose you.

If in the case of Google Adwords, the second headers are displayed, then Yandex Direct does not do this except when they are connected to the main one. Therefore, they must be prescribed very carefully.

Топ 10 ошибок в контекстной рекламе

They are not essential, but there are significant positive points. If they are present in the ad, then the visitor will be able to quickly understand the structure and content of your resource even before visiting. On the state of the traffic it is displayed at its best.

Топ 10 ошибок в контекстной рекламе
Топ 10 ошибок в контекстной рекламе
  1. Analytical issues are not taken into account.

Approximately a third of those who advertise neither Yandex Matrix nor Google.Analytics do not take into account. Consequently, they personally and purposefully refuse from the valuable information described in the reports on how visitors of the resource behave and about traffic. It is impossible to forget about these tools, as well as about call-tracking and UTM-tags. So that the work of an advertising campaign brings results, it is not enough to set it up initially. It is important to make a periodic adjustment, as conditions change all the time.

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