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Main criteria for landing text:

  1. The title is a key component of any text. It must match the key request and guide the user. Keep track of its identity with the title of the targeted ad on which you pass.
  2. Stimulus to action – must be present on the page in a clearly formulated form.
  3. When composing the text for the landing, you should take into account one important nuance: no one is interested in your company, offers, personally you or your experienced team. All visitors are always driven only by personal gain.
  4. Selling text should not be the personification of personal writing abilities. Avoid intricate speech turns, humorous inserts and lengthy descriptions. The only requirement for the text – a business and clear message, convincing in utility.
  5. Ultimate accuracy in the formulation of the main idea. All text should be logical and contain the main message. Avoid distraction to other products or services that, although they may be of interest to the future client, but their secondary importance may lead you away from the idea of ​​a major purchase or cooperation.
  6. Put the key argument about your usefulness in the first paragraph or the first paragraph of textual information – this is due to the fact that most visitors use mostly a cursory reading.
  7. The rule of drawing up the first text block: its size should be extremely short: no more than 1-2 lines (not sentences, but lines).
Советы по составлению текстового наполнения для лендинга

How to start writing text for a landing page?

Action one: Find a landing with a similar theme, ideally, it would be good to get acquainted with examples of direct competitors. How to find the right? In any search engine, send a targeted commercial request regarding your topic (as an example: “buy a backpack in St. Petersburg” and so on, relating to your niche). In the list of issue go to contextual advertising. According to statistics, 3 options out of 5 will be landings.

Step Two: Finding “related” options, read in detail the texts and techniques of competitors and make two lists: what is useful to you in your case and what is good in principle, if a little refinement. It is always easier to evaluate from the side and draw the competitors’ shortcomings in their favor.

The third action: Landing page works for one target audience (CA), one idea and only a limited set of key requests. Having decided on the target audience, try to make the page, fully focusing on it. Of course, visitors to a non-target group may also be buyers, but the main guideline should be solely on the chosen one.

The fourth action: Before writing an effective marketing text, you should study the main audience in more detail: its interests, audio and video preferences, slang modern words (for example, HYIP) and actual topics for reading and discussion. All these data set the overall style of the text being developed.

Step Five: Write the text. Describe all the benefits guaranteed by the client from working with you. Make it as short and simple as possible, without tediousness and standard bored clichés.

Советы по составлению текстового наполнения для лендинга

Control the main points of filling the landing page

Title: informs the visitor that he has gone where he intended, while conveying the key benefits of cooperation, distinguishes him from other competitive offers and has the key word or phrase for further promotion. All titles make out using tags (H1, H2, H3).

Placement of blocks with information: the best solution would be to locate the key information send closer to the top.

Size: Should be repelled from a purposeful send to action. Subscription is required and registration or ordering a free sample, then create a landing page for two scrolls. If you are selling services or technical products, then information blocks may need a larger number.

Application format: No one, including yourself, loves huge application forms that resemble interrogation with predilection, because to start cooperation you need to fill in only a couple of fields, so do not complicate.

Communication method: When choosing between a phone call or using a button, select the button. Most people are just too lazy to call, so do not bother them, but go towards.

Availability of reviews: The visitor will certainly want to know who has already collaborated with you and received the desired benefits. The most effective reviews are the opinions of public figures or recognized experts in the relevant industry. The views of unknown people simply do not believe, because this approach has been used too often and has lost its productivity. The presence of a block for reviews can be used in SEO promotion.

List markers: Most customers represent benefits listed as a list, therefore, you shouldn’t deviate from the usual format, especially since search lists are very popular with search engines, especially those containing keywords.

Don’t forget about SEO; use the checklist below.

Советы по составлению текстового наполнения для лендинга

SEO promotion for landing page

  1. Use the semantic core:
    1. Make a list of phrases used to enter: by them, visitors will search and find a page from search engines.
    2. Check the resulting list using special services, such as Wordstat or Key Collector.
    3. Exclude keys with a frequency of 5 or less.
    4. Try to stay in the theme group, avoiding blurring.
    • Use the primary key as a domain.
    • Turn the keys into anchors (navigation tabs on the page).
    • List title and description meta tags that convey the core essence of the Landing page, motivate the visitor and contain keys.
    • Images must be accompanied by an alt tag with a key and be of the best quality.
    • Specify the exact coordinates of the company with reference to the region.
    • Add external themed transitions from other sites and popular social networks.
    • Try to build on the natural behavioral responses of visitors.
    • Bind to Yandex and Google metrics.
    • Clever titles should be on all info blocks on the page (h2 or h3) and contain search queries.
    • Enter the keys in all texts naturally and harmoniously.
    • Think over favicon – a special icon that distinguishes your web page from others.

Landing advertising differences

  1. Dedication page only one product (service).
  2. The parameters of the meta tag keywords in the title (H1) must match the search query of the visitor.
  3. Designate several client action points and work only with them.

Tip: The first information window that a visitor gets on must contain the information you are looking for, so that the visitor finds it in search of a particular smartphone model. Using Landing in conjunction with contextual advertising, you can significantly increase the number of sales.

The main secret of the landing, which sells

Deciding to make a purchase, each visitor is faced with internal objections and even struggle. In order to skillfully get around this, use a two-element sale: ask the future client to leave contact information, for example, to receive a free catalog and only then connect the sales department. It is always easier to take the first, non-binding step, than to immediately decide on something substantial that requires material costs.

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