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Tips for novice entrepreneurs about behavior in social networks

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Drop doubts that it is already late and don’t refer to inexperience – the main thing is desire, and our advice will help you competently start promoting your projects in social networks.

Tips for novice entrepreneurs about behavior in social networks

Almost everyone has at least a few acquaintances who do business: they open a service station, wash, transport, bake to order or shear, sell hand-made or cosmetics, but not everyone understands how to use the power of numerous social networks for this purpose. whoever tries, often does it not effectively enough.

Rocket Academy, which regularly conducts BIGSMMDAY conferences, has compiled a fairly simple and understandable instruction that will help budding businessmen to organize their activities in social networks correctly. Let’s look at ways to maintain personal and corporate pages in order to maintain business reputation and attract new subscribers who may become potential customers. Evaluate yourself and share with friends who are thinking about opening their own business.

Separation or double influence

One of the first steps to be taken is to distinguish between personal and corporate profile (representative business page), but you should not make your personal page closed to visitors (partners and clients). Strive to create a reputation of an open and business person. Personal photos that show you in the best light would be appropriate, but you should not be too open to the world, sharing provocative personal photos, avoid harsh statements and controversies on controversial topics, especially using obscene language and spelling mistakes – this can irreparably harm the business.

An example of a personal page of Alexey Kupreev, the founder of the Rocket Business Academy

Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях
Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях

The next step is to check that the available data in the personal profile matches the image of the trustworthy entrepreneur:

  • learn more about your list of subscribers and your subscriptions. Discard the “inappropriate” groups and subscribe to thematic, positioning you as a professional, following the innovations in your industry;
  • review personal photos previously uploaded for the presence of compromising materials, stamps or comments;
  • prepare useful thematic content that creates the image of a professional in your field of activity. Interest future subscribers.

A demonstration of your active social activities will not be superfluous: do not miss the opportunity to attend specialized events (exhibitions, fairs and conferences). It would be appropriate to have a photo in the tape with reputable and well-known figures of your orientation, but you should not overdo it, do it in doses. Take part in specialized thematic discussions in groups and in communities, forming the image of a responsive professional. Cite authoritative commentators, attracting their attention. Use international Facebook features to make useful contacts.

Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях

Filling information

Before creating a page in any of the popular social networks or instant messengers, you should consider and prepare thematic information (content). Do not do this if:

  • You will duplicate the same content everywhere;
  • Restrict yourself to repost of partner articles or copying someone else’s material;
  • You do not have a specific concept of the uniqueness and “usefulness” of content that attracts the target audience.

Before opening the selling page, conduct a full-scale assessment of your potential audience. Which sites have the largest contingent of future customers? How convenient would it be to communicate with the administrator or manager: by phone, via messenger or in private messages? Are you able to regularly create high-quality attractive content?

If you have a sales department, consult with them on this issue or create thematic surveys in social networks, aiming them at the profile audience. The results obtained can be an excellent starting base and will help find answers to key questions.

Even such a trifle as the choice of the option of packaging an exclusive product in the form of a survey, especially in the presence of a beautiful and stylish visualization, activates subscribers and shows their preferences. You should have in store a collection of selected photos and your own infographics. You should also actively apply with gif-images and videos. Not be superfluous selection of accompanying audio.

For example, as in the account of Alexei Kupreev

Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях
Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях

Successful content is a combination of utility, beautiful presentation and the presence of emotional reactions close to the visitor. It must always be remembered when creating any post.

One of Rocket’s students, Gubich Kirill, had time to understand the subtleties of promotion in social networks and hired the staff of suitable profile specialists who create what makes people not only follow the brand news, but also make regular purchases. After all, the main purpose of promotion is not only creating a target loyal audience, but also gradually turning it into regular customers.

Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях
Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях

How to organize communication with the audience

Regardless of where the communication began: on a personal or corporate page – the dialogue should always be friendly. Try to maximize future clients, promptly answer any questions you have, smooth out sharp corners, and also avoid conflicts between other participants in communication in topics open to comment.

Learn to respond correctly to failures, criticism and negative, even if they are unfounded. Consider an example of a reaction to negative customer posts at UFOX, a partner at Rocket Academy.

Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях
Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях

Or a similar example from the official Bank of Moscow-Minsk profile.

Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях

Look for new ways to attract the audience to the activity: find out their opinion about the new products offered by you, about services and the brand itself, consult and discuss, share unexpected “secrets” of using your product. Organize prize contests and promotions.

Another student of the Rocket Academy, Artem Protsnyuk, who sells women’s clothing on the Odnoklassniki website, also believes that he owes his success, first of all, to personal communication. Its “commercial” community has more than 560 thousand people and 90% of daily sales are made thanks to this social network. Artyom started his business in Odnoklassniki rather spontaneously, personally processed applications, selected and advised his assortment individually for each client, listened to wishes and tried to fulfill them, over time the community grew so much that it took a whole staff of assistants personally selected by Artyom.

The company maintains a reputation for professional friendliness combined with an individual approach to each client.

Советы начинающим предпринимателям о поведении в соцсетях


Developing the concept of promotion in social networks takes time, but it will certainly pay off if you have a clear goal. Use lively human communication and openness to new and profitable contacts. Remain consistently helpful to your audience, quickly responding to emerging needs and problems. Quality must be not only products or services, but also the proposed information content. Work on audience loyalty, brand uniqueness and recognizability.

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