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Three simple steps to optimize a resource for voice search

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Nowadays, voice assistants are widely used. Especially often they are used to find the required information on the Internet. Therefore, speech recognition mechanisms are improving every day.

A characteristic feature of such a search is speed, because data is urgently needed for a person. Therefore, in order to quickly get what you are looking for, an increasing number of users no longer use the familiar keyboard for this, preferring to give commands aloud. Inquiries are most often “Detailed Metro Scheme”, “Poster of Moscow Theaters” or “Stephen Hawking Biography”, etc.

Therefore, it is natural that optimization should be directed to executing commands, showing answers to emerging micro-queries. For convenience, the preparation of a resource can be divided into three stages. The first is the technical optimization of the web resource, the second is the same for the content and the third is the correct localization setting.

Три простых шага для оптимизации ресурса под голосовой поиск

We carry out technical resource optimization

  • First of all, it is necessary to adapt the site for smartphones and tablets, since it is from these devices that most people now set up a voice search. Therefore, it is necessary to create an adaptive layout on the service.
  • Increase page loading speed. Determining real time is easy on many sites using Google tools. The main thing to understand that this parameter is very important. The user will not wait long for the page to open, so a long download has a bad effect on the number of visitors. Studies show that a response of web pages longer than 3 seconds will reduce the number of visits by 40%. These people will simply go to the next website, which will instantly load. Correct the situation AMP-page. With their help, you can automatically generate many CMS. Such web pages are much faster than others are loaded in the search engine results, so a person gets a lightning-fast response, which helps to improve traffic. Do not use Flash in the version for phones. Now most browsers on smartphones do not support this technology.
  • Correctly configured Robots.txt file. has a strong effect. Having set it up, Googlebot will be able to get the required search for access to JavaScript, CSS, as well as images for a normal display of a web resource in top issuing positions.
  • Advanced snippet. The use of text fragmentation, like the previous tool, is aimed at improving the display in the list of sites that were issued by the search engine. To view the entire list of information posted by, just go to the Yandex directory.
Три простых шага для оптимизации ресурса под голосовой поиск

We adjust the content

Starting to adapt the content of the site, you need to understand that the search query includes phrases in spoken language. Sometimes it includes slang, more often abbreviation of words, the addition of interrogative pronouns. Local bindings are often used, for example, “Where to order sushi in Moscow?”.

Given this fact, you can dilute texts with special long keywords instead of short key phrases. To make it look less intrusive, such articles are conveniently placed in sections Blog, Question-Answer, etc. The main advantage – the sections are suitable for any subject of the website. It is very important not to dwell only on the articles and not to forget about the videos. It is much more pleasant to watch the review of the goods, the description of the service, etc., than to read about them. And on mobile it is more convenient.

If you set a goal, then for each service you can pick up video content. For any type of filling, an important selection criterion is relevance to visitors. That is, the information, in whatever form it is provided, must correspond to the topic and be useful, interesting. For example, for the online store selling jewelry, it will be master classes. Videos also are formatted with semantic markup.

We configure local issue

On the questions “Where is it cheap to buy summer tires?”, “Sushi bar nearby”, when people search for certain goods nearby, shops, companies that are within two kilometers will be shown. With the help of geo-requests get the target audience. But you need to act carefully so that there is no spamming. You must completely fill in the address and location to simplify customer search and improve ranking. The effective method is to add your organization to Google My Business and other similar services. Quality filling pages and good photos will ensure success.

If you do not fully understand how to set up and prepare a site for voice search, then we can find problems and help in solving them. In the application, please indicate that you are interested in exactly search optimization.

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