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The Google Search Console will show the latest data in the performance report

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    Google has notified that there are recent news about the performance in the report, which will be available soon. Why is Console so good, and what innovations will it bring to the sphere of website promotion:

    1. Console users will be able to more quickly receive up-to-date information about the operation of their web resource, namely:
    2. monthly, information on the presence of errors, as well as on site traffic and click-throughs;
    3. daily, information about the processing status of the web page by “google robots” and receipt of messages about possible critical problems in working with the Internet resource or threats of breaking it;
    4. after updating the content, as Google will help to pay attention to whether something was missed (target audience, new key requests, mobile version of the site, etc.).
    5. Users will be able to synchronize the information received in the Console with Google Analytics for its further use, as henceforth, both resources are synchronized in the time zone (UTC -8).
    6. Customers have the right to receive results (available in GSC) by simply downloading them and indicating the desired time period.
    The Google Search Console will show the latest data in the performance report

    And most importantly, like much that Search Console offers us, this tool is free and to start using it, just register.

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