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The correct technical task for the copywriter. How to make it?

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Our team of professionals regularly makes TZ (technical task) to many copywriters. They can be compiled for us or for customers. Creating the right task is not so easy. We offer an article that will be a useful material for readers, not a guide to use. With its help, you can learn to do the right TK with all the requirements.


  1. Analyzing articles from competitors and making sketches
  2. Statistics collection and parsing
  3. Text size
  4. Key Definition and Transfer to TK
  5. The importance of keys
  6. Creating the structure of the article
  7. Subtitle creation
  8. Filling description
  9. Word search or LSI for additional mention
  10. Presence of tables and video in texts

This topic concerns:

  • Information requests and articles;
  • The text does not provide detailed instructions on how to create TK. Here are descriptions of thoughts for this approach. This will allow to evaluate the approach and the essence of the work on the development of technical specifications.

A detailed description of each item will allow you to quickly understand the compiled TK with all the requirements.

  1. Analyzing articles from competitors and making sketches.

Each site has a specific subject, and therefore for articles should be selected topics that best correspond to a particular direction. This question is considered to be very serious, since it is very difficult to choose exact topics for the theme content of the site. To create a future article and effectively promote the structure and number of keys used. To evaluate the articles of competitors, you need to create a rating of the top 20 of them. Pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The subject of the text itself must be carefully disclosed, and the author must understand it. This is the only way to reveal the essence of the issue.
  • Structure with categories and subcategories.
  • The size of the article must meet the needs for full disclosure of the answer to the question.
  • Using queries in headings and subheadings.
  • The TF * IDF and IDF coefficients are analyzed through the Megaindex or other type of analyzer.
  • The presence of tables on the page and whether they are needed. If they have to be in the finished task, then in a form that is comfortable for perception.
  • The presence of the video.
  • Creating sketches TK with key queries.

If you can not see the rating of 20 suitable sites, then you can only deal with the structure of the site. Here, subheadings from h1 to h6 should be considered. For this task, you can use the Arsenkin tool. With it, you can quickly identify all the subtitles of their sites of interest. Working with him is very convenient, and he quickly processes information. After conducting the study, a file with the original essays. If we consider the top 20 best articles, then we will focus on the most suitable and highly informative articles. With their help, copywriters will be able to determine which article will be most suitable for a particular topic. After creating the structure and defining the queries, you can proceed to processing and parsing.

  1. Statistics collection and parsing.

This task will require a collector and a moab. As for the IAOB, in most cases it does not apply. But if you look at requests for Mirok LF, then this would be the best option. For work also require services:

  • Wordstat.
  • Matugen does not have an ideal formula for calculating. It is not used for commerce. With this service, there may be a lot of problems and the optimizer will seriously get tired. If we consider the requests for informational articles, the service is the most appropriate. It is relevant and perfectly manifests itself in the work.
  • Advodka. This service can be easily added to Mutagen. It is great for its percentage. The service is able to provide a shift in issuing + cheap. Most often used to compare 2 equal keys.
  • Pixel Tuls.

The action algorithm will allow:

  • Create queries and steam masks
  • To conduct auxiliary analysis of queries using a clusterizer.
  • Rate seasonality. If the meridian season changes, then requests may be seasonal. In a specific case, seasonality is and most often activated from October to December. In this case, it is required to carry out statistics for the year and for each month.
  • Evaluate information, and more specifically, direct rates, frequency, competitiveness, query density, its commercialization and Advod.
  • Eliminate low-frequency garbage and keys, commerce and dummies;
  • Initially, the system issues from 1 to 2 thousand requests for an article, but as a result of the study and their frequency remains up to 80 pieces.

As for commercialization, the request is always checked. Sometimes the client’s wishes are limited and he has to analyze the requests. After all, there are markers that stand out for increased information efficiency. If requests have a common word form, then the issue is often informational, although it seems to be commercial. Requests may be in the form of a question or service. They have “why”, “how” or “what” markers. With the help of these words will be increased information issue.

As soon as it becomes clear that requests can help the site go to the Top. Very often in the text you can use two keys “slaughter” and “cutting” at once. But there may be problems. The themes are very similar, you can safely combine them, then you shouldn’t do it better. They need to be divided, and for this it is important to know some nuances:

  • Yandex may perceive articles differently, especially in cases where questions are written separately. All submitted versions of articles included in the rating 10, have a variety of topics;
  • After checking the first item, you can proceed to the second. It is required to determine whether an article is needed on a specific topic and whether copywriters should do the work. There is a lot of traffic on the topic and you should determine the particular. After verification, you can decide to create a separate article.

For example, consider the article about “Vietnamese pigs.” There are a lot of them and to create a separate article you should choose another topic, like “slaughtering a pig”. Based on the principle of selection, you can create a general article on this topic. The principle of selection is an important point. As a result of the work done, you get a working file with the keys, and notes are entered with in Exele.

At this stage, it can be determined that specific words and expressions from this area among ordinary customers and visitors are not popular. They are rarely used. In the articles you can see words such as hanging, hooking or fixing. These words are important, but they do not need to stop and focus. Such terms can be added to additional words, and the copywriter will decide where and how to use them in the text.

  1. Text size

After studying the articles from competitors, you can make sketches on the number of requests and structure. This will determine what volume is required for the article. At this stage, the following features should be considered:

  • Today there have been major changes in the article writers. They have become larger in volume, which makes them more informative. It is perfectly normal to see an article with a volume of 10,000 sbp – 15,000 sbp. For an example, you can look at the site There are articles with a large volume, up to 30,000 copies. They have a lot of images and subsections.
  • To create an optimal article you need to evaluate all the options from the rating. Only in this way the copywriter will write the text without unnecessary information, that is, “water”. In practice, there are cases when the text does not fully fit the requirements and bypasses the results in the issue. This is due to the presence of “water”. They get around informational options. Large volume is an important indicator of becoming, but if you really have something to write about.
  • If there are diagrams and tables in the text, but they are not in the source code, then your volume will be reduced. These indicators during the search are presented in a compact form, which will affect the volume.
  • The scheme “500 sbs for 1 request” is incorrect and not thought out. It can not be used in any case.

If you regularly analyze sites by volume, then in the future you can determine the structure very quickly. Just look at the top and look at the structure to know the optimal volume. In this case, additional information will always be useful. They do not interfere to create characteristics of the future text. Constant work with the preparation of tasks will speed up the process.

Such information is often presented through special services, such as:

  • Seocilin will allow to display average information on the texts that were in the TOP-20 or TOP-50. An IDF word analysis is also conducted.
  • MegaIndex is an analyzer that analyzes passages and analyzes them.
  • will check the properties of texts.
Правильное техническое задание для копирайтера
  1. Key Definition and Transfer to TK

From the submitted from 50 to 80 keys it is necessary to filter. For TK required to leave only 10-15 pieces. To transfer them to the technical task, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Keys must be with normal fullness. Their exact and standard particular must be in the range of 7 to 10. If we consider other trade inquiries, then the requirements for them are completely different.
  • Variety of word forms.
  • Relevant to the topic in question.
  • Lack of commercial issuance.
  • Working competition. For some projects, a mutagen score of more than 5 is not appropriate.
  • The appropriate frequency.
  • Readability queries and phrases.
  • Suitable CPC.
  • Seasonal compliance, if necessary.

The resulting core is divided into two parts:

  1. Statistics
  2. TK for the copywriter.

The first document presents data for SEO-shnik. There are a lot of keys in it and statistics are held for each one. The second is considered more pure. There are data for a copywriter with a list of requests. It can be safely sent to work, and the performer will be able to determine the text and its structure. Copywriters will be able to quickly assess the task and proceed to it. The resulting file may have the following form.

  1. The importance of keys

This question can cause a lot of negative feedback and a question. Especially it concerns the results of text analyzers. If we consider the classic understanding of SEO, then the task should be requests in the amount that is given in the task. This is correct, but only if robots are involved in this task. A regular copywriter not only leaves all the keys, but also prescribes their part to complete the thought and reveal the meaning of the topic. Most often in the task are words that are in the entry. They are meaningful for all articles. A copywriter tries to stick to a given topic and therefore there are many more of them than is required.

If an assignment that is violated is sent for execution, then why give it to the performer at all? Most often think about this issue when you read the finished texts. It becomes immediately clear how difficult it was for copywriters to comply with all the requirements and use phrases and words to complete their thoughts. As a result, it was possible to come to the result that the performer does not have to give specific figures on the values. It is enough to indicate which of them are important and which are not. This should be provided in a specific form:

  • There must be a difference between the two keys. The performer should immediately see which are important and should be consumed more often and which less often.
  • Instructions for the possibility of dilution and declination.
  • TK should be read quickly and intuitively. There should be no problems with it. The copywriter should quickly sort out the task and get to work.
  • On the final quality affects the freedom in the implementation of the task.
  • Key differences must be fixed and distinguished by the values entered.

The importance of keys and factors

As a result of lengthy placements, the coefficient of importance of requests appeared, varying as a percentage. If you prescribe a short gradation, then you can immediately determine the valuable and not important keys. The result is the following:

  • From 100% to 80% of the word and phrase must be present necessarily in the finished text. The distribution should be not only in direct entry, but also in diluted form. Often, all requests are applied several times.
  • From 70% to 50% should also be in the text, but not more than 1 or 2 times. If more is needed, they must be further diluted with words.
  • From 40% to 20% is required to use in the text only when necessary. This should not decrease the readability of the text. To make it easier, you need to use a diluted form, that is, adding inserted or connected words, changing the word form or prefixes and suffixes.
  • From 10% down below is not required to use in the text. They pay attention, because they can be used to link words or get word forms. They can only be used in diluted form.

As a result of these indicators, the contractor will be able to determine which keys will be the most important for him, and you will need to use such keys less often. TK will be quickly disassembled, and easier to write. Thanks to these features, it became clear that the quality of key insertion and the level of texts rose significantly. Correctly composed TK will not be doomed. If we talk about the determination of the coefficient, then it is much more difficult to do. The optimizer will have to register not just the number of occurrences, but to do a difficult job. That is why you can follow a few tips that will help in the preparation of the task:

  • Keys and key + tail should not have one coefficient. If it is, then it will not naturally look like in a test;
  • При плохой словоформе показатель должен быть ниже, а все, потому что читаемость снижается.

В результате проделанной сложной работы получится следующий файл.

  1. Creating the structure of the article

Many people wonder why the structure of the article is thought out at the end of the compilation of TK. This is due to the fact that in order to create the correct and high-quality text, it is necessary to implement important queries in the subheadings. This is an important point. And for prescribing tasks, you need to determine the number of keys. Based on the particulars obtained, it will be possible to determine priorities and which ones can be used in subheadings and which cannot. Only this will allow us to correctly and fully disclose the topic.

For example, consider TK with a few good queries. In this case, one of them is included in the headings, but the second is in the text. If there are tails, you can fully increase the structure and the text itself. In this case, you should pay attention to the word in the task “insert”. If you register in the TZ that you want to add a word or phrase, then this can be understood literally. That is, take the key and fully transfer it. In some individual cases, this is fully justified, while in others it will look “optimized” and not natural. That is why it is advisable to prescribe “embed”. This word indicates the possibility of modifying the key. It does not harm the informativeness of the text and its readability.

It should be clarified that the copywriter should not be engaged in the structure of the text. This task should be entrusted to the SEO-person who can complete the task analysis in just 20 minutes and compose information subheadings. A more in-depth and complex level of task with the core will allow you to determine the correct structure with embedded keys.

Creating the structure of the article:

  1. Initially, the structure of the text should be defined with all subtitles. For example, for the main, you can take “How to open a restaurant.” In order for the text to be fully disclosed, it is required to think through all the sub-clauses, like:

–h2 – How to open a restaurant

–h3 – Choice of taxation system;

–h3 – Search for premises;

–h3 – search for equipment;

–h3 – search for employees.

Based on this example, it becomes clear that the important points and sub-paragraphs allow you to fully disclose to him and the reader will be able to fully get acquainted with the essence.

If the sub-clauses simply fill in the topic, and do not fully reveal it, then the structure may be different:

–h2 – How to open a restaurant:

–h3 – How to increase the profitability of the restaurant;

–h3 – How to increase the income of the restaurant;

–h3 – How to create a network of restaurants.

On the one hand, this task may seem unnecessary, but here optimizers and copywriters can be a bit confusing. That is why, when drafting TK, it is necessary to choose the optimal variant of subheadings and resolve this issue.

  1. In drawing up the subtitles in priority should be useful and informative. Initially, it seems that it is very easy to come up with sub-topics, but behind them you can get tons of myrtle bass. As a result, this will lead to a very good result.
  2. Subtitles may include alternative keys. If in the task given two keys. One has an indicator of 100%, and the second – at 70%. Here is the second you can add a subtopic and similar images to tighten the volume in the text. The first one will be just as important, because it will be used in the text itself.
  3. For voluminous articles, only 3 to 4 basic subtitles are sufficient, as well as 3 or 4 for the disclosure of the topic. As a result, in general, there will be only 12 to 16 sub-items.
  4. For small articles, a total of 3 to 5 subtitles are sufficient without revealing additional points;
  5. In practice, there are cases, regardless of the volume of the text of the sub-items can be from 10 to 12 pieces. This will seriously diversify the text.

Before the optimizer becomes a serious problem. On the one hand, they need to apply keys for a specific topic, but on the other hand, the article should correspond to a specific subtopic. This will maximize the issue. If it is required to consider some topic auxiliary, then the copywriter is required to leave a mark. The essence of the article will not be lost.

  1. Subtitle creation

When selecting semantics and creating TK, it is necessary to take into account general themes. When a copywriter receives a TK, problems arise. They can use questions or add master keys to create a full title. To compose an SEO header you need to take into account some features. For example, we will give erroneous points that were taken from real tasks.

  1. Header within one fragment

Wrong: Semantic core: how to collect, prescribe TK, think over the structure.

True: How to build a semantic core: write TK for a copywriter and create a structure.

  1. For informational articles, longer subtitles are used, which will maximally reveal further text.

Wrong: How to promote a restaurant

True: How to promote a restaurant and attract visitors (this will allow the key to be inserted into the heading);

  1. The correct word form, and easy to read.

Wrong. Buying invisibility how to get a loan;

True: How to get a loan to buy real estate.

  1. If there are 2 good and main keys in the task, then it is advisable to use both of them.

True: How to self-glue wallpapers: wallpaper glueing technology.

  1. Filling description

When filling out this item before the optimizer there is a dilemma. He does not want to prescribe it himself, as he is engaged in more important work affairs. His work is 2-5 times more expensive than a copywriter. But the second can not give this important task. That is why it is required to give a more correct instruction for writing tags. When flooding should use the basic keys. The main requirements include:

  • Capacious, informative and brief description.
  • Using the base key.
  • Concluding style.
  1. Word search or LSI for additional mention

LSI or latent semantic index has become a novelty. Initially there was a lot of disagreement. Many have argued that real LSI looks very different. The most important points is that providing a list of additional words, the article will be enriched and become more informative. This feature must be taken into account.

This raises the question of where to get these words?

  1. From the core. It is enough to look at 1000-2000 requests and identify there additional words on this topic, which are presented in the form of low-tails. They can be safely added to the text and not worry that the meaning will be changed. Scraps of low-tails should be added to the TK plate.
  2. Service Arsenkin.
  3. MegaIndex Analyzer.

Most begin to parse all the words, and enter them into the tablet. But 90% of the presented words and phrases are simply meaningless. They are already in requests and in addition they are not required to be used. A copywriter can put them in headlines and subheadings. Only those words that are really required should be added. This will lead the performer to an important idea.

  1. Presence of tables and video in texts

For a good reading of the material and detailed information with the information in the text should be:

  • Subheads.
  • Video.
  • Images.
  • Tables
  • Scheme.
  • Infographics.
  • Notes.
  • Quotes. .
  • Изображения.
  • Таблицы.
  • Схемы.
  • Инфографика.
  • Примечания.
  • Цитаты.

All this will make the text interesting and valuable. Users will be able to evaluate it and quickly get acquainted with the material. Be sure to use them:

  • The table is suitable for listing items or data.
  • Videos are most often used for manuals, instructions and manuals. This is well suited for articles with descriptions.
  • Infographics are most often used for texts with a capacity of 15,000 or more characters. It is easy to do it, because today there are various free services.
  • The calculator is an important element for automotive, construction and other sites where the calculation of data is required.
Правильное техническое задание для копирайтера

Ready TK for the copywriter

As a result, you can get a good TK for the performer. Of course, it will take a lot of time, but it’s worth it. The copywriter will be able to quickly read the assignment and quickly understand what it is worth writing an article in accordance with all SEO requirements. Depending on the fantasy, the keys will be in the right priority.

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