Now the construction of sites and their promotion is almost impossible without supporting services and programs. In this material you can get acquainted with the most high-quality and functional platforms for beginners and professional SEO-masters. For convenience, all the tools in this review are grouped according to their functionality.

Sites for collecting and analyzing requests

Yandex.Wordstat is an open system for semantic analysis from Yandex. It helps to accurately determine the frequency of requests, as well as calculate their seasonality. Shows immediately the number of requests based on user entered phrases.

Rush-analytics – the system forms the semantic core, while analyzing the data from Google and Yandex. Allows you to automatically group requests. Used by many leading experts. After registration, you can get a lucrative bonus to your personal account. – among the set of available options, there is the possibility of forming a semantic core with user requirements. You can edit individual parameters. – the system of selection of parameters for the formation of the core. Visitors can place an order for a full cycle of work to create a full semantic core. – displays a list of requests on the basis of which competitors are advertised in Yandex.Direct. They can be used to create your own campaigns. – generates statistics in a convenient for learning format. You can take advantage of the fact that some administrators do not protect statistical data with passwords. Thanks to this, it is possible to study the features of transitions to sites from search engines.

Seopult is a famous website for automating promotion. There is a necessary minimum of options for checking sites, the number of requests and entering the TOPs, which helps in the formation of the semantic core.

Лучшие инструменты для SEO-специалистов

Buying texts and images – helps without any difficulty to get ready content or pick up a freelancer to perform the necessary tasks. All materials sold are recommended to check before you buy, you can also trust the internal system of moderation. Internal search has a sufficient number of filters for easier use. is a well-known and inexpensive exchange of authors. Users can place orders for writing texts or purchase already written materials in the database. is a platform with professional authors, each of which is tested before starting a collaboration. – the site provides services for various authors who are able to write both simple SEO texts and complex analytical materials. The cost of work depends on the complexity. is one of the largest and most popular photobanks. You can purchase both individual images and create archives, which is much cheaper. There is a Russian-speaking technical support. – before the crisis was one of the cheapest banks with images. Now prices have risen slightly, which is not much affected the activity.

Optimization quality analysis – in addition to the powerful SEO analysis system, it helps to estimate the volume of key phrases on the user’s page or in the uploaded material. – full-fledged analytics of materials on the site. Evaluates the richness of words both in the texts and in the main tags. There is a header check for compliance with the content. – in addition to assessing the density of keys, scans texts for grammar. Among the minuses of the system is the need to manually copy the texts into the form on the website. – estimates the density of keys of different lengths. There is a set of add-ons that make use more convenient.

Position Assessment Services – monitors sites automatically. Also, the administrator can initiate the scan independently at any convenient time. In addition to the user-friendly interface and high-speed operation, it offers users a set of additional options necessary for analyzing pages and search queries. – has a standard set of options for checking sites in search engines. You can create an account for free to test performance.

Advertising and website promotion is an indispensable tool for PR managers. It helps to promote materials on the largest world and Russian news and media sites. It differs from other similar ones with a user-friendly interface and timely technical support.

Лучшие инструменты для SEO-специалистов is one of the most popular platforms for buying or selling links. There is a monthly payment system. Due to recent updates requires more attention at the settings stage. – helps in posting various materials among bloggers. The cost is quite high, but with the right approach, the costs quickly pay for themselves. is a stable link exchange; you can post on many materials indefinitely. – implements advertising materials and links in social networks and Instagram. – helps to download and analyze links from competitive sites, as well as to receive other equally important information.

Yazzle – helps to analyze competitors’ sites based on backlinks, which are usually placed on third-party sites.

Sape Master is software for working with the platform of the same name. It helps in the acquisition of links, analysis of donors, and also replaces broken links even if they are under the AGS.

Лучшие инструменты для SEO-специалистов

Site security – clean up viruses of any complexity and create solutions to protect against attacks. Specialists work with any known admin panel, as well as with homemade ones. Provide a guarantee on their services.

Search for artists for various tasks is a free service for finding freelancers, contractors, administrators and assistants. Works on the principle of a classic bulletin board.

MoguZA – allows you to cheaply order the most necessary services of SEO-specialists, programmers, designers and authors.

Kwork is a platform for selling and buying a variety of services. A special feature is the fixed price tag and a large number of craftsmen in various fields. is a team of analysts and accountants whose services will be useful for Internet entrepreneurs. Help in questions of different levels of complexity. is a team of copywriters specializing in filling forums and discussions. They work with different platforms both for creating themes and for maintaining existing ones.

Automatic SEO systems

Such services at the moment can be used to perform tasks with themes that do not have high competition. They help save significant developer resources, but they require a lot of settings to work properly. It is advisable not to use such programs to specialists who do not have sufficient experience in promotion. – allows you to purchase links automatically. At the same time, there is a convenient system for analyzing and improving the advancement of sites (conducting an audit, analyzing anchor lists).

Seopult – automatic ordering of links, as well as a convenient key retrieval system with further uniform distribution throughout the site. It is extremely useful for beginners, but requires careful configuration.

Webeffector – acquires links on topics similar to the necessary. It is necessary to constantly monitor the changes in the algorithm. – tools for automated promotion of sites of varying complexity.

Лучшие инструменты для SEO-специалистов

Tools for analysis and auditing is a portal for automatic checks and simple audits. Simply enter the address of your site in the appropriate line and activate scanning. The report is made fairly quickly and free of charge. – helps to fully analyze both your own sites and competitive ones.

Semonitor – calculates the position of sites, and also helps with the automation of the analysis of many indicators. – a platform for creating a complete map of any site, taking into account the parameters of the customer. Compiles robots.txt and other equally important elements of promotion. – services for a full-fledged audit sites, followed by the preparation of reports. There are free options.

Mobile-friendly test – the basic system from Google, indicates the level of adaptability of sites for mobile OS.

Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool is a proprietary utility from Google for a full functional test on mobile browsers.

Xenu – calculates all broken links on a given site.

Programs for specific purposes is a system for developing associative maps and diagrams. Indispensable in the design of complex tasks. There are free options and low cost plans.

Stable hosting for any sites – quality hosting for sites with a small budget. There is a qualified technical support and the possibility of renting virtual servers based in the Russian Federation. is a platform that differs from other high speed and responsive support. A range of tariffs allows unloading even complex sites with a heavy load. Allows you to save budgets on the rental of dedicated servers and their administration.

Systems for automation and CRM

Megaplan is a comprehensive system that allows you to create and control tasks, maintain a customer base and monitor financial accounts. Functionality is sufficient for both small one-time tasks, and for work in serious companies. – specializes in ensuring the performance of small offices or in the management of personal projects. There are several tariff plans, each of which has its own characteristics. is a service that provides a full range of options for promoting projects of any complexity. There is a convenient system of training, high-quality tools for SEO-specialists. Part of the functionality is free for registered users.

Лучшие инструменты для SEO-специалистов

Courses and lessons for beginners in the field of promotion – offer a set of good webinars, compiled by professionals. There are both paid parts (the average cost is 100-200 rubles) and free. Thus, students are given the opportunity to independently choose what needs to be studied and decide whether to pay for such information.

SEO-specialist: how to raise sales through search marketing – during its existence has become a real standard for beginners who want to quickly master the SEO and techniques for bringing projects to the top of search engines.

Web analytics: what an internet specialist needs to know – provides specialists of different levels with all the necessary information to properly configure and work with the main Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics systems.

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