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The best services of announcements of articles to increase attendance

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Using the services of announcements, you can increase the number of views of your resource dozens of times. In the article, we identified the 11 most successful sites for this purpose.

The topic of writing and publishing announcements for the purpose of successful promotion is not new, but its usefulness does not deteriorate with time. Today we will talk about what resources are best to publish your announcements. Thanks to the latter, direct transfers to potential customers to your domain will be able to increase immediately.

How to make a cool announcement?

Announcement of the article is a notification about the publication of the latest on thematic services. It allows you to attract the attention of the target audience and increase traffic to the site on which the new article is published.

It consists of the following parts:

  • The header has a traditional size of 60-70 characters, and contains a highlight to attract the attention of people. It should be catchy, intriguing and tasty;
  • the text itself has a small volume (up to 800 characters, depending on the placement resource), and is also designed to attract an audience. It briefly describes what the published article is about. He should cling so that the person wants to follow the link and read the full article.

Sometimes an image is added to the text part: it dilutes the canvas and immediately catches the eye of the readers.

At the end of the announcement a link to a published article is required. Links come in several varieties:

  • open to indexing is the best option for getting an external link to your domain;
  • Redirect is a kind of corridor from the announcement to your site, but does not affect the amount of reference mass. It is less productive, but the search sites still read such links, raising you a site in the top;
  • Closed to indexing is intended solely for readers, and also does not affect the reference mass, but increases the popularity of the resource in the search engine.

Article Announcement Services

  1. Announcement service

Here we meet all the necessary data for the successful promotion of its announcement. To start working with the service, you need to register, fill the page to the maximum, and then begin to post posts. Here you can limit yourself to links only, or publish detailed texts within the specified symbols. By the way, the links from here are straight, then the best effect on your domain.


  • how to get to the site, we have indicated above;
  • Attendance of this service is quite high – at least 100 thousand people per day, but in order to stand out in the total mass of posts, you must try;
  • indicators TIC-2300 PR -5;
  • free registration + simple profile interface.

Undoubtedly, this resource takes the first place of honor, since there are no special errors in it, and if you make enough effort, the number of visits to your site will increase.

  1. Large-scale portal

Here, in addition to announcements, you can chat and find the target audience on the forum, read or publish topical news and much more.

General information:

  • You can go to the link;
  • the number of visits per day from LiveInternet reaches 400 people;
  • indicators TIC – 60 PR-3;
  • You can register for free, advertising the site inside the profile is allowed.

As for the link in the announcement, it is published as a redirect, but it can be converted to a straight line, having reached a certain activity on the service.

Лучшие сервисы анонсов статей для увеличения посещаемости

In general, the site has an accessible interface, good attendance and favorable conditions for the development of your domain. For example, for a certain amount you can publish on the main page for as long as 14 days.

  1. Social network for webmasters Grabr

Popular, themed social network, where you can find a specific target audience.

Total information:

  • You can go to the link;
  • a day from LiveInternet comes to 400 people;
  • indicators TIC -100 PR -2;
  • free registration + placement of a direct link to your own resource within the profile.

A big plus – published announcements also contain direct links. True, initially they are hidden by the tag, but when you go to the discussion of the announcement, the link is “rehabilitated”. Convenient to use, simple and effective service, where you can unwind perfectly.

  1. Cossa service

Here you can be placed in the Articles section, and be sure of a high number of daily views.

Total information:

  • You can go to the link;
  • per day from LiveInternet comes 1000-1500 people;
  • indicators TIC -800 PR -4;
  • You can register for free and place a link to your site in a completed profile.

Of undoubted advantages – the links here remain open in each announcement. Layfkhak: place the link is better at the end, after the main text to improve visibility for search engines and faster to get into the sandbox.

  1. Announcement service

A readable site, there is one nuance – you can only register by invite. In principle, it is a problem if you go to a proven and long-term participant of the resource.

Total information:

  • You can go to the link;
  • with LiveInternet, up to 200 people are transferred per day;
  • indicators TIC -40 PR -1;
  • You can register by invitation;
  • published announcements are located on a resource with a direct link, without tags and other nuances.
Лучшие сервисы анонсов статей для увеличения посещаемости

Of course, this resource is less in demand than the previous ones, but it’s worth trying to publish here – some positive result will be unequivocal.

  1. Social network for bloggers and webmasters Webice

Placing here also requires an invite from already registered users, but it’s worth it.

Total information:

  • You can go to the link;
  • on average, up to 200 people look in a day from LiveInternet;
  • indicators TIC -0 AGS PR -2;
  • You can register by invitation;
  • In the published announcements remains a direct link.

We add that this service has been very popular for a long time, but now it is marked by a sanction and is less in demand. However, it’s still worth it to stay here – at least you don’t lose anything.

  1. Pikabu Announcement Service

He needs no introduction – everyone knows about him, so profitability and demand will be unequivocal.

Total information:

  • You can go to the link;
  • per day from LiveInternet up to 3,000 people come in here;
  • indicators TIC -1700 PR -5;
  • You can register for free, without invites and invitations.
Лучшие сервисы анонсов статей для увеличения посещаемости

Unfortunately, you can’t post links and anchors here in posts, but it’s still worth taking the risk once. The main thing is to veil it beautifully so that administrators are not too angry and do not send a smart webmaster to a long bath.

  1. Subscribe huge service: great promotion tool

Here it is really worthy of attention, just have to spend a little time to figure out the little things and nuances. If you place the tasty announcements correctly, you can increase the flow of the target audience several times, which will immediately have a positive effect on the figures of daily traffic. Here you can start your own news channel, collect hundreds of subscribers and without a twinge of conscience flicker with advertising your domain.

Total information:

  • You can follow the link;
  • per day from LiveInternet, up to 3,000 people drop in;
  • indicators TIC -8400 PR -6;
  • You can register for free, without invitations.

Here the freedom of your actions will not be limited. You can safely publish any announcements and articles, post links to them and earn popularity in a completely legal way.

  1. Service for bloggers

A small resource, the flow of which is not too impressive, but a reference can be left without losing a penny.

Total information:

  • You can go to the link;
  • per day 100-150 people come to the Internet;
  • indicators TIC -275 PR -1;
  • free registration without invites;
  • You can post links in announcements by participating in forum discussions.
  1. The media

There is a strict requirement for the uniqueness of the published material. If the text is less than 90% unique, moderation will not miss it. Run the announcement is necessary in Advego. You still have to try: target clients often come from the site.

Total information:

  • You can go to the link;
  • with LiveInternet per day up to 750 people drop in;
  • indicators TIC -475 PR -2;
  • You can publish direct links at the very end of the announcement, after the main text.
  1. Articles, announcements for the webmaster on uGrade and uCoz materials

Recently opened domain, which is great for link promotion. Here you will find the publication of unique articles, the placement of commercial announcements for webmasters, and the use of your material with links to various hosting sites. The service has many prospects and a rapidly growing attendance. You can publish for free and keep the link you need in the material.

Total information:

  • You can go to;
  • about 100-150 people come to a day from LiveInternet;
  • indicators TIC -20 PR -1;
  • You can register for free, as well as post a link to your domain in your profile.
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