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Seoshniki perform a large number of works to optimize the site. A wide range of tasks includes the work of marketers, semantologists and webmasters. The time frame for the execution of tasks is limited, and therefore seo-optimizers just need additional help. And here they come to the aid of a special software. Worldwide optimization leaders have long resorted to auxiliary assistance. This will not only greatly simplify the work, but also improve its quality.

Лучшие сервисы для SEO-оптимизаторов

Yandex Wordstat

Yandex search engine offers a free tool. It opens up unique opportunities in the selection of search queries. Users can easily track current expressions and forecast the prospects of certain topics.

The service provides an in-depth analysis of the text according to its uniqueness and other seo characteristics. The site contains a paid and free version. For periodic work, it is enough to use the free option, but for permanent work it is better to choose a paid subscription. The latter option will greatly simplify and speed up the work.


One of the best and oldest service for SEO analysis. This is an invaluable assistant for every optimizer. Find a free equivalent is simply impossible. The service has a large list of useful tools. They will help to quickly assess the reference mass and automate the work. The well-known systems of Rookee, Seopult, Webeffector work on the same principle, but they do some of the work of Mega-Index.

Russian-language service is efficient and easy to use. It offers a large number of opportunities for the selection of similar sites and is used in the promotion of sites.

Service is comfortable to work with and there are no problems. It evaluates the reference mass of the site and determines the quality of donors. The service opens a personal account through which you can carry out work and post new links on the site being promoted using exchanges:, and others.

Лучшие сервисы для SEO-оптимизаторов


The program carries out a comparable analysis not only with competitors, but also the field of activity in general. She identifies the behavior of leading rivals and helps to find partners and customers. The service connects to the account through Google Analytics and periodically offers static information about the site being optimized.


This portal is indirectly related to the promotion of sites, but many use it. With it, you can create charts and smart maps. This is a great option for developing semantic and logical structure.


The service conducts a detailed study of competitors’ sites and compiles a list of keywords. The system also performs analysis of the content itself and generalized monitoring of the methods used for promotion.

Actual service is able to track search positions. They are distinguished by ease of use and great functionality. Many SEOs appreciated all the benefits and love it due to additional features and interesting interface.

Popular portal tracking key queries. He conducts a quick analysis of user transitions. The system also shows the main competitors.

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