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The authors of Yandex.Zen became available to download video

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    News from Yandex.Zen does not cease to please its active users. Now each user of the platform will be able to work with videos. This means that the authors have become available to download videos and publish them using native advertising.

    The Zen algorithm will work as before, only now it will additionally recommend the video.

    The authors of Yandex.Zen became available to download video

    From the words of Yandex.Zen CEO Dmitry Ivanov, it became clear the reason for this update. Since many bloggers are very actively using this platform for writing, posting texts and articles, I wanted to attach video bloggers as well. It is unfair that the Zen audience was not accessible to video bloggers.

    Current authors have already begun actively publishing videos, in addition to texts, and now new members of our platform are expected to be added. An additional audience will not hurt anyone. Users are allowed to download videos in the formats MP4, MOV, GIF, but not exceeding 10 GB. According to previous tests, it became clear that the most popular videos lasting up to 15 minutes. Another useful fact for bloggers is the greater involvement of viewers in the video than narrative. So those who are used to test narratives should try the new format to attract a fresh audience.

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