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If you have any thoughts that the site is not technically perfect, you need to order the service “Technical site audit” from our company. It helps to identify problems in many parameters due to which the number of visitors to the resource is reduced.

As a result of the check, you will receive not just a list of the errors found, but a complete TK with proven correction methods. After that, you can see an increase in visibility and an increase in targeted visitors.

Website technical audit

What is included in the audit of the technical audit of the site?

  • We analyze optimization by checklist.
  • We check donor sites that link to you, incoming internal links, nesting, data structure.
  • Full content research – uniqueness, identification of sections with low content and more.
  • Indexing – mirrors, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, isolated pages.
  • Links – broken, an excess of internal and external, broken.
  • Redirects are temporary, as well as loops and chains along it.
  • Checking codes – identifying redirects, 404 errors.
  • URLs are too long, underscores, extra parameters.
  • The performance of the pages as a whole is a long loading time, a short period of presence on their user, failures, low CTR.
  • Image analysis – the presence of non-optimized, with empty tags, broken, re-optimization of images.
  • Meta tags title / descrpition – their absence or glut, size (too long or short), repetition on one page, coincidence.
  • Functional content – all buttons that can help in communication with users are analyzed. This includes a shopping basket, “Call”, icons for quick transition to social networks, mail, help with searching the site, registration of your personal account, catalog and its filters.
Website technical audit

When is it really worth resorting to such a service?

  • Under some browsers, the website displays incorrectly.
  • Suddenly, the resource stopped working, and you yourself cannot find the cause of the failure.
  • There is an inexplicable load on the server from some parts.
  • You can not decide on hosting.
  • Download speed does not meet the requirements.
  • There are problems in working with 1C.
Website technical audit

Why choose us?

  • We pay careful attention to the smallest details and as a result we provide a detailed report with the prescribed solutions.
  • There are many successful projects behind our back. Thanks to the competent recommendations of our team, many customers were able to significantly improve their positions and get the best optimization results.
  • We try to do the analysis as quickly as possible, because the sooner errors are found, the faster they will be fixed. We value your money and strive to make you stop losing it.
  • All terms and conditions are prescribed in a contract drawn up by lawyers competently, if for some reason we do not have time, the money will be returned.

Over a decade on the market, we managed to earn the trust of customers, as evidenced by their grateful feedback. Contact us by telephone, through the feedback form or any messenger to clarify all the nuances.

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