Such different PR and SEO: what is in common between them

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Companies, searching for the most suitable solutions for themselves, use various methods. They are working on advertising and promises, combining channels in order to attract the attention of consumers and outrun competitors. If there is no consistency in the promotion of the products and services being sold, the expenditure of funds increases, meaningless, unnecessary expenses appear, which are unavoidable when conducting experiments during searches.

An integrated approach will help to ensure smooth interaction among people involved in various activities. It implies a thorough study of client business and a phased development of the sales tool. Requirements for today’s marketing imply erasing the boundaries of responsibility in a particular area, which contributes to the formation of a team. All employees involved in the project are actively involved in achieving the result together, rather than alone, reporting on a specific task accomplished.

Такие разные PR и SEO: что между ними общего

Prejudice and delusions

The opinion that SEO only means buying links, and PR is all about image, initially erroneous. If you think so, then you are already one step back from your competitors. Specialists of both directions were not just retired and deducted from their accounts with a simple excuse, such as “Automation will leave you without earnings. It takes a car of time despite the fact that the result is controversial “and so on. It is impossible to establish a deadline by defining a task – finding in the TOP by high-frequency keywords a couple of months plus articles (free) in such publications as RBC, Vedomosti, Kommersant, which tells how universal and valuable the product is.

It is necessary to agree that everything does not come in a flash. It is better to push the illusions into the background and analyze the situation, use the advice of experienced professionals regarding an integrated approach to work. This is the case with the orchestra. Virtually any musical instrument in capable hands makes beautiful sounds, but a real masterpiece is possible only when all these instruments harmoniously sound together. Likewise, you can single-handedly promote a product, achieve certain results and rejoice in it, but a moment comes to move to a higher level. That’s when help is needed.

It seems that PR and SEO are at different poles, and experts absolutely do not overlap with each other. Of course, some points of contact exist, but tandem interaction is more a phenomenon than a rule. When I started working in the company, I myself came across a pattern of thinking, hovering around their duet.

Such different PR and SEO: what is in common between them

SEO introduction

After spending the first few days at an online advertising agency, I began to wonder. Among them, “What do guys do not communicate with each other and spend days at the monitor?”. About SEO, of course, I had no idea, and my perception of search results was at the level of an active user. Professional terminology for me remained almost a mysterious cipher. The association was with some kind of mystical rituals, after which you get TOP by keywords.

Introduction to PR

Alexander Runov, head of the SEO department of the marketing agency Biplan, says that he heard about PR, but didn’t work closely with them, only with the authors of the texts, copywriters writing for the order. What does a specialist do and what are his results? Are they really paying him for communication and posting comments in the media? He could not assess how much the company needs such a person and how he can help.

Over time, our communication and discussion of working moments, tasks has become more frequent. The starting point in the team activity was a comment. It was required to do for the profile site. The task was more like a friend’s request than a mandatory order of the authorities. The employment contract does not specify a clause regarding the content, its preparation, in order to popularize the product. This does not determine the professionalism and competence of the optimizer. The current management also did not receive special orders on the requirements of PR. We needed to understand the benefits of tandem work ourselves and find points of contact.

After several months, we found ways to interact and develop in these two areas. I spoke with Alexander about the requests. Presentations were prepared together, topics were discussed for various webinars and high-quality workshops, and presentations were planned. He consulted on the creation of a blog, on sites, as well as content marketing.

Such different PR and SEO: what is in common between them

Claim that we are different

To attract the close attention of future clients, to create an image of a real expert, the ideal option is the profile content – checklists, recommendations, cases, lifehacks, and so on. Even if a PR specialist really wants to, he will not be able to prepare high-quality, in-depth case material. Provided that he begins to understand the subject much better than the optimizer, the latter must be fired and find a new one.

Search systems recommend presenting information in a normal, public language. Template publications and longrids are not welcome. Most customers run their blogs, make projects, thereby going beyond standards. Anyone who constantly deals with multi-format content and interacts with the audience using specialized tools will take a little time to discuss the style with the SEO specialist and the client. This significantly saves the time required to prepare the TK. Consequently, the effect of misunderstanding between the client and the copywriter is eliminated.

We have different interests, we have different knowledge, we have different practices. Nevertheless, we have the same goals and we have the same tasks that contribute to the professional evolution of our customers and, accordingly, the popularity of the agency itself.


Content is key to SEO and PR. In no case can you ignore the style, structure of the text, the presence of speech turns and keywords. In this case, there is no reason to wait for getting into the TOP and brand awareness. None of the successful, good optimizers will miss the “water” from the unscrupulous author to the resource, since the growth of positions here is clearly excluded. Moreover, the communications specialist will be dismissed miserably if the material does not comply with the terms of reference and does not fulfill the promotion tasks.


The basis for the remaining analytical actions, as well as actions related to development and optimization, is traffic. It is impossible to attract consumer attention only by the well-known brand for its visual component or unprofitable purchases that entail non-targeted transitions to the resource. During the struggle to achieve efficiency and low failure rates, PR and SEO masters have to find the most appropriate ways with 100% return.


All those who have anything to do with advertising are bound by this task. To begin, you will need to organize an acquaintance with the products or services of the target audience, currently not yet aware of all the charms of the products offered to it. The task also includes a reminder of this non-random meeting, the delivery of the necessary information to strengthen the relationship. Never forget about competition. The most successful of your opponents want to always and everywhere to be ahead, no matter what conditions. If you compare “attracting customer attention” with the dish, then the chefs who contributed their ingredients to the popular recipe are those who work on the basis of PR and SEO.

Такие разные PR и SEO: что между ними общего

Brand queries

Demand pulls a huge degree of responsibility. This is due to the fact that it acts as a continuation of a set of activities aimed at promoting the company itself and shows the systematic approach of brand positioning at all stages. But here, you should always remember about competitors and enviers. In some cases, it can use your fame and relevance for their own purposes (promotion of their own company). The negative associated with the described fraud, be sure to leave a mark on a successful brand. To avoid such a situation, specialists need to take into account the danger in advance (along with direct requests) carried by weaker, but dangerous neighbors.

Immersion in business processes

To achieve the desired effect and raise the project to a higher level, specialists use all the information they can get about the company. It includes development potential, popular destinations, advantages and disadvantages, and much more. Naturally, the agency’s employees (or those who work on its side) have to study all the nuances in more detail, not only within the framework of the client’s specific job description. In practice, it takes a lot of time for both the optimizer and the PR person to understand the topic. For the most part, they are repelled not by promotion methods, but by partner specialization.

For a person not dedicated to the subtleties of PR and SEO, both directions are similar to different planets located in different galaxies. Their residents are specialists who differ radically from each other in the way of thinking, the method of explanation, the type and speed of processing the information received. If, however, we remove the stereotypes that limit an integrated, systematic approach to the process of promotion, we will clearly see the general characteristics that allow us to establish communicative relations.

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