Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

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Snippet is an abbreviated description of an Internet resource that the user will see in the output.

Search engines show you each site with a title and a brief annotation, as well as additional resource data. This is a snippet.

in Yandex

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

in Google

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

Why among promotion specialists he is considered one of the most important tools? It’s simple! It doesn’t matter what product you offer, how big the discount is and what are the favorable terms of delivery.

And it doesn’t even matter whether you are in the first place or in the tenth place.

If the buyer does not enter your site, the fact that you have posted a large amount of money to achieve a top position is essentially useless. The essence of SEO is, after all, in conversion, in increasing sales. So, the main thing that the person clicked.

And now – a fatal moment. All that a person who has used the search has is a couple of sentences in order to understand which of the options to choose, where to go first.

Now you understand how important the snippet is?

The more attractive the inscription, the greater the likelihood that a person will visit your online resource.

And here we have good news!

They say that it is difficult to manage the snippet, since search engine robots form it automatically, according to internal defined algorithms.

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

But, difficult – it is not impossible!

There are various features that will help increase the interest, informative and tempting description of the resource. And it will help attract traffic!

And once you have asked the question “Snippet: what is it, how to do it and change it?”, Then let’s understand in order.


Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

Headline in Yandex

If you look at the issue, then with a confidence of 99.99% the headline will rush to the eye first. This is the upper part of the snippet, in bold large font. Naturally, it has a tremendous impact on the decision to “click or not.”

That is why starting work on the improvement of the information block primarily work with the title.

So what we know:

The title of any snippet robots form of the title, as well as h1-h2 page. There is a pull-up of text that more closely matches the request. According to our observations, the title is often more catchy.

In order for the text you have written to fit in the results, make a sentence shorter or about 70 characters including spaces. Just do not cut so that the meaning is lost. After all, our task is to give the client relevant information. It’s better to stop, but it will be understood by the meaning to anyone who reads it. Relevance very much and users and search engines.

You have the right to ask: “Why actually change the snippet?”

– “Because we can use it to increase clickability by making the sense more intriguing, emotional, or provoking an opponent.” It is worthwhile to act according to the principle identical to the choice of the advertising slogan. And the best is the table of contents of the article: not only the key phrase falls into focus, but also the benefits, interest, and emotion.

An example can be taken from the news resources – this is who leaves people no chance to pass by!

Relevant Description

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

This is essentially a spoiler, which tells in more detail what is on this page (preview, if you want).

Tell Yandex what to show – almost anreal. But in Google, crank it up elementary.

All because we know that Google takes the annotation from the meta tag Descr (description). Previously, no more than 180 characters were allowed, but now there is a place to go for a walk – from 2017 the length of the snippet reaches 300 characters. Therefore, it is on this value that we focus on by writing down the description.

If the meta tag is not registered when creating or administering, then Google displays at its discretion the appropriate piece of text. The same applies to the irrelevant descriptor.

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?
Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

What to do with Yandex? Of course, also register the description in case of “what if.” According to statistics, the search engine collects 240 characters from the content.

It would not be us if we had surrendered. Of course, you are not 100% controlled, but there is still the possibility of cramming the most relevant information where necessary:

  • We add in the text of the page a paragraph size of 240 characters with spaces.
  • Do not forget that you want to not just insert it, but logically weave into the content.
  • This paragraph will have to optimize “to the top.” Keys are written in much larger quantities than in other sections.
  • The key is better to place at the beginning.
  • If the content allows – write the key in the form entered by the user in the string.
  • Sentences that are before and after a paragraph should be cleared of the keys. This needs to be done so that Yandex inadvertently does not get confused and does not grab them instead of your intended snippet. The same applies to non-genuine offers. They are taboo.
Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

Another trick that will increase the effectiveness of snippet is the ability to get the so-called fast link.

The probability, of course, is not 100%, since the formation takes place automatically.

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

Here’s how Google’s talk about it:

“We provide links only if they are deemed useful. If the resource is not user-friendly to identify the relevant sections of the user’s request, the links will not be displayed.”

Here is what Yandex says about this in help:

Fast links are placed between the name and snippet and lead to the most popular sections.

Fastlink search engine can show for any page, regardless of its location.

This is possible under the following conditions:

  1. Content is clean, correct and not infected with a virus.
  2. Page in top3 relevant queries
  3. Quick links are fixed for it.
Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?
  • The link should go to the section that can be opened from the main
  • Navigation is built correctly, logically, with the implementation of the CNC.
  • The headings title and h1 are clear, readable, not long and coincide with the contents of the links.
  • Links to images are accompanied by an ALT attribute with the correct description.
  • The popularity of the required pages above the rest in the context of statistics.

It also happens that you get in the system issue with unwanted links. How to get rid of them?

Use Yandex.Webmaster through “site in search results”.

In Google, among the settings for the webmaster, in the “search view” section, you can, for example, lower the rating of the page that is undesirable for launching. The reduction will be relevant for 90 days, after which the quotation will be restored.

In advanced snippets during vital search (by brand name, for example) Fast links are displayed in two rows.

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

It is impossible to take control of such snippets, since the search service itself determines the vitality of the issue, and if the algorithms understand that a person was looking for a certain resource, an extended block of links will appear.

Chain of navigation

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

For secondary pages, a navigation bar can be shown that tells more about the structure and address on a specific platform.

In order for the chain to appear:

  • Customize the so-called bread crumbs
  • Bring in the url “tree”. This means that if the lot is in the category “magic wands”, then the URL is prescribed through this category. It looks something like this:;


How to increase the perception of the snippet? A great way is to decorate with a bright icon. It is remembered and helps to know the brand. With some queries, you don’t even need to read the output. Enough favorite icon to identify a brand.

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

How to add a favicon?

All ingenious is simple!

Create a picture with the .ico image format. Its size corresponds to an extension of 16 x 16 pixels. Here it is necessary to say at once – a favaykon should be simple and easy to read, and also recognizable.

Next, throw it into the root, and add meta tags to the head.

«link rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/x-icon” href=”/favicon.ico” /».

In principle, other extensions are also available (gif, jpeg, etc.), but under the image format you need to change the code itself: image / jpeg

Just do not run happily update Google. Your picture will “grow” not earlier than in two weeks.

In addition to the favicon, which already inseparably distinguishes all objects with a CEO, you can use other small life hacks to stand out from the “crowd” of competitors.

1. Bulleted list. If you add to the beginning of the list with the correct editing (for example, all your favorite bullets, but do not forget to make them through CSS styles), then there is a chance that he will fly out in a snippet.
Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

2. Special characters. Bold originals or companies for which it is appropriate – add Unicode symbolism and emoji to the CNC, description and title text (the last Google does not show).

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

In general – this is a controversial method to draw attention to the company. We advise that you first optimize and improve all other elements, make sure that they work correctly, and then indulge as their effect is unpredictable.

Unicode can be downloaded here:


3. Register the name of the site. In Yandex using webmasters, you can specify an individual name register. In the official directory you can read what the limitations of this function and what can be squeezed out of it.

4. Yandex.Dialogs

This is what really highlights your company in the search for Yandex – this is the chat window. The dialogue function that is properly configured through the webmaster should be present in your online store.

Snippet: what is it, how to do and change?

Well, we told you about the basic chips for improving snippets, which are available even to inexperienced users, while they are quite enough to gain a competitive advantage, lure the buyer and eventually increase the conversion. We hope the information was helpful!

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