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Sites with full-screen advertising will go down in Google rankings.

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    In September 2015, the American corporation Google made a decision to lower in its mobile ranking sites that impose full-screen banners on users. Two months later, according to this statement, changes were made to the criteria for evaluating sites for such parameters as the convenience of viewing sites on mobile devices.

    Since January 10 of the coming year, Google will move to action, so sites with full-screen banner ads can expect a downgrade in the mobile issue of the legendary search engine. So, who should start being afraid:

    1. Those sites that overload the user with pop-up billboards immediately after the transition to the site or while viewing content.
    2. Those portals that offer the reader to get to the content only after clicking on the “cross” of a full-screen banner billboard.
    3. Those resources that muffle the content on the rest of the page and hide the top of the site under the banner.

    For which exceptions will be made:

    1. For small and easily closed banners.
    2. For sites that are not indexed by the search engine. They can cover the entire page with forms for sending a return address or with registration forms.
    3. For banners that cover the entire page, but the essence of which is a request for permission to cookie or request the user to confirm his age.
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