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A successful site has many important indicators. One of them is usability. Let’s first understand what it is.

Usability, translated literally from English, means “ability to use,” convenience. Simply put, this is an indicator of how the site is acceptable and user-friendly. Usability is largely responsible for the number of sales. Indeed, the more comfortable the interface is for the potential customer, the more willingly he makes purchases. The main goal here is to make the site so that the user not only wants to stay on it longer, but also comes back time after time.

When creating, a whole team of professionals of different directions often works:

  • psychologists;
  • projector ;
  • designers ;
  • marketers.

If you are a business owner and understand that there are some hidden factors that prevent you from earning more, you should decide on the order of the site usability audit service. Our team of professionals will help to carry out the audit as soon as possible and at the best cost. Thanks to the research, it is possible to find those mistakes that prevent you from earning the desired amount. After eliminating them, productive calls, calls and purchases will increase, while attendance may not increase. In addition, you will notice a significant increase in search results and increased traffic.

Site Usability Audit

Stages of the audit:

  • Study of the direction of entrepreneurship and determination of the target audience on this topic.
  • Web analytics analysis. Data collection from Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics, key indicators of user behavior, heatmaps, sales funnel.
  • Marketing analysis. We check competitors, find out how they can be more attractive to potential customers, look at the channels through which communication with site visitors takes place, check the tools that allow you to receive more sales and calls.
  • Ergonomic resource. We identify problems that prevent visitors from taking certain actions by examining not only the main pages, but also existing applications.
  • “Mystery shopper”. This technique will allow you to check the work of the sales department, how fast the response to responses and calls is, what is the level of “desire” to keep the customer and, moreover, return him again.
  • A detailed report, the final stage. You will receive not only a list of problems that “slow down” the business, but also proven recommendations on how to resolve them. We try to develop for you those tips in which you will not need to redo the site again. If necessary, we are ready to provide a similar presentation.
Site Usability Audit

For whom is audit an urgent need?

  • For an online store. Here the number of orders directly depends on the convenience of its construction. Buyers of such services appreciate the simplicity and understandable use, accurate information written in the product description cards, quick checkout, “without unnecessary movements” are important. Our experience is large enough to quickly determine the errors in the operation of such platforms. We have done enough research to understand what you need to increase your profits and are ready to talk about it.
  • For service sites. For any client, the first acquaintance with a company that determines further cooperation will be a visit to the web page. If quality service is your priority, stop losing orders and take time for usability. We, in turn, will try to make the necessary checks as soon as possible.
Site Usability Audit

The terms of cooperation are quite transparent and carefully prescribed in the contract. If we do not complete the entire amount of work, the money will be returned to you in full.

Check out the reviews and cases section to clear up any recent doubts about collaboration. Our goal is to increase your profit. Contact us in any convenient way to clarify all the nuances of interest!

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