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Internal site optimization is a set of actions whose goal is to bring the resource to perfection from the points of view:

  1. The visitor. Convenient structure, nice design, interesting content will attract the client much more than the usual promises of “favorable price” and “high-quality products.”
  2. Search engine. Here, the code that fully complies with the standards, the presence of mandatory sections, the competent presentation of information from the point of view of the semantic core are important.

Whatever measures are taken in the future to attract customers, without optimization, they are likely to be wasted. This is the first step towards the promotion of business on the Internet. It is important that the performer understands the future strategy, looking at several stages ahead. It’s bad when the optimization is performed by downloaded freelancers who physically do not have enough time for detailed work, or companies that create only the appearance of work.

Site optimization

Optimization work

The procedure is performed one-time and includes a whole range of activities.

  1. Strategy. This is a plan according to which we will proceed.
  2. Full audit of each site parameter. Implies an assessment of the technical condition, structure, content, usability.
  3. Competitor analysis. We will find out what works for them in the growth of positions, and we will do even better.
  4. Semantic core. We study business, target audience to understand what you can offer and what are the features of those who are ready to accept the offer. Based on this, clusters of the most relevant queries are formed.
  5. Elimination of all errors and omissions. Anything that works incorrectly will be fixed.
  6. Content change. We will create really attractive texts, graphics and even video, we optimize for requests. The visitor will receive useful and necessary information.

As a result of this work, you will get a really perfect site.

The method of its implementation does not matter: we work with samopny code and the largest content management systems: WordPress, 1C Bitrix, OpenCart.

What’s next

This is not enough to raise positions, and, consequently, to attract visitors. Website optimization will help to keep the client, but in order for him to find out about you, you need to be promoted.

iPapus Agency is a team of enthusiastic people, each of whom loves his work. We are really interested in what we do. We find SЕО – exciting and exciting. Therefore, we propose to continue cooperation, because it is important for us to bring the matter to a logical end – to make business successful.

Paying once for optimization is cheaper, but the effect will be weak. Additionally, we recommend using other services:

  • promotion in search engines – maintaining the site constantly in order to bring it to the first positions and hold the result;
  • contextual advertising – a way to quickly attract customers and increase profits;
  • promotion in social networks – from a marketing campaign to a group.

As in any other commercial sphere, a complex service will always be cheaper than ordering separately.

Novice entrepreneurs can start cooperation with the development of the site – it will already be optimized.

Site optimization

From our side

You get a completely transparent business relationship. We consider trust to be the most important:

  • reports contain complete information on the cost structure;
  • Constant consultations help you understand why this or that work is done and what result it gives;
  • real forecasts without high expectations;
  • financial guarantees for the implementation of all declared stages;
  • reconciliation of important changes.

We confirm professionalism with a reputation that we carefully preserve. Each member of our team has certificates confirming qualifications – we will present them upon request. The first consultation with us is free – call, write and ask questions.

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