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Website design is not a beautiful picture and well-chosen colors. This is a business philosophy, the foundation of online marketing. When a customer enters your store, he is met by a polite salesman, whose task is to hook the visitor and push him to the purchase. On the site this work is done by design.

What is the task of the designer

To draw a catchy billboard is one thing. And to come up with an interface that will work without human intervention is another. Each button, each piece of text or link must work for you – to make a profit.

The designer acts as a wizard who turns pixels and vectors into a working business. He must have creative thinking, know marketing and be able to sell.

Agree, a unique combination!

Site design

How we see the site design

  • Clinging.
  • Non-standard.
  • Comfortable.
  • Habitual.
  • Having to stay.

Studio iPapus Agency owns all the techniques for the design of web resources.

  • Provide high quality graphics.
  • Choose the best combination of colors according to your corporate colors.
  • We will think over and test every element of the interface.

What makes the design work

The first, most important step is the selection and study of the target audience. It is from the habits and abilities of your customers that usability is born – ease of use. Two examples:

  • Mommy newborn baby must quickly order baby food – two clicks and the order is made;
  • A glamorous lady can spend hours choosing her own handbag — let her leave your store with a full set of clothes and accessories that fit the style of your first purchase.

To implement such a design, you need to be a psychologist and be able to put yourself in the buyer’s place. It should be close to your customers, convenient for them. There are no standards! To hook and bring to purchase is a difficult process.

The second stage is the development of contact scenarios. You need to connect the requirements of SЕО with marketing, then the result will be effective. On the one hand, the site will enter the first search positions in the future, on the other hand, visitors will not even have the thought of abandoning the purchase.

The third step is the adaptation of the script for your unique commercial offer. It should be unobtrusive, but obvious. Only in this way entrepreneurs stand out among competitors. We will arrange for you a real interrogation and will go together the whole way of forming the UTP. You will understand that you are the best!

This is how the design is formed. Final design and the site is ready for testing!

Site design

How much is it?

The price of the work of a talented designer can not be low. It generates ideas, searches for unique ways for your business, performs painstaking work on removing each pixel to its place.

The result – a harmonious design and convenient usability. Therefore, the cost of design to order is always quite high. Believe me, an inconvenient menu, sliding blocks and windows that do not appear on time are not horror stories, this is a loss of income. The competition is huge and only a really attractive and user-friendly interface will encourage the client to stay longer.

To get answers to questions and resolve any doubts – ask for advice. She is perfect free! We will be happy to tell you about our approaches and give recommendations!

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