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Seven typical listing errors that prevent the site from getting TOP

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A categories page is a section in which lists of items of goods, services, information, etc. are posted. Most often there are photos, prices and a brief description of each item.

Listing pages are different and relevant for almost all types of sites.

The main thing you need to know is that lists and categories play one of the fundamental roles in the successful promotion of a resource:

  • Bring to the site traffic that requested a search by category.
  • Promote resource on frequency requests.
  • Increase the percentage of conversion.
  • Provide high final ranking.

We want to show you the most common mistakes that we found in the process of work in 2018.

1. Single type anchors in listing

Online stores, especially with a wide range, often use anchors on a template for a product card, which eventually leads to repetitions on the page (perespam). Also, such anchors provide very little information for search engines, since the description does not indicate the features of the product. As a result, we get a page with different pictures, with the same signature (note: bed linen art.31), where only the article or model name changes.

How to solve a problem?

It is better to make each anchor unique, with a description of the features (approx .: satin bedding double “Queen” art 31).

If you have thousands of names, it is possible to use templates, but with the help of a special functionality to pull in them the main selected features (in our case, material and size).

2. Little assortment

Sometimes in pursuit of covering a larger number of requests, catalogs are created on which there is practically no product. This is not entirely correct. The thing is that on other sites for these requests there is definitely a greater quantity of goods, and TOP only needs good content – more and better than the competitors. So, there is no point in such introductions.

How to solve a problem?

Analyze the real need for pages. If you need it – expand the offer. If it is impossible to expand with new goods, then it is possible to divide the assortment into different positions, according to colors, sizes and so on. But, with such fixes, the usability of the site will decrease, so we return to step 1 – think, do you really need them?

Relevance can be enhanced by unique texts, but this is effective only in low-frequency queries.

In order to understand how many products are better placed on a page, it will be necessary to analyze by competitors and derive an average number. There is an opportunity to do more – great. But do not forget to monitor the download speed of the site – it should not fall!

Семь типичных ошибок в листинге, которые не дают сайту выйти ТОП

3. SEO texts

To reveal this topic, you need to consider Google and Yandex search engines separately, since they “love” different texts.


For this search engine, optimized texts are more likely to carry a negative. Yandex’s text requirements grew more than two years ago, as all self-respecting publications wrote about. Today, placing the description on the listing page will most likely be perceived as perepam. But if you have an excellent Usability indicator and behavioral characteristics, then it plays an important role for a search engine, and if all other optimization components are in order (product description cards, anchors, filters, a convenient buying process), then doing a page evaluation solely by text is wrong.


This system is also not very good at oversaturated text optimization, but, from experience, is also not able to assess the quality of their content well.

How to solve a problem?

If you decide to increase the relevance of the listing with text, try to do it with minimal spam and maximum benefit.

4. Doubles on Yandex subdomains

This system very carefully analyzes the content of the page, therefore, when the site owner, in order to get users from new cities, creates a subdomain for carbon copy, changing only the “Contacts” section. Here is what the search engine experts say about this:

Attention! Content that will be different from the parent domain must be placed on the subdomain. If the content is identical, then one of the domains will be perceived as a mirror of the other and the robots will begin to identify two sites as one, and the one that will be perceived as a mirror will cease to appear in the search.

How to make domains different?

You can try to bring the product cards in the listing or to uniquely text.

For Google, this is completely different. We do not advise you to promote by creating subdomains for this system.

5. Cards of goods that are not available

If the first page of listing on your site will contain products that are not available – the search engine will start to think that your site is not useful for users and will brand you as a resource with a poor assortment. This will greatly affect the loss of positions.

How to solve a problem?

Cards of goods that are not available, or services that are not available at the moment, should be displayed at the end of the list. At the same time, the “buy” button is not active and is implemented by a script, so the search engine does not see that the product is not active.

Семь типичных ошибок в листинге, которые не дают сайту выйти ТОП

6. No filters and sorting options

The listing page should be user-friendly, especially if there are a lot of goods. The inability to filter the display by performance or sort by price forces many users to leave or has a negative effect on the conversion.

How to solve a problem?

Analyze by competitors, evaluate the convenience of their site and pay attention to which filters they use for your line of business. Be sure to make similar functionality on your website or consider errors, and implement the elements better.

7. Empty attributes of pictures on item cards

This error does not affect the ranking of the list page. But this does not allow the site to move through the search for pictures, and this is the omission of a large proportion of traffic.

How to solve a problem?

It’s simple – you need to fill in Alt in detail for ranking.


In fact, almost all of these errors have long been known to web developers, but continue to occur on sites. If you want to figure out the reason for the poor ranking of the listing page – the above points are more than enough to remedy the situation.

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