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5 main types of sites
Express design
Not just a website, but a turnkey business solution in 24 days with a guarantee of receiving orders! There are no analogues in the price / quality ratio! It can be any kind of site - shop, Landing, etc.
Online store
Ready professional tool for effective sales of your products and services.
Landing page
One-page website selling one product or service with the highest possible conversion into orders
Corporate website
A solid and stylish website for your company to show potential customers detailed information about your business.
Indywidualny projekt
Implement custom web solutions of any complexity and size


Unique iPAPUS Offer
We have developed a unique offer, a kind of novelty. Especially for those who want to have a website with a unique design and maximum selling properties, while not ready to pay the full cost for the design. The work package is based on our experience and 100% covers the needs of your business! Interesting?
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Кейс по автоматизированным мойкам Leisuwash

Reklama Google Adwords newlita.com, optymalizacja

Kampanie reklamowe Google Ads drabbasov.ru

Tworzenie strony WWW ldesign.studio

Tworzenie strony internetowej keeparis.ru

Projektowanie strony internetowej diamonds-are-forever.ru

Reklama na Instagramie
Instagram targeting, $ 0.6 per lead

Skuteczna reklama na Instagramie i Facebooku
Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price from $ 0.03

Skuteczna reklama na Instagramie i Facebooku, kampanie reklamowe
Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price $ 0.04

Skuteczne promowanie na Facebooku, niskie ceny na kampanie reklamowe
Targeted Facebook / Instagram advertising, lead price 0.06 EURO

Reklama Google Adwords newlita.com, optymalizacja

Kampanie reklamowe Google Ads drabbasov.ru

Optymalizacja kampanii Google Ads Atelie-lab

Skuteczna optymalizacja kampanii reklamowej Google Ads detskie-kolyaski.ru


At least 5 specialists become part of your team.
Papus, Ivan Aleksandrovich
Leadership and strategic issues
10 years experience in marketing and SEO
TOP specialist in the CIS with confirmed reviews and ratings https://www.fl.ru/users/royk
Project Manager
Yushchenko Anna
2 years in SEO
Started her career in banking
Evgeny Gorunov
Head of Analytics
3 years experience
Yana Bozhko
Experience 3 years
2 years team experience
Content manager
Victoria Khomenko
Links placement
Internal site optimization
Content manager
Elena Leontyeva
Customer rating control
Responsible for customer information
Anastasia Pigul
Head of Copywriting
Monitoring and reporting
Natalya Sergienko
External placements through reference exchanges
Hosting through site administrators
Depending on the project and the task, such experts as the project manager, designer, layout designer, programmer, content manager, copywriter, and marketing specialist are at your disposal.
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10 steps
01 /
Marketing research, study avatar of the client, his needs
02 /
Compiling a Customer journey - the client's path - exactly how the client will find your site and what path will he overcome before placing an order
03 /
SITEMAP compilation. Sitemap, which defines all pages of the site and their links
04 /
05 /
06 /
07 /
08 /
09 /
10 /
Technical support


Our experts are closely monitoring the development of modern technology

Examples of services and technologies used in project development

CMS systems used for project development


We did it for you.


Main features of the product development
Individual design
We emphasize the advantages of your brand due to the competent unique design. We will ensure sales growth only through a competent approach to the design and delivery of content.
Safety standard
We advise on the security of the site to prevent problems and help eliminate them in case of appearance.
Smooth operation
The use of trusted servers provides an increased uptime percentage (lower risk of site availability problems).
The project is being developed taking into account the potential growth of the site in the future, thus, further growth will not create problems and headaches for you.
Modern technologies
We use innovative technologies to ensure that our client always receives a product that will outpace the products of direct or indirect competitors.


Briefly and in the case
No failures
as in our practice there were no projects on which work would be carried out and the result that the client initially wanted to receive was not achieved. If the client trusts us, we justify the trust
Huge experience
in solving the most difficult tasks and non-standard situations by maintaining a large number of projects and the ability to provide results
Lack of conveyor
The project receives enough time for specialists at all levels to ensure an individual approach and optimal implementation.
Experience of changing the project growth vector
only due to a new site with a competent redesign and content
Professional team
50+ highly qualified specialists with certificates corresponding to categories

They trust us

The largest companies in the market

Stop paying for the process

Understanding the importance of good developer choice

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You visited this page, it means you already understand that you need a website. And most likely, you know why. But not every business owner is familiar with the opportunities offered by such a broad area as web development. By itself, a web resource is only a collection of web pages. But in capable hands, it can become a powerful marketing tool - sales, advertising, branding. Having your own platform in the network, you can opt out of other types of advertising and not miscalculate.

Web features

The potential benefits of placing your resource on the network are endless. It depends on how you use them. You can get a lot.

  1. Brand promotion. This is important for manufacturing companies and service organizations. A soldier who does not dream of becoming a general is bad - branding is for those who are going to become the owner of a large business with billions of dollars in the future. If you have something to offer the world - create a brand and promote it. Start with a business card, create promo sites for each product or service.
  2. One-time sales with access to a wide market is a promo. Intrigue your users, arrange a massive attack, offering them what they want. Bright enchanting promo raises sales, spins the business, makes you famous.
  3. Reliable communication with partners even in the forest - business card. We left on vacation, but caught the call of a potential buyer? Just throw him the address on the Internet - the answers must be in the network. The most detailed information about the company is available around the clock. This is not at all like a confused story on the phone - a person will calmly and thoroughly study the proposals and make an informed decision. Business is no longer dependent on the ability to persuade and tell. The site will do everything for you.
  4. Selling online without renting a room, hiring a salesperson is the perfect solution for those who do not have the rhino piercing energy to fight the commercial and government system. The reality is simpler - think over the sales process, logistics and order an online store. With due effort, competitors will be left behind, and the owner will become a wealthy person, self-sufficient and confident in the future.
  5. Owners of large companies know how much effort they have to make to build business processes. Saving time is paramount, because it is not enough. While Secretary Masha will deliver the documents to Dasha’s accountant, until manager Dima finally sends them to the client, it will take several working days. Business portal solves these problems. Qualitatively programmed document flows, a system of communication with customers saves precious minutes, turning hours into days. It’s convenient when there are two in one - both an internal automated system and an external info portal for partners.
  6. Landing is a modern version of a selling business card. As a rule, they are dedicated to one service or product, often just a brand.

Several exciting elements of attention, action buttons and no extra links - all before the eyes of the user. The most important rule is to interest the visitor. In the format of landing pages make business cards and promo. Convenient, beautiful, inexpensive.

Only five common species, but completely different approaches are what makes the web so powerful.

What is web development

The term includes any actions to generate web pages. These may be the simplest static markup language documents with a minimum of dynamics. Or maybe a full-featured online store with a huge array of data and a large number of functions for users. Regardless of the complexity, volume and type of any site creation is a web development.

More about the types of sites

We talked about five, but in reality it is not always possible to carry out a clear gradation.

  1. Business card. Consists of 3-5 pages. The goal is to provide maximum information about the company. Usually includes general data, contacts, activity description.
  2. Promo. Colorful, non-standard, eye-catching. The goal is to quickly ensure maximum audience reach, sell something or report updates. Popular for branding. This is usually a Landing Page - one-page.
  3. Online store. A classic marketplace where you can select a product in detail, order, place a purchase and even pay for it.
  4. Corporate portal. Used for internal and external communication between employees and customers. Allows you to store and share documents, leave messages, track tasks and much more.
  5. Internet portal, blog. An information resource intended for publishing news, articles, etc. Comments are posted on it. Popular as promotional tools.

Approaches to creating

Currently, there are three ways to get your own representation on the Internet.


From visual elements, as from Lego cubes, a pattern is assembled. There are a lot of online services; they immediately provide hosting as well - hosting on the Internet. Pros - simple and inexpensive, you can do yourself. Cons - you are tied to a resource, you can not add functionality except what the owner of the service provides. Yes, you are not the owner in this case - the rights belong to the developer of the designer. Some offer for a fee to download the code, but even an experienced programmer is unlikely to figure it out and be able to optimize - it will be easier to order a new one from scratch.

In this way, short-lived landings are created that advertise seasonal or single-selling items. Keep a serious site on the designer is not recommended in principle.

Content management system

CMS (Content managment system) is a serious tool that allows you to implement different functions. In the minimum configuration contains two or three standard themes, the administrator interface, in which the menu is configured, blocks, sections are created. In addition to them, plugins and modules are written. There are many free CMS - WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. For an online store is designed OpenCart. And you can buy a license for a paid one, for example, 1C Bitrix.

Possess a big set of advantages:

  • easy to create and fill, even a beginner can handle it;
  • most hosts support automatic installation of CMS;
  • many free modules, plug-ins and widgets that can be easily downloaded and installed;
  • a large set of worthless themes with different designs on the net.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • when unique functions are needed, you cannot cope on your own;
  • creating and setting up a serious resource also requires the involvement of a professional;
  • opportunities are limited by the content management system itself, if you need to go beyond, look for a programmer;
  • not all projects on CMS are easily advanced - the code is complicated, you need to understand it, to know the features.

When it comes to a business site for the Internet, not many can cope with the implementation on their own, even in a free application. If we are talking about reliable and high-quality, but incredibly difficult in understanding Bitrix, we definitely need professionals.

“Handwritten” code

The most flexible way to develop. A good programmer implements any "Wishlist" - after all, he is limited only by his skills. The higher the professionalism, the more functions you will get. Small business cards and promo are created literally in a day. A team of marketers, designers, coders, back-end and front-end programmers (functional and interactive parts) is working on portals and shops. The work may take several months, but the result will justify even the most high expectations. However, the price will be appropriate.


Each professional developer must go through several steps to provide the customer with a high-quality, working, and, most importantly, operating in the right direction, site.

  1. Clarifying goals. Sometimes a business owner doesn’t understand why he really needs an online project. An experienced manager and marketer will reveal the possibilities and write out the wishes in detail, formulate a goal, on which the further direction of development will depend. It often turns out that you can get by with a more economical option.
  2. Type selection. Determined depending on the tasks. Sometimes it is much easier and faster to create several pages, but often the optimal content management system is optimal. This decision is made together with the customer.
  3. Conducting marketing research. Before you create something, you need to know who plays the main role. From the psychology of the consumer depends on the design, structure, placement of buttons, the depth of the levels. The traits of a real person determine the whole approach to future development. The performer must know who will visit the site, when he comes in, what habits he has, preferences, where he lives and so on.
  4. Drawing up the buyer's path. Every step taken on the site is being worked out. This allows you to optimize the structure - nothing superfluous.
  5. Writing a technical assignment. This is the main document that gives the customer an understanding of what will be done, and the development team how to do it. It describes absolutely everything - what pages, menus, links, and content will be created. A prototype is created and coordinated, section layouts are drawn. After the signing of the TZ, both sides are clearly aware of the future result. This reduces the time by half, or even tripled.
  6. Designing the interface. Where are the forms and how many fields to fill them in, how call-to-action buttons will be placed, where the block of promotional items will go - decided in the fifth step and depends on the business area and features of the target audience.
  7. Design creation. The creative principle is connected with the rules and restrictions, as a result, the talented designer creates a completely harmonious design. And the average - another ordinary set of pages. At this stage, psychology and consumer expectations are taken into account.
  8. Layout and programming code or designing a unique template and setting up a CMS. Cheaper process and choosing a free template can play a cruel joke. First, someone has already used this design, worse if it was a direct competitor. Secondly, further progress will be difficult, since the code was typed “on the knee” and has errors. At least the same amount will be invested in the fix as in the development from scratch. If you plan to make money using the online platform - do not save.
  9. Installation on hosting and testing. An equally important step - the code is cleaned, errors and shortcomings are eliminated. After that, the site will work for many years as a Swiss watch - without failures and unpleasant surprises.

Even for the simplest business card, one way or another these steps must be completed. Otherwise, you will come across the fact that the portal of a serious company is decorated in creative youth forms, and the interface is absolutely not in the spirit of the target audience.

What should the customer do in order not to be mistaken

The key to obtaining an excellent result is a thoughtful approach to the choice of development method and the contractor. The desire to save is fraught with unpleasant surprises in the form of bad layout, failures, lack of developed elements of the target action. An ordinary performer often does not understand how to take into account the interests of consumers, the designer appeals to the argument “I see it so”, and the owner is alone with a decision that absolutely does not meet his expectations.

To avoid this, follow simple rules that do not require much effort.

  1. Think carefully about the choice of artist. A simple three-page business card, you can risk ordering a freelancer. But a platform for brand promotion or an online store is not worth it. Here we need a team of diversified specialists. The single player is a marketer, who is also a talented designer, and also an excellent programmer - a rarity. Even awesome. The probability that you are lucky to find such a unique is too small.
  2. Evaluate the portfolio of the selected studio, read the reviews. You can even write to former customers and ask. If the agency has proven itself from the best side - you will not hear anything bad.
  3. Participate in discussions. Experienced web programmers ask a lot of questions. Answer Most of them make you think and rethink the strategy and goals. It is a big mistake to think what to ask - to demonstrate your lack of professionalism. But when it comes to the field of WEB, everything happens exactly the opposite. The more information, the better. Sometimes the stage of coordination and discussion takes more time than the development itself. This is normal and even correct. Web pages should not be created according to the principle “I don’t know how I don’t want, do it and I’ll find out.” Time is money, and this approach eats both at a speed close to that of space.
  4. Watch out for each stage. Believe me, no one will consider you a suspicious paranoid - this is a normal process that will help you change the little things that were not worked out during the discussions on time, but not when the resource is already up and running. It makes life easier for both parties. If the performer is dissatisfied with questions - an occasion to reflect on its reliability.

Naturally, it takes time. So you want to pay and forget, just get what you want. But remember - the developer is not a wizard, he does not know how to read: he acts according to his attitude and attitudes. Therefore, if there is no time or too lazy to participate in the process - look for a super-expert, with dozens of jobs behind you, who has already gone all the way many times and will be able to predict most of your desires. However, the money for it will take a lot. And to get a website for 5,000 rubles, without having ever answered a single question - this is how to play Russian roulette - it may or may not be lucky.

What offers studio iPapus Agency

We are engaged in complex web development, as well as optimization and promotion, filling with content. Why such a wide specialization?

  1. It is more convenient to receive turnkey services in one place.
  2. These spheres are interconnected. It is much more convenient to immediately create an optimized code that you know “from and to” than to understand someone else's.
  3. Own design team fits perfectly into the team and each of them has long expanded its competence to understand what and how to do to make the result like the customer, arouse enthusiasm among visitors and without any problems took off in the search engine TOP.
  4. The marketer is the project coordinator, defining at the instinct level “why it won't go down” and what visitors need. His experience allows us to evaluate the result in a complex, rather than a separate logo and text.
  5. In case of difficulty, the whole team is going to resolve them. For example, the SEO tool will determine where it is best to place space for the text, estimating its approximate volume.

Our studio is a symbiosis of trained experienced people who enjoy their work. We are a self-sufficient and self-confident team that can cope with any task. That is why our customers receive a financial guarantee - a refund in case of failure to meet deadlines or failure to follow steps due to the fault of any of our team members.

We do not allow delays also because we do not act by the method of the conveyor. Each project receives a personal team of specialists who devote all their time to it. This allows you to completely immerse yourself in the process, without being distracted by anything. That is why we do not dismiss questions, but strive to complete communication.

The first consultation in our agency is free. Before taking the money, we must make sure that both parties understand the goals of cooperation and are waiting for the same result. We do not expose the maximum price tags, hiding them for discounts and promotions. First, we will discuss and choose the best solution to the problem, and then we will call the fair value.

What does the complex include

A complete set of our services is aimed at long-term cooperation with mutual benefits.

  1. Creating design and corporate identity.
  2. Implementation of an optimized website of any orientation.
  3. Promotion in search engines.
  4. Attracting additional clicks with Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords marketing campaigns.
  5. Promotion in social networks: group design, community management, advertising.
  6. Writing company and brand presentations.

Each of these points involves a large amount of work that can be reduced at the design stage. For example, lay in the technical task of the promotion algorithm.

How is the price formed?

Of course, it is impossible to set a table with a clear price list. This is an intellectual work that requires many competencies. A lot of efforts are invested in each project, the volume of which varies depending on the commercial sphere, the client's wishes, the number of sections, functionality, etc.

Formulate your goals and describe the desired result. Information can be attached to the form. It will help to orient in labor costs, to establish approximate terms to name the approximate price. The final amount will be clear after discussions and adjustments.

We work with different technologies.

  1. Programming in the most famous languages, layout with modern tools.
  2. Using well-known CMS, both paid and free: WordPress, OpenCart, 1C Bitrix.
  3. External and internal SEO services, paid and free: all for competitor analysis, auditing, statistics removal, selection of a semantic core and its clustering, frameworks, etc. Nothing outdated, only time-tested.
  4. The most effective marketing approaches and applications for SMM.

Professionalism of specialists is confirmed by certificates. And continuous work in this area for 10 years allows you to quickly and efficiently learn new things, put them into practice and analyze the usefulness of technologies.

All our experience is for our customers!


The exact cost of the work can be determined only in the case of the availability of basic data, so we specify the minimum prices from which you can build on to understand.
FROM $1000
Web development


Our works leave no one indifferent
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