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Search for problems and critical errors of site usability

TOP 8 reasons why you need to audit your site

It doesn’t matter - independently or by specialists

4 Reasons to order a site audit

No additional or hidden fees
Risk-free transaction
We offer work through a risk-free transaction, where the guarantor is the largest portal of hired workers in the CIS
Technical task
A clear plan for correction - we not only point out errors and flaws, but also provide corrective instructions
Free consultation
We are free to answer any questions that you may have on the results of the audit. Advises one of the best SEO experts in the CIS
Proven experience
The main work is performed and supervised by a specialist who has been in the market for 8 years, is in the TOP 10 for SEO in the CIS and has hundreds of real customer reviews on the largest Freelance Exchange Runet —SEO profile on

About the service

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Steps to improve your site

We are a certified Google and Yandex agency
Performed as part of a full
site audit
You get the most detailed plan of work to improve your site for all components. PDF report (on average 110-150 pages of pure content with explanations and correction instructions). + Excel reports (average of 6-14 files) with additional information.
Performed by technical specialists for the client or by us *
It is carried out by the client's technical specialists or by our team of specialists for an additional fee. * We are ready to provide not only the Site Audit, but also a complete correction of all the errors found and the implementation of all the recommendations. The team includes copywriters, programmers, designers, and web designers.

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  • Usability site audit

Why it is profitable to invest in SEO

Google Adwords gives you a fast growth and customers already in the first week after launch, but then you always have to pay for each transition and the costs do not decrease.

SEO requires a long study and gives customers 3-6 months after the start of work, but the farther, the cheaper the customers.

How do other agencies consider positioning?

Phrase position5 phrases10 phrases20 phrasesiPapus Agency works comprehensively in all phrases
1-3100$200$400$from $ 370

for work

At least 2 specialists
General information gathering
Collection of information on all metrics and site indicators that have a direct or indirect impact on usability.
Page structure analysis
Detailed analysis of each block on the site - site header, footer, main content block, decomposition of elements and usability
Analysis of the functionality of the functionality
We test the work of all functions on the site - forms, shopping cart, comments, calculators, filters, etc.
Analysis of the correctness of work on different devices
We check and test the correctness of the display and operation of the site on different devices - PC, mobile, tablets
Visitor behavior analysis
Analyzing the behavior of visitors with the help of web analyzer analysis, heat map of clicks and other tools


In order for you to definitely stop do In order for you to definitely stop doubting and not being afraid that our offer may not suit you, iPapus Agency gives you a 100% Guarantee.ubting and not being afraid that our offer may not suit you, iPAPUS AGENCY gives you a 100% Guarantee.

We will refund your money if, after following all our recommendations, you do not receive an increase in conversion or behavioral factors.


We have been working closely in this direction for more than 7 years, which allowed us to use the experience in analyzing sites and share it with clients in such a way that they indicate those errors and omissions that other specialists simply do not notice. You can be convinced with real reviews of hundreds of clients specifically on the Audit service.on the largest freelance site in the CIS.
17 information gathering tools
Used 17 sources of information collection in the analysis of the site
Easy fixes according to the instructions
We present a literate and simple language. It is clear, both for the beginner in this, and for the experienced specialist
Systems approach
Systems approach
Current usability requirements
Accounting for the latest and current trends in the world of usability, UX, UI
Attention to detail
50% of errors and usability recommendations can be corrected and implemented already in the first 30 days after receiving reports (independently or with our help)


Warranty for every customer who still doubts
Convenient service for safe cooperation between Customers and Contractors
To customers
Money back guarantee if the order is not fulfilled or deadlines are disrupted
100% payment of work, if the order is made with high quality and on time
Payment without risk
Create an order with payment through a secure transaction and work without risk!
Simple and clear scheme of work
The customer creates an order and agrees with the Contractor conditions of work
The customer reserves the amount for the work on the site
After performing the work, the Contractor receives a reserved amount
In disputable situations, the Parties may apply to the Arbitration
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