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SMM contractor audit

The whole business is now online. You have trusted the SMM agency, but there is no result. Do not give up and waste nerve cells. Promotion on social networks is a long process and does not guarantee you crazy sales on the second day. Here you need to be patient. And in order to dispel doubts about the integrity of the contractor and the effectiveness of the work carried out by him, resort to the SMM contractor verification service.

Why do we need SMM audit?

It is better to order an audit no earlier than three months after the conclusion of the contract with the agency or an individual marketer, only after this time the exact result or its absence can be seen

Main reasons:

You cannot independently understand and analyze whether there is an improvement in basic indicators.
How many orders you received, thanks to incoming requests.
How much is the process of attracting one client.
You do not see your performance compared to competitors.
You are confused by the level of involvement and commitment of the contracting agency.
Money for promotion goes off with enviable regularity, and the turnover stands still or even decreases.

What is included in the audit of SMM-promotion?

5 main steps:
01 /
Drawing up a checklist of compliance and verification on it.
02 /
Comparative analysis with competitors in a given topic.
03 /
Researching a promotion strategy and preparing information for your marketer.
04 /
Update and study of all the actions that were previously applicable in the promotion of social networks. Formation of an acceptable budget.
05 /
We provide a detailed report on the results of the audit, while immediately forming a clear plan of action for the coming period with all the explanations for our or your team to fulfill as desired.

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SMM contractor audit

Result after audit

Our team of professionals will not only indicate possible errors, but also show what efficiency can be achieved
01 /
Increased reaction to the “Call” button on the pages of social networks and the transition to the main site.
02 /
Brand recognition and customer acquisition.
03 /
Clear installation of targeted advertising settings for the target audience.
04 /
Communication is being established with a potential buyer of goods and services.
05 /
Effective advertising channels are identified to focus on them.
06 /
An accurate content update schedule is being developed.
07 /
Increase in reposts, views and discussions.

Simple reasons for collaboration

If the question arises, why should you contact us, we will answer it with pleasure.
01 /
Our team consists of only highly qualified specialists.
02 /
The section with grateful feedback from customers will dispel the last doubts, and our cases will help you see the results with your own eyes.
03 /
We are not supporters of empty promises. Only real goals and ways to achieve.
04 /
A well-written contract will protect you from the risk of losing money. No long deadlines or penalties.
05 /
We return the payment if the deadlines for completing tasks are not met.
06 /
We provide competent reports that are understandable to the client, without veiled common phrases or complex terms.
07 /
The price of services does not change throughout the term of the contract.
08 /
We are interested in increasing your profits.
09 /
If the prescribed amount of work is not completed, the price will decrease in direct proportion.


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Briefly and in the case
No failures
Since in our practice there were no projects for which the work would be carried out and the results were completely failed, each project shows growth that differs only in the subject matter, market conditions, budget of work
Huge experience
in solving the most difficult tasks and non-standard situations by maintaining a large number of projects and the ability to provide results
Understanding Algorithms and Principles
of the mechanisms of advertising in a social network
The experience of resuscitation of neglected cases
and, at first glance, hopeless advertising campaigns, for example, that worked in the negative when a customer spent more on advertising than she earned in net profit
Professional team
from 50+ highly qualified specialists with certificates

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