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Internet advertising


No additional or hidden fees
Full audit of your old ad campaigns, if any
Detailed analysis of the target audience
Segment your target audience to show ads more effectively.
We write the text of ads that can attract a client, prepare graphic or video content. We make advertisements so that they are visible against the background of other ads and attracted more attention
Testing ads to determine which ones work best for your target audience.
We set up all possible ways of tracking the further effectiveness of advertising - setting goals, tracking the behavior of visitors and collecting statistics
7. FB Pixel
A mandatory attribute of an advertising campaign is the integration of your site (if we work with the site) with Facebook Pixel - the most powerful analysis tool.


We are a certified Google and Yandex agency
Quality assurance

Our work and the success of our customers

Our cases say more about us than we could tell.



Club Numismatist – one of the largest ...

SOLO rent a car

Comprehensive optimization and website ...

Instagram targeting, $ 0.6 per lead

Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price from $ 0.03

Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price $ 0.04

Targeted Facebook / Instagram advertising, lead price 0.06 EURO



9 reasons
01 /
Qualification. We have certificates of attendance.
02 /
Our cases say more about us than we could tell, see the reviews section
03 /
We do not promise what we can not do
04 /
We are interested in increasing your profits.
05 /
The contract clearly specifies the conditions of cooperation. We do not burden customers with long-term contracts and penalties.
06 /
You pay less if we do not fulfill the agreed amount of work.
07 /
Refund upon non-compliance with deadlines
08 /
Refund in case of incorrect or late submission of a report on the work performed
09 /
Clearly fixed price throughout the contract period


At least 5 specialists become part of your team.
Papus, Ivan Aleksandrovich
Leadership and strategic issues
10 years experience in marketing and SEO
TOP specialist in the CIS with confirmed reviews and ratings
Project Manager
Yushchenko Anna
2 years in SEO
Started her career in banking
Evgeny Gorunov
Head of Analytics
3 years experience
Yana Bozhko
Experience 3 years
2 years team experience
Victoria Khomenko
Links placement
Internal site optimization
Elena Leontyeva
Customer rating control
Responsible for customer information
Anastasia Pigul
Head of Copywriting
Monitoring and reporting
Natalya Sergienko
External placements through reference exchanges
Hosting through site administrators
Depending on the tasks, the subject and the current state of the site, such experts as: project manager, SMM specialist, marketing specialist, copywriter, designer are at your disposal.
More about our specialists


7 indicators
01 /
Increase targeted traffic to the site
02 /
Increased sales of goods or services
03 /
Your page, lead form, link to the site is shown to millions of people who may be interested.
04 /
Increase the number of applications and calls
05 /
Decreased seasonality
06 /
Reducing the cost of getting one customer
07 /
Reducing the cost of getting one visitor


Fully remove functional load from you
Responsibility for the quality and availability of reporting information
1 hour per month is enough for you to fully control the work performed and the dynamics of results
01 /
All work is carried out on your account in your personal account, if you want it. We do not take money from you to replenish your account, we openly conduct everything on yours and take money strictly for the work and a strictly agreed amount
02 /
The opportunity to discuss the results in a telephone or online mode.
03 /
Monthly reporting, adapted for comfortable perception
04 /
Monitoring completed tasks for each unit of work


Our task is to ensure your business a result, so we work in all directions at once.
The era of an integrated approach has come, everything else does not work
We will promote your resource at once in all parameters, i.e., improving all indicators
01 /
Promotion of an unlimited number of key requests and pages of the site
02 /
On average, 8 times more work with the same budget (compared to other Internet agencies on the market)
03 /
We eliminate shortcomings by our own specialists, and not only indicate what needs to be done
04 /
We do not limit the time of work. All tasks are performed before obtaining a result, the goals of which are always the first positions in search engines Google, Yandex


We study your needs and tasks
Make sure personally
4 features of our approach to the integrated promotion of your site
01 /
Complex internal work on the site, both in the technical part, and in terms of text and graphic content
02 /
Crowd links that don't just promote your site, but increase brand awareness
03 /
Placing trust links on trusted resources, giving real user transitions
04 /
Content marketing - getting customers through high-quality blogging on your site


We agree on terms and adhere to them.
We accelerate work due to competent interaction between team members

Advertising campaign development takes 15 days

4 reasons for meeting the deadlines:

01 /
Teamwork, where each specialist is focused on getting results
02 /
More than 10 years of experience and automation of workflows allows you to quickly solve the necessary tasks.
03 /
Works are performed on a pre-designed and tested methodology in multi-threaded mode.
04 /
Using the latest software reduces the time to complete tasks and lead time


Or ask questions, we will be happy to answer.


The price of advertising in social networks for each project is calculated individually. The main factors that influence the budget are your tasks and needs; the more coverage is required, the greater the amount of advertising, respectively, more work. Of course, coverage can be increased by simply adding a non-target audience, but this is not for us, we work conscientiously :) Payment is made in any way convenient for you. The works are performed in a fully open format, you know how much you pay for our work and how much money goes to pay for clicks in favor of the social network;)
FROM $200
Development of targeted advertising campaigns in the turnkey social network from scratch
FROM $150
Conducting targeted advertising campaigns in the social network. Price per month
FROM $100
Audit of existing targeted advertising campaigns in the social network
FROM $150
Maintain your page in the social network - in addition to targeted advertising

Why, in addition to targeted advertising, order another page maintenance?

The bottom line is that statistics show that people trust more advertising that leaves them inside the social network, i.e. It leads to the post of your page on the social network, and does not redirect to an external site, thereby removing it from the social network, this annoys many, which is why they immediately close such a site. We recommend doing advertising inside the social network, but in this case, your page should be perfectly framed, provide the visitor with maximum useful information, and should also be live, i.e. it should contain content, contact with the audience, comments, cleaned spam, etc. For this is the service of page maintenance.

The page maintenance service includes 14 main tasks that we solve:

  • analysis of the competitive environment and the study of the target audience
  • making a content plan
  • making a list of hashtags
  • daily preparation and placement of posts (selection of banners, selling headlines, formats, etc.) taking into account the needs and interests of audience segments
  • attracting targeted subscribers
  • Answers to questions and customer reviews
  • news feed setup
  • holding competitions
  • community / account administration
  • spam clearance
  • writing texts
  • Filtering from bots and commercial accounts
  • Support 7 days a week
  • Preparation of a content plan and preparation of design publications to create a single style (company guidelines are taken into account)


Briefly and in the case
No failures
Since in our practice there were no projects for which the work would be carried out and the results were completely failed, each project shows growth that differs only in the subject matter, market conditions, budget of work
Huge experience
in solving the most difficult tasks and non-standard situations by maintaining a large number of projects and the ability to provide results
Understanding Algorithms and Principles
of the mechanisms of advertising in a social network
The experience of resuscitation of neglected cases
and, at first glance, hopeless advertising campaigns, for example, that worked in the negative when a customer spent more on advertising than she earned in net profit
Professional team
from 50+ highly qualified specialists with certificates

They trust us

The largest companies in the market

Stop paying for the process

Get the guaranteed result you deserve!

WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber

Call, write,
let's communicate, we will agree!

Why do some sites fly up to the first positions of the TOP search engine and are very popular, and their competitors have been investing in promotion for years without any effect? The secret is both simple and complicated - take care of competent development at the very beginning, and you will not need to refine, rebrand or replace a web resource in the future.

What is the basis of a good site

Competent developer.

The site is not design and layout. The development of a commercial resource requires a much more complex approach. It is not enough to find a programmer who knows how “this unit is right here, and the menu is right there.” A bad choice is a constant investment in the future, because no advertising will keep the visitor on a bad, boring and inconvenient resource.

So what is the development sequence?

  • Building a model of the company. The marketer, who is familiar with the analysis of business processes and the target audience, starts creating a good website. It is necessary to answer the questions: how the customer comes, how the sales are made, what the commercial offer is, what services you are able to provide. All this has to do with the future interface. The task of this stage is to minimize the number of actions that the client must perform, doing the most important thing.
  • Analysis of the content mass. The best way to convey information to the user is to give him interesting visual content. This includes video, text, pictures. Each of them should have its place, which will be found in the next step.
  • The search for optimal design, color combinations. This is a fine line between harmony and “I want it to be like from competitors, from the top, and from the bottom”. The main requirement for design is to meet the user's psychology, as accurately as possible when representing a business. Every nuance is important - from the logo to the color of links.
  • Elaboration of the interface. Its main task is to hook the client, lead him away, push him to the target action and show that this is not all and the site carries a lot of interesting things. It is here that we make an offer to the visitor that is impossible to refuse and increase the conversion.
  • Coding. We use the most advanced CMS, creating unique templates for them. This makes it possible to further flexible management of the site, quickly creating new pages and placing texts.

Development cost

Our studio can not name a single price for the site. It depends on the topic, design complexity, type of resource, requirements. Landing Page and the corporate portal require completely different labor costs and even within the same type of development the cost will vary.

In any case, we give guarantees on quality. First of all, optimization is to promote a new site made by iPapus Agency easily. We know the requirements of search engines, we understand how to create a fully valid code that meets international standards for web development. This means that no design stage will be missed.

We provide services "turnkey" - independently further promoting your business in the network. We bring the site to the top positions, ensure the flow of customers on an ongoing basis. This approach is beneficial to us and our customers. We know your business "from and to", and you get a discount for a complex of services. And the first consultation is always free!


Our works leave no one indifferent

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