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Direct Instagram Bulk

The promotion of social networks goes to a new level, and we propose not to miss the opportunity and make mass mailing to Instagram direct messages in order to attract the maximum attention of users.

Why do you need to use this service?

The goal may be advertising materials, links to an account, recommendations, reviews.

Main reasons:

If you need to convey the necessary information. Offering new products, promotional events, engaging the user in the purchase or subscription process, reaching the maximum number of people from the target audience, increasing the level of trust in the company
Work with a certain circle of people. Notifications of discounts, draws, quick delivery of important announcements, so as not to wait for the appearance in the feed, informing about "hot" news.
Greeting new subscribers. A notification with gratitude for subscribing, sending out bonuses to new customers and more.
A call for cooperation of creative or similar accounts, well-known bloggers who are already known by your target audience.

Who needs to send messages?

01 /
New "followers". In this case, each person who subscribes to the page will be welcomed in private messages.
02 /
The entire audience profile. Each subscriber is your potential client, therefore, the newsletter is needed for the maximum possible number of signed people.
03 /
Own base. In this case, the SMM manager collects information about social network profiles in order to send messages and interest in subscription and purchases.
04 /
Subscribers of the main competitors in the subject in order to draw their attention to their company.
05 /
Newsletter is effective not only for large corporations, but also for small online stores and single users.
The administration of the Instagram service negatively refers to mass spam mailings, but we will help you to do this safely and effectively for your profile.

Request Instagram direct mailing now

Per month, turnkey

Save 10% when paying online

Pay 216$
Included in the price:
Software that will allow online monitoring of task performance and results.
The required number of accounts to send messages is a well-chosen audience, so that every ruble spent is aimed exactly at the target.
Mobile proxy.

What are you getting?

01 /
Increase the number of subscribers.
02 /
An increase in the number of orders and sales - with a conversion of 1%, sales will be about 90 per month, with 0.5% - 45, if the conversion is 0.1% - 9 orders.
03 /
Brand recognition.
04 /
Users are more motivated to make purchases on an ongoing basis.
05 /
Properly assembled target audience, so as not to shoot at random.
06 /
Daily mailings in the amount of 350 pieces, in the amount of 10,500 messages per month.
07 /
The growth of monetization of the profile and the business as a whole.
08 /
Reducing the cost of an advertising campaign to attract one client.
09 /
The ability to promote multiple profiles at once.
10 /
The number of likes, comments and reposts is increasing - the word of mouth mode is on.

Why choose iPapus Agency?

If the question arises, why should you contact us, we will answer it with pleasure.
01 /
10 years of successful promotion of sites and companies on social networks.
02 /
There are all the necessary certificates that confirm the quality of work and fulfillment of tasks set by customers.
03 /
We conclude a contract that reduces risks for the customer.
04 /
Customer support 24/7 in any convenient way.
05 /
If the promised results are not achieved, we will refund the payment.
06 /
The best team of professionals in the CIS.
07 /
We use only honest methods for promotion, which cannot lead to blocking.
08 /
We guarantee the security of all passwords.
09 /
We are focused on making your profits grow rapidly, and promotion costs become a profitable investment in business development.


What is Instagram posting?

One of the most effective and inexpensive promotion tools is sending messages to the Instagram application direct. With its help, it is possible to improve the relationship with a large audience, attract subscribers and increase business performance - increase sales. Also, using the mailing list you can inexpensively advertise goods and services. Distribution on Instagram is a convenient marketing tool for promoting an organization or product. However, both ordinary users and highly professional entrepreneurs involved in the promotion and sales of online, may require a paid newsletter. If you need to do a newsletter on Instagram - register on the site, where there is no need to enter logins and passwords, email and other personal data. The cheating of subscribers is carried out online and offers high-quality at an affordable price smm-promotion services in the CIS countries.

How useful is the mass mailing on Instagram?

Sending letters on social networks is an effective and fast tool for promoting business and increasing sales efficiency. But in order for the auto-link to benefit, you need the right program and strategy for promotion. The first-class Instagram mailing service recommends here and now registering on the site in a few clicks, top up your account balance and order a newsletter. The current method of distribution and promotion will lead to the expected result:

  • It will convey any information to the target audience. Thousands of users will find out about your advertising or commercial offer on Instagram. In the text of the newsletter, where goods and services are offered, various methods are used to attract customers, increase interest in a brand or product.
  • He will tell the right number of people about promotions, discounts, giveaways, as well as interesting news.
  • It will encourage advertisers and bloggers known in your business circles to mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • Create and send welcome messages in order to encourage new Instagram users to subscribe to your profile.

The Instagram administration punishes the perpetrators and trespassers for distributing any mass spam. We will help to make high-quality, fast and inexpensive mailing and saving on Instagram.


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