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Promotion in Yandex


No additional or hidden fees
Full site audit
Individual analysis and advice form a clear plan of action to achieve a leading position in search engines
Site usability audit
We test your usability, assess strengths and weaknesses, take the best from competitors
Site optimization at the development stage
Make a successful site from the start. Preparation of technical specifications for developers to avoid problems and to get the best site in your subject
Building back links to the site
Selection of sites of direct competitors for requests that are currently in the TOP 5 of search results, analysis of the link mass of competitors' sites and specific landing pages, systematization of information and grading on types - forums, comments, articles, portals, blogs, catalogs, etc. and work on obtaining the same and better reference mass with respect for a similar anchor scheme for achieving maximum positions. Placing links in okolotematicheskih articles, news, blogs, posts on forums, social networks, sites of announcements, sites of vacancies, city portals, press releases, directories, catalogs, etc.
Output from the filter Yandex, Google
If your site does not receive visitors from the search, one of the possible reasons may be the presence of a filter from the search engines, for example, using the wrong optimization techniques, our task is to check this and fix it if there are such problems.
Elaboration of the semantic core
The semantic core of the site is all the key phrases that users enter in the search to find products or services presented on your site, our task is to collect all such key queries, remove those that do not give effect, leave only effective ones and group and then develop the ideal site structure and implement it to get results in an accelerated mode.


We are a certified Google and Yandex agency
Quality assurance

Our work and the success of our customers

Our cases say more about us than we could tell.

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Pozycjonowanie strony WWW

Club Numismatist – one of the largest ...

Pozycjonowanie strony WWW SOLO rent a car
SOLO rent a car

Comprehensive optimization and website ...

Tworzenie strony WWW

Tworzenie strony internetowej

Projektowanie strony internetowej

Reklama na Instagramie
Instagram targeting, $ 0.6 per lead

Skuteczna reklama na Instagramie i Facebooku
Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price from $ 0.03

Skuteczna reklama na Instagramie i Facebooku, kampanie reklamowe
Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price $ 0.04

Skuteczne promowanie na Facebooku, niskie ceny na kampanie reklamowe
Targeted Facebook / Instagram advertising, lead price 0.06 EURO

Reklama Google Adwords, optymalizacja

Kampanie reklamowe Google Ads

Optymalizacja kampanii Google Ads Atelie-lab

Skuteczna optymalizacja kampanii reklamowej Google Ads


At least 5 specialists become part of your team.
Papus, Ivan Aleksandrovich
Leadership and strategic issues
10 years experience in marketing and SEO
TOP specialist in the CIS with confirmed reviews and ratings
Project Manager
Yushchenko Anna
2 years in SEO
Started her career in banking
Evgeny Gorunov
Head of Analytics
3 years experience
Yana Bozhko
Experience 3 years
2 years team experience
Content manager
Victoria Khomenko
Links placement
Internal site optimization
Content manager
Elena Leontyeva
Customer rating control
Responsible for customer information
Anastasia Pigul
Head of Copywriting
Monitoring and reporting
Natalya Sergienko
External placements through reference exchanges
Hosting through site administrators
Depending on the tasks, the subject and the current state of the site, you can access such specialists as: project manager, LINK manager, SEO optimizer, SMM specialist, PPC specialist, marketing specialist, copywriter, layout designer, programmer
More about our specialists


9 indicators
01 /
Increased visibility of the site in search results
02 /
Increase sales from the site
03 /
The site gets into the top of Yandex and Google search by the most popular key phrases
04 /
Increase the number of targeted visitors to the site
05 /
The increase in the number of applications and calls from the site
06 /
Reducing the cost of advertising campaigns due to the growth of traffic with SEO
07 /
Decreased seasonality
08 /
Reducing the cost of getting one customer
09 /
Reducing the cost of getting one visitor to the site


Fully remove functional load from you
Responsibility for the quality and availability of reporting information
1 hour per month is enough for you to fully control the work performed and the dynamics of results
01 /
Personal account with the ability to control the dynamics of positions in the online mode
02 /
The opportunity to discuss the results in a telephone or online mode.
03 /
Monthly reporting, adapted for comfortable perception
04 /
Monitoring completed tasks for each unit of work


Our task is to provide your site with a result, so we work in all directions at once.
The era of an integrated approach has come, everything else does not work
We will promote your resource at once in all parameters, i.e., improving all indicators
01 /
Promotion of an unlimited number of key requests and pages of the site
02 /
On average, 8 times more work with the same budget (compared to other Internet agencies on the market)
03 /
We eliminate shortcomings by our own specialists, and not only indicate what needs to be done
04 /
We do not limit the time of work. All tasks are performed before obtaining a result, the goals of which are always the first positions in search engines Google, Yandex


We study your needs and tasks
Make sure personally
4 features of our approach to the integrated promotion of your site
01 /
Complex internal work on the site, both in the technical part, and in terms of text and graphic content
02 /
Crowd links that don't just promote your site, but increase brand awareness
03 /
Placing trust links on trusted resources, giving real user transitions
04 /
Content marketing - getting customers through high-quality blogging on your site


We agree on terms and adhere to them.
We accelerate work due to competent interaction between team members

To raise 10-35% of key phrases in the TOP-10, Google and Yandex need, as a rule, from 3 to 6 months. To bring up to 80% of keywords in the TOP-10 will take 5-12 months, depending on the level of competition in your topic and the current position of your site.

We carry out the main package of internal optimization in the first months of work. Further, we redistribute the budget for promotion, taking into account the needs and priorities to achieve maximum results.

4 reasons for meeting the deadlines:

01 /
Teamwork, where each specialist is focused on getting results
02 /
More than 10 years of experience and automation of workflows allows you to quickly solve the necessary tasks.
03 /
Works are performed on a pre-designed and tested methodology in multi-threaded mode.
04 /
Using the latest software reduces the time to complete tasks and lead time


Or ask questions, we will be happy to answer.


The price of SEO website promotion for the month for each project is calculated individually. The main factors that influence the budget are the competition of topics, the volume and complexity of work, the current state of the site. Payment is made in any way convenient for you. Works are performed in a COMPLETELY OPEN FORMAT, you know how much you pay for our work and how much is spent on additional costs if they have been previously agreed by you
Promotion of the young site
Optimal set of works to promote the newly created or site that has not previously been promoted or optimized.
Comprehensive promotion
The most effective way to improve the position of the site and output to the top of Yandex and Google issuance
Promotion on the model "Leader subjects"
Promotion model, according to which your site becomes a leader in your subject and your country of promotion, bypassing all competitors in Yandex and Google


Briefly and in the case
No failures
Since in our practice there were no projects for which the work would be carried out and the results were completely failed, each project shows growth that differs only in the subject matter, market conditions, budget of work
Huge experience
in solving the most difficult tasks and non-standard situations by maintaining a large number of projects and the ability to provide results
Understanding Algorithms and Principles
the work of search engines, their filters and crawlers
The experience of resuscitation of neglected cases
and hopeless at first sight sites, for example, caught by Google / Yandex filters
Professional team
from 50+ highly qualified specialists with certificates

They trust us

The largest companies in the market

Stop paying for the process

Integrated resource promotion services (internet marketing)

WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber

Call, write,
let's communicate, we will agree!

The Russian search engine is extremely popular among network users, so in order to attract customers to your business, you should pay particular attention to the promotion in Yandex. Offering a variety of tools to the Russian-speaking segment, the search engine is confidently taking the lead. Handy Directory and Market, traffic maps and much more are born in competition with Google.

Having created a whole SEO industry, Yandex algorithms developers have written a set of rules for professionals and resource owners. However, as practice has shown, only by their observance it is very difficult and long to get into the TOP-10.

What asks Yandex

The basics of website promotion in RuNet were built according to the recommendations of

  1. Impeccable technical code. Validity is not needed to show the creator’s concern for users. It affects the speed of loading and convenience of the structure for the robot. This is just an algorithm that operates in accordance with the commands. So the easier it is to rank the site, the higher it will rise in the issue.
  2. Comfortable and beautiful design. It’s not a crawler that values them, but users. The better the page looks, the more visitors there are, and the position also increases with popularity. Even if you paid for a boisterous advertisement and the number of visits to the page increased, the time spent on it will be evaluated. The client came in and immediately closed? Yandex will take it as a negative factor and the resource will be pessimized.
  3. Original interesting content. The tool for SEO specialists Webmaster offers the opportunity to “stake out” the article. When this is done, it enters the database and is tied to your domain name. All others who posted it are considered plagiarists. This is a very important optimization point from the point of view of Ya. "Interesting" is estimated by the time spent by the visitor on the page, and his actions - scrolling the screen, mouse movements.
  4. Text compliance with user requests. You shouldn’t act the same way and write text about one thing, and requests about another. Content is evaluated by a mechanism based on neural networks. This allows us to take into account not only the most frequently repeated words, but also their environment. For the search system “a tool made of a heavy piece of metal, put on a wooden or metal handle, designed for hammering nails” and “hammer” is the same thing, although described in different words. This factor has a great influence on the ranking of the resource.
  5. Refusal to promote links. If the pages are about wedding bouquets, and the link leads to the tractor spare parts shop, such a link will not help either side. Similarly and vice versa. Yandex believes that all links should be useful, so it carefully monitors the quality of the sites.

The danger of self-promotion in RuNet

Not knowing all the subtleties of advancement, inexperienced users face the following problems:

  • You simply do not notice. Webmaster and Metric show no indexing, no visitors, positions do not grow. This is the best variant;
  • The site came under the filter. The creators of the PS invented their own methods of punishment for breaking the rules and gave them names. The most popular ones I have are Baden-Baden and Minusinsk. If the site falls under the criteria specified in these algorithms - it does not pass the filter and the search engine ceases to pay attention to it (that is, the robot does not bypass the page) and, worst of all, lowers positions by hundreds, or even thousands of points.

To get out of this repression is very difficult.

There are ways to circumvent the prohibitions, but they should also be known and understood. Easier to master the white optimization than the methods of violations. It is for this reason that ordering SEO promotion is required from professionals. Often the consequences of inept actions slow down the process of promotion for months or even years.

Algorithm from experts

We have gathered a real team, each member of which loves its work. We are interested to work on the result. We get job satisfaction by seeing how the positions, conversions and profits of your business grow. This is the ultimate goal and when it is achieved, we understand that we have done the work with full dedication. These are not empty words, because SEO is a fascinating process that requires stress, analytics and strategy building.

Taking the resource into work, we act according to the established scheme, adjusting it to the features of the company.

Technical audit

This is a code check, the presence of mandatory elements. For example, the order of titles, sitemap files and robots, tags title, description. There are a lot of such trifles, without which it is impossible to pass validation for compliance with development standards.

Competitor Analysis

To get to the TOP, you need to thoroughly examine those who are already there. Adopt useful chips, understand - why did Yandex like them so much?

Design and usability

Performed taking into account the behavioral factors of visitors. A brutal man who needs spare parts for a car, and a young mother will behave in absolutely different ways. Placement of goods, colors of buttons, tips and much more is done depending on the characteristics of the target audience.

Placement of information about the business

Yandex takes into account everything - the legal address, the availability of the card, phone numbers, delivery terms, etc. There is an algorithm that checks the reality of the company - whether it really exists at the specified address. Therefore, we will definitely create a section dedicated to all the nuances of cooperation with you.

Collect semantic core

To give answers, you need to know the questions. All requests related to the scope of activities, come together, are divided into clusters, are ranked. There may be thousands and tens of thousands. The more answers we offer, the faster we will begin to go for them.

Quality content

Experienced copywriters who are able to sell sand in the desert work with us. Their texts capture, interest the reader. They are flawless in terms of the rules of the Russian language and, of course, SEO.

Visual content is important - video and graphics. Together with the customer are selected rollers, it is possible to remove the original from scratch. Images are published only compressed, but in high quality. Naturally, with the observance of technical rules. This is an important point for search engines.

Reference mass

External links are absolutely necessary. But we will not buy them in thousands anywhere. Our specialist will call you and arrange publication of articles on sites thematically related to yours. He will choose only those that have a decent weight and a good trust that are transferred to the site.

Mobile version

It is one of the decisive ranking factors for modern PS. If the resource is not yet optimized for gadgets, we will do it.

Yandex specifics

It must be taken into account, as the search engine and most need advertising. For example, add a chat, set up a turbo page. If possible, we will register and provide publications in Zen.

Paid advertising

We will carry out targeting, set up a marketing campaign in the network, organize a continuous collection of analytics. Based on this, an experienced director will adjust the advertising settings so that it brings as many visitors as possible and is less costly.

Social networks

Activity in VK and Odnoklassniki is of great importance. The search system is not profitable to place at the top of the "dead" ads - he himself will begin to lose their users. If active work is observed, new posts and links are posted - then the business lives and thrives.

How much is it

The price of promotion in RuNet depends on the selected fare - a list of necessary actions. You can only focus on contextual advertising or order a full optimization. In any case, we guarantee detailed reports on expenses and steps taken. All you have to do is always to be in touch, as cooperation with the goal of promotion necessarily implies communication between us and the customer.


Our works leave no one indifferent
Dmitry Bogus En
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Opinia klienta agencji tworzenie projektu graficznego
Opinia tworzenie strony internetowej
Opinia klienta projekt graficzny strony
Opinia klienta agencji - optymalizacja i pozycjonowanie

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