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No additional or hidden fees
Full audit
Analysis of the site itself, the conduct of social networks and past advertising campaigns, the reference mass to competitors' websites and to your portal to understand why competitors have better positions and visibility. Usability analysis and testing is the convenience of the site. We not only point out errors and shortcomings, but also clearly calculate and prescribe further instructions that will allow us to fix everything and rise to the TOP. Absolutely free we will answer all questions that have arisen as a result of the audit.
Website optimization and building backlinks
Our goal is to make the portal successful from the very beginning. Preparation of technical specifications according to the results of the audit for developers to get the best website on your subject. The control of error correction after analysis is carried out by the full forces of our entire team - programmers, copywriters, content managers. We select the sites of competitors for requests that are in the top five search engine leaders. Analysis of the reference mass of competitors' pages and systematization of information, separation of types - forums, blogs, comments, articles and so on - and getting the best mass for posting links to your site in news, announcements, online directories, press releases, job sites, etc.
The semantic core is all the key phrases that a potential client enters in search engines to find a particular product presented both on your site and in ads on other resources. We collect all key queries, filter out ineffective ones, and group efficient ones among ourselves and develop the ideal site structure, as well as for further use in placements and advertising.
Content Filling and Advertising
Includes audit of competitors for each group of requests, analysis and segmentation of the target audience, writing selling texts of ads, posts on social networks, filling and refinement of graphic and video content. Contextual advertising in Google Adwords, Yandex.Direct, which will allow you to put your placement on the first lines in search engines when you receive a user request, thereby pushing competitors away. Setting up targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and VK is one of the most effective ways to make yourself known. Blocks appear in the user's field of vision, even if he has never heard of or searched for information about you. Thus, there is an active attraction of a potential client. We test each placement to determine which one works best for your target audience. We monitor the further effectiveness and behavior statistics of site visitors and social networking pages. A mandatory attribute will be the pairing of the main site with Facebook Pixel - one of the most powerful analysis tools.
Output from the filter Yandex, Google
If your Internet resources do not receive a proper visit through search engines, then a possible reason may be a filter, for example, for improper optimization. We will check this and fix it if necessary.
Dynamics monitoring and consultation
We always monitor all changes in positions and in case of achievement of the set goals we change priorities in work for problem keys and pages. There is always the opportunity to ask any question on the external promotion and optimization of the site, promotion in social networks, contextual advertising

About the service

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We are a certified Google and Yandex agency
Quality assurance

Our work and the success of our customers

Our cases say more about us than we could tell.

Кейс по автоматизированным мойкам Leisuwash

Pozycjonowanie strony WWW

Club Numismatist – one of the largest ...

Pozycjonowanie strony WWW SOLO rent a car
SOLO rent a car

Comprehensive optimization and website ...

Tworzenie strony WWW

Tworzenie strony internetowej

Projektowanie strony internetowej

Reklama na Instagramie
Instagram targeting, $ 0.6 per lead

Skuteczna reklama na Instagramie i Facebooku
Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price from $ 0.03

Skuteczna reklama na Instagramie i Facebooku, kampanie reklamowe
Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price $ 0.04

Skuteczne promowanie na Facebooku, niskie ceny na kampanie reklamowe
Targeted Facebook / Instagram advertising, lead price 0.06 EURO

Reklama Google Adwords, optymalizacja

Kampanie reklamowe Google Ads

Optymalizacja kampanii Google Ads Atelie-lab

Skuteczna optymalizacja kampanii reklamowej Google Ads


At least 8 qualified professionals become part of your team.
Papus, Ivan Aleksandrovich
Leadership and strategic issues
10 years experience in marketing and SEO
TOP specialist in the CIS with confirmed reviews and ratings
Project Manager
Yushchenko Anna
2 years in SEO
Started her career in banking
Evgeny Gorunov
Head of Analytics
3 years experience
Yana Bozhko
Experience 3 years
2 years team experience
Content manager
Victoria Khomenko
Links placement
Internal site optimization
Content manager
Elena Leontyeva
Customer rating control
Responsible for customer information
Anastasia Pigul
Head of Copywriting
Monitoring and reporting
Natalya Sergienko
External placements through reference exchanges
Hosting through site administrators
Depending on the tasks and audit results, the team is replenished with the project manager, LINK manager, SEO optimizer, SMM specialist, PPC specialist, marketer, copywriter, layout designer and programmer
More about our specialists

Why you need to order a company promotion service in IPAPUS AGENCY

6 reasons
01 /
We have all the necessary certificates.
02 /
Look at the reviews section - our cases speak for themselves
03 /
We do not promise what we cannot fulfill.
04 /
We strictly abide by the deadlines; in case of violation of this clause of the contract we return the money.
05 /
It is important for us to increase your profits.
06 /
The provision of combo services is an innovation in the promotion market, which will save on costs and cover all important aspects that will help attract visitors to the site and increase sales.

Results of work with our team

7 indicators
01 /
Increases the visibility of the site and other pages in the search results.
02 /
Increase sales from the site, social networks, as a result of targeted and contextual advertising.
03 /
Getting into the TOP search engines Google and Yandex for the most key and popular queries.
04 /
Increase targeted visitors to resources.
05 /
Increased reaction to the “Call” button and applications from all your web pages.
06 /
Reducing the cost of getting one client and visitor pages.
07 /
Dependence on seasonal fluctuations is reduced.

Monitoring of achieved results

Fully remove functional load from you
We are fully responsible for the availability and quality of reporting information on all counts.
You will need no more than an hour per month to fully control the execution of work and the dynamics of the results
01 /
Access to personal accounts with the open ability to control dynamics online.
02 /
You can discuss the results both over the phone and over the network.
03 /
Reporting is adapted for a comfortable perception of each individual client.
04 /
You can independently control the execution of tasks for each block of work performed.

Only an integrated approach and unlimited amount of work performed

Our task is to provide a clear result for all your resources, therefore we work immediately in all parameters and areas, thereby improving all existing indicators at once
The era of an integrated approach has come, everything else does not work
We will promote your resource at once in all parameters, i.e., improving all indicators
01 /
Promotion is carried out on an unlimited number of key queries and pages.
02 /
Compared with other online agencies on the market, we are ready to take on the amount of work on average 8 times higher, without raising the budget.
03 /
If there are shortcomings, we eliminate them on our own, involving the best specialists from the team, and not just point to them in the reports.
04 /
The time of work is not limited. Our goal is to raise your company to leading positions in search engines, which means that we will not stop until it is achieved.

Flexible promotion

We study all your needs and comprehensively approach promotion.
Make sure personally
4 features of our approach to the integrated promotion of your site
01 /
Internal work on the site, support for the technical part, filling the main resource and pages on social networks with competent graphic and textual content.
02 /
We use crowd links that help not only to rise in the TOP, but also to make the brand more recognizable.
03 /
Backlinks to your pages are posted only on trusted donor sites with relevant topics.
04 /
We maintain a quality blog on the main site, on Facebook and Instagram, so we get new customers.


We agree on terms and adhere to them.
Our team members competently interact with each other, which speeds up the process.

To raise 10-35% of key phrases in the TOP-10 Google and Yandex usually need from 3 to 6 months. It will take 5-12 months to display up to 80% of keywords in the TOP-10, depending on the level of competition in your subject and the current position of your site.

We carry out the main package of work on internal optimization in the first months of work. Next, we redistribute the budget for promotion taking into account needs and priorities in order to achieve maximum results.

Main reasons for meeting deadlines:

01 /
Each team member is focused on obtaining high-quality results.
02 /
We have over 10 years of experience in our account, which allows us to solve all problems in a short time.
03 /
All work is performed according to a pre-planned and tested method in the volume flow mode.
04 /
We use only the latest software, which significantly reduces the time frame for completing tasks.


Or ask questions, we will be happy to answer.


The price of the service is calculated individually, a lot depends on the subject, the competitive environment, the volume and complexity of the work, as well as the current state of resources and advertising campaigns. Payment in any convenient way in a fully open format. We will provide a detailed report on what exactly the funds were spent on.
Promotion of the young site
Promotion of a young site that has not previously been optimized and the development of advertising campaigns with the inclusion of up to 400 key phrases.
Comprehensive promotion
Integrated promotion, with the conduct of targeted and contextual advertising, pages on social networks.
Promotion on the model "Leader subjects"
Promotion “Topic Leader”, according to which the main site and auxiliary pages in social networks will be leaders in the lists in your direction and your country, bypassing several competitors.
With large volumes of work, the price will be formed for a specific client, taking into account an impressive discount.


Briefly and in the case
No failures
Since in our practice there were no projects for which the work would be carried out and the results were completely failed, each project shows growth that differs only in the subject matter, market conditions, budget of work
Huge experience
in solving the most difficult tasks and non-standard situations by maintaining a large number of projects and the ability to provide results
Understanding Algorithms and Principles
the work of search engines, their filters and crawlers
The experience of resuscitation of neglected cases
and hopeless at first sight sites, for example, caught by Google / Yandex filters
Professional team
from 50+ highly qualified specialists with certificates

They trust us

The largest companies in the market

Stop paying for the process

Integrated resource promotion services (internet marketing)

WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber

Call, write,
let's communicate, we will agree!

Every business should be represented on the Internet - it is an axiom of our time. The World Wide Web provides everyone with a convenient tool to quickly search in the "here and now" mode; no one else looks through the newspaper ads to find a partner or seller. So promotion of the company in the network is the most important step that is taken to enter a large market. And believe me, everyone can get their own piece of this cake, regardless of the number of competitors. You just need to know how to act properly.

Recipe for success

The most important thing is to determine the goal. What do you want to get - profit? Then determine how to achieve this. Need to increase sales, or attract more buyers, do you need investors? A clearly formulated goal defines the entire future strategy.

Rule # 1 - to understand that a client or partner is a person. Not wallets, not an abstract marketing unit, but a living person with his own character, mood, and perception of the world. So the whole advertising campaign is based on this. Once this is taken as the main postulate, you can proceed.

Stages of promotion

Entry into the market, especially in a highly competitive environment, is a long, complex and costly process, performed in different ways, giving an instant but short-term effect, or vice versa: long, but reliable. The choice depends on the type of business and objectives. Sometimes speed is everything, and in some cases it is required to painstakingly create your own brand in order to gain a foothold and gradually increase market share.

Site creation

Having your own portal becomes an optional condition, many firms do business well through social networks. But to create a reputation, it is vital. Basically, there are four basic types:

  • business card - a set of static pages containing all information about the company, helps to present the company and provides access to contacts, list of services, etc.;
  • corporate portal - allows you to conduct an online business, as well as automate communication with partners (downloading documents, exchanging messages, tracking orders, placing bids, etc.);
  • online store is a marketplace whose main purpose is the sale of goods;
  • Internet portal - informational sections with informative articles related to your commercial direction are needed to communicate with users through reviews.

There is also a promo site, but it is more likely an advertising tool: it promotes a specific product or service. Sometimes used for branding, but in this case should offer something useful to visitors. The purpose of a promo is to quickly deliver useful information, encourage you to place an order or leave a request.

Gone are the days when the portal of a serious organization was allowed to do on the designer or in a similar service. The confidence of modern users is caused by high-quality sites with a well-developed design and a normal address. They are made to order, sometimes investing a lot of money.

The site can not be saved, since its creation is only the first step towards promotion. There are thousands of competitors (and sometimes millions), and there are only 10 positions on the main page of search engines. According to statistics, users do not look beyond the third issue, so the resource must be truly flawless from a technical point of view in order to get to the top.

An order from a novice freelancer who does not know the basics of promotion will lead to the need for internal optimization - and this is extra money. Attempting to save on the developer is a direct path to increasing costs. The situation is similar to building a house - after a cheap brigade and savings on building materials, you will constantly strengthen the foundation, renew the lining, change the finish, mend the roof and that over the years. The result will be that it was much cheaper to pay a large amount during the construction phase.


If you ordered the site under SЕО, then this stage has already been passed. But when the developer did not think about what would happen next with the resource - you get into the next web studio, where the portal will be studied from all sides and reworked, sometimes almost completely.

Internal optimization implies:

  • editing the code to make it valid - compliant with the standards of the world wide web. The structure is changed, the necessary elements are added;
  • informational restructuring : the inconvenient or illogical menu changes, nesting levels are monitored (often visitors simply do not reach the main selling sections, because the path to them is too long), important information “rises” above to be accessible;
  • redesign - required when the blocks are uncomfortable, call-to-action buttons inaccessible, etc. The goal is to create a user-friendly interface.

As you can see, the process of internal optimization can lead to a complete processing of the source. Accordingly, the more you need to do, the more it costs.

The result is a site with the following characteristics:

  • the code is fully consistent with the standards and requirements of search engines;
  • what is necessary for further advancement is available: titles, descriptions, captions to the figures, etc.;
  • the design is pleasing to the eye of the visitor, and the interface is convenient, clear and understandable.

This requires marketing knowledge and the ability to analyze the target audience, knows its aspirations and needs. Such an expert in the team looks at your buyer as a living person, is familiar with the methods of influence, and suggests such trifles as the placement of the “most important button”, which inscription is better to put in the headline and where to put the text and where the links are.

Another competency that a creator or optimizer should possess is the ability to analyze business processes in a customer’s organization. This greatly affects the structure of the commercial platform, creating a “customer path” - the optimal transition from viewing to purchasing. It is necessary to submit information on delivery and payment correctly and in time, to be familiar with commercial nuances.

Why did a simple coder become a multi-faceted advertising personality? The answer to the surface - the number of business sites on the Internet is so great that people are spoiled. If at the time of making a purchase a person cannot find the “Buy” button for half a minute or when making a registration, he has to fill in a form of 10 fields - he will simply go to a competitor. So every participant in the development should know and understand consumer psychology or optimization.

Promotion by SEO techniques

A long process that requires a lot of attention and time. When the code is already optimized, and usability is brought to an ideal level, basically it is the formation of content that represents goods or services through a detailed description and provides conversion. This is the primary way of communication, giving answers to questions.

First, a semantic core is formed - a set of queries, which is defined by the theme of the site in search engines. For a full-fledged online store, it is calculated in thousands of search phrases that are distributed between the pages.

Then, texts optimized for requests are created. At the same time, they should remain natural and interesting for people. And also to be relevant - relevant content of the web page.

Additionally, graphic content is generated - the majority perceives it better, as a person thinks not in words, but in images. Author's photos are made, a unique video is shot.

Most sites include a section of the blog where detailed articles are laid out, giving an extended picture of the commercial component of the business. Thus, in the user's view, the reputation of the promoted company is formed.

This requires excellent quality, since poor content will keep the rest of the efforts to a minimum.

In addition, an external optimization is performed: increasing the reference mass, placing in directories. The important part is played by the reviews - they have a great influence on the decision making and the creation of a positive image of the organization. It is necessary to encourage satisfied customers to leave good responses, respond in time to those who are dissatisfied, etc. According to the results, the SEO specialist can give recommendations on how to change the customer service scenario.

The result will be the withdrawal of key sections in the TOP Yandex and Google. This will happen no earlier than 5-6 months, but the effect will be long. And the constant promotion makes it almost eternal.

The quality of the result depends on the experience and skills of the performer. Therefore, you should choose an agency that has a qualification confirmation: a portfolio, a trained team and a large number of successful projects. The fact is that SEO has many nuances, depending on the scope of activities, site size, competition, and much more. Predicting the behavior of the search engine, the reaction of the algorithm to certain actions is possible only on the basis of experience and accumulated statistics. Therefore, newcomers to take on a large company is not worth it.

Contextual advertising

This is an expensive but quick way to attract customers. You need to use when you are already sure that the resource is flawless. Otherwise, even with an increase in approaches, the conversion will remain low: the person will not like what he has seen, will repel the inconvenience of the performance of the target action, and he will leave the portal

Usually, CD is combined with SEO - together they have a powerful effect. On the one hand, continuous work is being done on content and usability, various approaches are being tested, on the other hand, the growth of visitors provides more statistics and can be made on the fly changes in structure.

Features of contextual advertising explain its capabilities.

  1. Clear targeting. The settings indicate specific characteristics of the target audience: gender, age, geography, time of display.
  2. Powerful statistics tools. Everyone can see - who came from where, how much time he spent on the site, what pages he visited and what actions he performed.
  3. Flexible settings. You can change them at any time and the effect does not have to wait long - it is visible immediately.

Now two PS are popular: Yandex and Google. Accordingly, contextual advertising is carried out in them. The tools are Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords services. They provide a comfortable office, from where the marketer manages the settings.

The campaign requires financial investments, but their size is determined by the owner of the organization being promoted. One should only know that for each niche there is a certain minimum amount, below which the context becomes meaningless - the costs will not bring the desired effect.

Social networks

Regardless of having your own portal, social networking activities should be boisterous. Now 90% of consumers are sitting in them and they receive most of the current information from there. There are two directions in which it is necessary to act.

  1. Maintaining the community. Each company should have its own group where posts, articles, promotions, rallies and polls are posted. This is an excellent platform for communication with your potential customers. From communication with them you can find out the needs, wishes. Analysis will give a powerful impetus to the development in the right direction.
  2. Targeting. This is the equivalent of contextual advertising for social networks. Instagram, Facebook and VK have long provided services with a full range of marketing campaign tools. By investing money in them, an entrepreneur provides ad impressions to his target audience and coverage is often much wider and more efficient than CR.

SMM is a very promising direction for the company. Allows you to tell not only about the products, but also about the nuances of production, team, interesting events. This happens in real time and creates an image of humanity. By showing your humanity, you make yourself closer to the consumer. So you cause trust.

The main requirement is naturalness. Custom photos or deliberate posts will give the opposite effect. Here you need to act from the heart and be sincere - the deception is immediately visible.

Who does internet marketing?

Not exactly a lone freelancer. As a rule, one person is able to deeply explore and cover one, maximum two areas related to web promotion. There is also a serious limitation on the resource - you can single-handedly conduct a couple of projects in full force, and this is not enough to ensure a living wage, because most of the finance is needed to pay for clicks, content, etc. Therefore, when taking 5-10 projects at freelance, each of they are given a couple of hours a day. This is not enough.

Similar services are best ordered in a studio where a business owner receives a team of specialists of different profiles: marketing specialist, layout designer, designer, programmer, SEO. Each of them devotes all his time and energy to his area, being a professional with deep knowledge. This saves time, effort and money on both sides.

What we offer

Like-minded people work at iPapus Agency studio. Yes, we love to get a decent salary, but the goal is to achieve a result. The price of our services is fair - it allows specialists to spend time on work, rather than solving everyday problems. It adds the cost of services and tools that must be paid to reduce the time of promotion and development, and to achieve excellent quality.

So that our customer won’t guess where the money goes, we work transparently: we report for every penny, indicating how much each of the tasks costs. This allows you to establish trust between both parties and makes cooperation more efficient.

In addition to certificates, reviews and portfolio, our qualifications are confirmed by financial guarantees:

  • return of cost at failure of terms due to our fault;
  • reduction of the amount if all the agreed stages are not performed;
  • also refund if reports are not provided in time or contain incorrect data.

At the same time, the price agreed at the beginning of cooperation remains fixed. We do not go beyond the budget under any circumstances. Our experience is enough to estimate in advance the cost of the complex and to envisage arising circumstances. So the customer knows how much he will pay - no surprises and surprises.

We have developed a comfortable reporting system:

  • personal account, where you can at any time familiarize yourself with the dynamics of positions;
  • adapted for the perception of the form of reports on different sections;
  • control over each individual task;
  • convenient ways to communicate online or by phone.

Prices are individual and depend on various factors: volume and complexity, direction of business, level of competition. But complex prices will always be cheaper. If you have ordered a website from us, we immediately optimize the code for SEO and you can forget about this step.

The promotion of the resource of its own production will also be faster - we have already thoroughly studied your enterprise and know what methods to promote without extra costs and effort. Even at the stage of creating content, we already have an algorithm of actions in social networks.

And it is much more convenient for the client to receive turnkey services in one place. It’s easier to collaborate with one team and communicate with one contact person. In addition, the promotion of different performers will lead to contradictions in the strategies, which will reduce the result to zero.

It’s not necessary to make a decision right away - get the first consultation for free , where our specialist will tell you how to achieve what you want and what the iPapus Agency studio can help.


Our works leave no one indifferent
Dmitry Bogus En
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Opinia klienta agencji tworzenie projektu graficznego
Opinia tworzenie strony internetowej
Opinia klienta projekt graficzny strony
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