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Audit Google Adwords

TOP 8 reasons why you need to audit your site

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4 Reasons to order a site audit

No additional or hidden fees
Risk-free transaction
We offer work through a risk-free transaction, where the guarantor is the largest portal of hired workers in the CIS
Technical task
A clear plan for correction - we not only point out errors and flaws, but also provide corrective instructions
Free consultation
We are free to answer any questions that you may have on the results of the audit. Advises one of the best SEO experts in the CIS
Proven experience
The main work is performed and supervised by a specialist who has been in the market for 8 years, is in the TOP 10 for SEO in the CIS and has hundreds of real customer reviews on the largest Freelance Exchange Runet —SEO profile on

About the service

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Identification and elimination of errors in the operation of your Internet resource is a necessary aspect of promotion in search engines. In the process of conducting work, the best specialists identify the correct functioning of the site as a whole, its individual branches, as well as an analysis of important indicators.

Indicators for verification:

The age of the resource, citation index, how many pages were indexed by the main search engines, is it present in the Yandex Catalog
Performance - the loading speed of each page, resistance to loads, the ability to manage and the degree of protection against external threats
Hosting characteristics, accounting for all loads - current and possible
Hosting characteristics, accounting for all loads - current and possible
Shortcomings in the work of the technical base - databases and control systems
The quality of the program code and the architecture of building the portal - the correct layout, ease of movement on the resource, the convenience of the structure
Definition of errors in the algorithm of vital functions and internal functions of the site - content management links are configured in CMS
The presence of broken links on the resource

Upon completion of the audit, we draw up a detailed report with a list of all detected problems and an algorithm for solving them. Minor errors are eliminated as a result of verification.

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We have been working closely in this direction for more than 7 years, which allowed us to use the experience in analyzing sites and share it with clients in such a way that they indicate those errors and omissions that other specialists simply do not notice. You can be convinced with real reviews of hundreds of clients specifically on the Audit service.on the largest freelance site in the CIS.
17 information gathering tools
Used 17 sources of information collection in the analysis of the site
Easy fixes according to the instructions
We present a literate and simple language. It is clear, both for the beginner in this, and for the experienced specialist
Systems approach
Systems approach
Actual SEO requirements
Accounting for the latest and current trends in the world of SEO
Attention to detail
80% of errors and recommendations can be corrected and implemented already in the first 30 days after receiving reports (independently or with our help)


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Why is it necessary to order a technical audit from us?

Certified Agency.
Look at the reviews section - only real work and feedback from grateful customers.
We do not promise what we cannot fulfill.
We are responsible for meeting the deadlines, the willingness to return the payment in full in case of violation of this clause of the contract.
Our priority is to increase your income.
We don’t send you to freestyle swimming after problems are discovered, but by the efforts of the whole team we are looking for and developing optimal solutions to them that do not require high costs

Collaboration Results

Increasing your profit is our main task, therefore, we carefully prescribe each item in the contract. without burdening you with long periods and fines:
If the agreed amount of work is not fulfilled, the amount of payment is reduced.
We are ready to return the money if, for various reasons, we violate the time frame specified in the contract.
Refund if the site and other resources fall into the filter of search engines after conducting an audit and correcting errors identified. We guarantee a rise to previous positions.
In the absence of a timely and correct report on the work done, we compensate for the costs.
The amount of our compensation is calculated and fixed once. It does not change under the influence of any factors.

Results of work with our team

The site becomes as user-friendly as possible, and its visibility in the search engine search listings is significantly increasing.
Getting into the TOP of all search engines for the most key and popular queries.
There are more targeted visitors to the page.
Increase in productive calls from the site.
Reduce the cost of attracting customers and clicks.

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You know for sure that contextual advertising on Google is one of the ways that will attract the target visitor to you and help make the brand more recognizable, so don’t be stingy and actively invest in this type of promotion, attracting specialists from outside or on your own? But at some stage, an understanding comes that money is leaving, but there is no return. What could be the reason?

  • The key to a positive result is the right target audience . If there is an error in the settings in this regard, then your product and service is simply “displayed” by those users who are not interested, which means the money is being poured into nowhere.
  • Budget. To successfully launch an ad, it’s important to select a sufficient budget. The probability of seeing an ad unit as a potential buyer directly depends on it. An incorrectly set cost per click can lead to negative consequences, as well as a lack of funds. For example, the cost of one click may exceed the funds allocated for the day, and if there is a shortage of finances, you should choose conversion hours to display.
  • Semantics. You can't act at random here. It is extremely unreasonable to choose the first thing that comes to mind as keywords. It is necessary to carefully study all the options and choose the most effective. Setting the semantic core is one of the main steps in setting up an advertising campaign.
  • Irrelevant pages. If an ad leads a user directly to the main page of a site, this may lead to the fact that visitors will not be delayed for a long time and, moreover, take some actions. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the creation of landing pages that immediately show the desired product.
  • Making a purchase decision. Here a lot depends on the product or service that you offer. It is one thing to order pizza over the Internet, and quite another to decide on something expensive and overall. Perhaps the moment of remarketing was missed, in which there was no reminder about yourself to a potential client who was interested in the product and visited the resource.
  • Lack of complete product information. So, the campaign is launched with the correct settings, there are transitions, but actions are still not taken. Here is a question for the site itself or the landing page. Perhaps the information is not complete or does not attract, so the user goes to the competitor.
  • Human factor. The last step in a deal will always be people from the seller. If your managers are not focused on the final result, then even the most ideal advertising campaign settings will not help you make enough sales.

In case of inefficiency, you should resort to auditing Google Adwords.

What will we check when analyzing an advertising campaign?

  • general account settings - audience, conversion transfer, analytics systems;
  • account structure - mana
  • campaign settings — geographic, language, devices, and more;
  • keywords - match and query types, quality metrics;
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  • traffic frequency;
  • ad quality - completeness of text content, correct URLs, extensions, relevance to user requests;
  • reasons for loss of conversions - frequency of impressions, budget mismatch;
  • targeting settings;

If our experts do not find gross errors, an additional detailed analysis will be carried out, which includes:

  • Check your campaign’s development strategy;
  • исследование рекламных кабинетов;
  • goal setting - what can be improved to achieve greater results.

As a result, you will receive a detailed report in a language that is understandable to you with the identified problems and solutions. It is important for us not only to point out errors, but also to help correct them in order to increase your ratings and profits. A team of professionals is always ready to come to the rescue on favorable terms!


Our works leave no one indifferent

We control the results to achieve

We are fully responsible for the availability and quality of reporting information on all counts.
We will create for you a private office with open access so that you can watch the dynamics of the implementation of tasks set online around the clock.
You can discuss the results both by telephone, by any convenient messenger or in the Skype system.
Reporting is adapted for a comfortable perception of each individual client and in a language that he understands.
You can independently control the execution of tasks for each block of work performed.
We always listen to your wishes and comments, because trust and movement towards a common goal are important to us.


We work as a single organism, understanding each other without words, due to this, the deadlines are always respected to the nearest minute
Main reasons for meeting deadlines:
Each team member is focused on obtaining high-quality and accurate results on identifying shortcomings or, conversely, positive aspects.
We have counted more than a decade of successful experience, which allows us to quickly determine the next necessary steps.
We do not act at random - only a clear plan and a pre-tested methodology.
Improvement in the technical part makes it possible to use the latest software, on which 50% of success depends.

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