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PPC Contractor Review

The proper organization and setup of advertising campaigns has always been a subtle science. The process is time consuming and complex. Here, every slightest error can cost a significant loss of profit.

If you turned to specialists to set up contextual advertising on Google and Yandex, there is still no visible return, maybe it's time to resort to checking the PPC contractor.

Why do I need to order verification of an advertising campaign?

There are a number of main reasons for this:
Considerable funds have been spent, but the effect of advertising does not pay off for a long time.
There are doubts about the quality of the work of the contractor advertising company.
You are determined to improve the current performance of promotions, but do not know where to start.
The desire to receive an objective and impartial assessment of current activities.

9 stages of checking an advertising campaign

We will check all the important components - from internal settings to the quality of keywords.
01 /
Relevance and correctness of the settings of the advertising account
02 /
Audit of subjects and actions of competitors in the relevant industry.
03 /
Checking the structuring of the campaign - whether it matches your visions and the site as a whole.
04 /
Compliance of the CA settings with territorial coverage.
05 /
Analysis of keywords, their presence and repetition rate.
06 /
Defining errors in the retargeting settings.
07 /
A thorough check of all content - graphics, the presence of significant and minor errors in ads and more.
08 /
Management settings in the main services.
09 /
Compilation of a detailed report. It will list the main points that you need to pay attention to, as well as clearly formulated solutions to the problems identified.

Benefits of PPC Contractor Auditing

More Efficiency at a Fixed Cost
You will be able to see the status of your advertising campaign account. By eliminating the errors and examining all the developed plan of our experts, you can improve the situation. Without spending extra money.
The cost of attracted customers
If you correctly configure contextual advertising, it will only be distributed where there is an audience for which your product or service is needed. As a result, the cost of one lead is reduced a significant number of times.
Unscrupulous contractors
Unfortunately, in the conditions of a tough competitive environment, no one is safe from performers who only pretend that PPC experts simply spend your time and money in wasted audit will protect you from useless spending and give you the opportunity to see the effectiveness of all settings.
Identification of business development prospects
A detailed check will help determine where to move on and show which paths were not used or were partially affected, what should be paid more attention to, and what is only an obstacle.

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Validation Results

Before organizing such work, each of our clients will ask themselves the question: what will the verification give?
Proper allocation of funds
You will get the opportunity to assess whether the event is profitable or just “tear down your finances”. And on this basis, it will already be possible to focus on effective ways.
Traffic increase
Audit of the advertising campaign will provide an opportunity to see how all parties of potential customers have been taken into account, whether the broadcast geolocation is configured. If you get rid of all the errors, the flow will increase by more than 10%.
Conversion growth
Fine-tuning advertising greatly affects the level of sales. The interest in your offers will grow if the ad units are visible precisely to the target audience.
Clickthrough rate
Ad units must be attractive. If the ad most closely matches user requests. Its effectiveness increases. The task of a marketing specialist is to write the text correctly. It is important to describe a unique selling proposition that calls for action so that the potential customer understands what he needs to do after the announcement is opened.
Target Audience Only
Thanks to the audit, we will understand who the impressions of the ad units are aimed at, and whether the potential customer is precisely selected. This will help weed out users who visit the site but don’t make a purchase.
Accurate accounting
Check if all the actions taken are effective only using special services. Their presence and the necessary settings will make it possible to see which areas work better, which style and type of advertising brings more results and money.

Why should you trust us?

Compromising your contractor is not our goal. We too respect our own reputation, earned over many years and hard work, therefore we will provide only an objective assessment without trying to attribute non-existent errors.
The main reasons for cooperation:
01 /
We are a certified agency.
02 /
The section with feedback on cooperation and examples of productive work will tell everything for us.
03 /
Forget about empty promises - if we understand that some point in the tasks we are not able to do for a number of reasons, we will not feed you breakfast or myths.
04 /
Honesty and transparency are our main principles.
05 /
We do not want you to throw money away, so we will do our best to prevent this.
06 /
Pointing out contractor errors, if any, is too easy. You will not only receive a complete and understandable report on the audit result, but also a strategy to eliminate all problems.
07 /
All terms will be clearly stated in the contract - if they are violated, we will refund the payment in full.
08 /
The established price for the inspection is specified in the contract only once and will not be changed under any circumstances.


Contextual advertising audit - what is it for?

If your advertising organization does not bring the desired effect and results, and you want to check the quality of the settings by the contractor, you can safely contact us for an audit. After performing a deep analysis of PPC, we will identify errors that affect the performance.

What are the benefits of PPC auditing?

The vision of a “full picture”. We offer a comprehensive report on the analysis of the advertising company, which characterizes its strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations from professionals. We advise actions and manipulations to increase the effectiveness of contextual advertising of your project.


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