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Chat bot for telecom operators


5 main types of sites
Express design
Not just a website, but a turnkey business solution in 24 days with a guarantee of receiving orders! There are no analogues in the price / quality ratio! It can be any kind of site - shop, Landing, etc.
Online store
Ready professional tool for effective sales of your products and services.
Landing page
One-page website selling one product or service with the highest possible conversion into orders
Corporate website
A solid and stylish website for your company to show potential customers detailed information about your business.
Indywidualny projekt
Implement custom web solutions of any complexity and size


Unique iPAPUS Offer
We have developed a unique offer, a kind of novelty. Especially for those who want to have a website with a unique design and maximum selling properties, while not ready to pay the full cost for the design. The work package is based on our experience and 100% covers the needs of your business! Interesting?
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Reklama Google Adwords, optymalizacja

Kampanie reklamowe Google Ads

Tworzenie strony WWW

Tworzenie strony internetowej

Projektowanie strony internetowej

Reklama na Instagramie
Instagram targeting, $ 0.6 per lead

Skuteczna reklama na Instagramie i Facebooku
Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price from $ 0.03

Skuteczna reklama na Instagramie i Facebooku, kampanie reklamowe
Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price $ 0.04

Skuteczne promowanie na Facebooku, niskie ceny na kampanie reklamowe
Targeted Facebook / Instagram advertising, lead price 0.06 EURO

Reklama Google Adwords, optymalizacja

Kampanie reklamowe Google Ads

Optymalizacja kampanii Google Ads Atelie-lab

Skuteczna optymalizacja kampanii reklamowej Google Ads


At least 5 specialists become part of your team.
Papus, Ivan Aleksandrovich
Leadership and strategic issues
10 years experience in marketing and SEO
TOP specialist in the CIS with confirmed reviews and ratings
Project Manager
Yushchenko Anna
2 years in SEO
Started her career in banking
Evgeny Gorunov
Head of Analytics
3 years experience
Yana Bozhko
Experience 3 years
2 years team experience
Content manager
Victoria Khomenko
Links placement
Internal site optimization
Content manager
Elena Leontyeva
Customer rating control
Responsible for customer information
Anastasia Pigul
Head of Copywriting
Monitoring and reporting
Natalya Sergienko
External placements through reference exchanges
Hosting through site administrators
Depending on the project and the task, such experts as the project manager, designer, layout designer, programmer, content manager, copywriter, and marketing specialist are at your disposal.
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10 steps
01 /
Marketing research, study avatar of the client, his needs
02 /
Compiling a Customer journey - the client's path - exactly how the client will find your site and what path will he overcome before placing an order
03 /
SITEMAP compilation. Sitemap, which defines all pages of the site and their links
04 /
05 /
06 /
07 /
08 /
09 /
10 /
Technical support


Our experts are closely monitoring the development of modern technology

Examples of services and technologies used in project development

CMS systems used for project development


We did it for you.


Main features of the product development
Individual design
We emphasize the advantages of your brand due to the competent unique design. We will ensure sales growth only through a competent approach to the design and delivery of content.
Safety standard
We advise on the security of the site to prevent problems and help eliminate them in case of appearance.
Smooth operation
The use of trusted servers provides an increased uptime percentage (lower risk of site availability problems).
The project is being developed taking into account the potential growth of the site in the future, thus, further growth will not create problems and headaches for you.
Modern technologies
We use innovative technologies to ensure that our client always receives a product that will outpace the products of direct or indirect competitors.


Briefly and in the case
No failures
as in our practice there were no projects on which work would be carried out and the result that the client initially wanted to receive was not achieved. If the client trusts us, we justify the trust
Huge experience
in solving the most difficult tasks and non-standard situations by maintaining a large number of projects and the ability to provide results
Lack of conveyor
The project receives enough time for specialists at all levels to ensure an individual approach and optimal implementation.
Experience of changing the project growth vector
only due to a new site with a competent redesign and content
Professional team
50+ highly qualified specialists with certificates corresponding to categories

They trust us

The largest companies in the market

Stop paying for the process

Services for creating chatbots for your business

WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber

Call, write,
let's communicate, we will agree!

If you are the owner of the company, and you have a contact center, then you must have repeatedly faced the problem of loading operators, when your employees were not able to process the flow of questions from customers. What do we have in total? Dissatisfaction and complaints, a possible transition to competitors, a decrease in the level of trust in the company as a whole and, of course, financial losses.

How to protect yourself from such situations? There is a simple solution that can bring customer support to automatism and improve the quality of service. Chat bot for telecom operators.

What are its advantages?

  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • integrates with any messenger in a short time;
  • able to conduct a dialogue at the level of a real person, politely answers questions, sends the necessary services to order, thereby increasing sales;
  • automates business by unloading the communications department, as it can easily solve routine tasks;
  • after implementation, labor costs are reduced;
  • can process up to 1000 requests per second;
  • does not make mistakes;
  • trained and improved in accordance with the updating of the circumstances of doing business;
  • easy to make changes to the menu yourself;
  • if he cannot give an answer on his own, redirects to the telecom operator, while the client does not have a feeling of interruption in the conversation;
  • inserts a queue of priority calls and requests;
  • keeps statistics that can be uploaded at any time;
  • stores customer data.

How is it profitable for you?

  • the possibility of introducing in one window various channels of communication with the client (Skype, Viber, Telegram, Facebook and others)
  • reduction of load on operators;
  • saving on communication tariffs due to transferring customers to free communication services;
  • providing statistics of relations and communication with the visitor;
  • the ability to connect some self-service features;
  • low cost of use.

Advantages of using the tool for the client:

  • the ability to choose the most convenient way to communicate (from among the messengers);
  • operational communication with the company at any time;
  • You can solve any problems in one channel;
  • ease of communication - no need to re-specify information about yourself and the topic of previous calls;
  • Information is provided in detail on the question asked.

Why is it worth collaborating with our team?

  • Development and implementation as soon as possible.
  • The best team of professionals in the CIS, where each participant is focused on the result and increase your profits.
  • Compliance with the agreed deadlines.
  • Consultations and support 24/7 in any way convenient for you, directly from the developer.
  • Loyal prices.
  • Creative approach to solving the problem - we create an exclusive bot communication style that will correspond to the style of communication with the client in the company.
  • We guarantee the quality of work.
  • We are recommended by the best representatives of the business, read reviews and read the cases to see for yourself.
  • In the event of a delay in the execution time of the task or a reduction in volume, we are ready to return the payment in full.
  • Use the demo version of the virtual interlocutor to test his work and make the final decision!


The exact cost of the work can be determined only in the case of the availability of basic data, so we specify the minimum prices from which you can build on to understand.
Setup chat with automatic greetings


Our works leave no one indifferent
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Opinia klienta projekt graficzny strony
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