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SEO website promotion on your own step by step, where to start?

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Before you begin the process, you must carefully and in-depth study of the SEO. Moreover, it is worth considering that learning once is not enough. Over time, trends change and you need to replenish your knowledge. Even advanced professionals periodically replenish the baggage of information in their head. The reason for this is regular changes in the operation of search engines, the development of specialized services, without which the promotion will not be as successful as we would like, which means that the site will lose much in comparison with competitors in topics that these tools are actively using.

So, we will begin to analyze the steps that will need to be passed in order to independently master the promotion.

SEO website promotion on your own step by step, where to start?


SEO is also a science, which means it has its own terms. Let us briefly analyze them into sections.

General concepts:

  • database;
  • domain
  • traffic
  • analytical systems;
  • Google webmaster and Yandex panels;
  • semantics and semantic core;
  • Java Script
  • KPI and others.

Internal optimization:

  • filling;
  • meta tags – titles, description;
  • admin panel
  • relevance;
  • backlight;
  • volume of text;
  • url and others.

External optimization:

  • external and internal, incoming and outgoing links;
  • TCI;
  • anchor;
  • exchange with links;
  • link aggregator
  • VCI, etc.
SEO website promotion on your own step by step, where to start?

Semantic core

Search engine promotion is mandatory on a list of specific queries. This is the semantic core. Its effectiveness directly depends on how high-quality AE was chosen. It is recommended not to miss this moment even at the stage of creating an Internet resource.

What is needed for its formation?

  • Check out the convenient service from Yandex – Wordstat;
  • the network has a sufficient number of useful articles that explain in detail the principles of working with this tool, including on our portal you can find the necessary information;
  • study the main resources of semantics – phrases that make it possible for users to go to the site, tips, data collection services;
  • start installing the Key Collector program on your work computer or laptop, and also select convenient services for yourself with which you will collect data;
  • you can’t do without the good old Excel tables.

Now you can safely start collecting key queries. At the initial stage, it will be quite enough to assemble a kernel consisting of 30-150 requests.

SEO website promotion on your own step by step, where to start??

Distribution of key requests on the web portal

Each selected request needs orientation to a specific page of the site. The effectiveness of further advancement will greatly depend on this stage.

Proceed step by step:

  • carefully study such questions – how to group requests, how to choose a landing page, creating the correct URL structure;
  • learning will help learning videos;
  • create a URL for each request that is acceptable and understandable to the person. It is advisable to immediately take up the correction of those errors that were discovered.

Internal optimization

To make it easier to understand where to start, do the following:

  • Using the Excel document, make a basic distribution;
  • familiarize yourself with the necessary processes for internal optimization and redirection;
  • work on creating text content for pages, set meta tags.
SEO website promotion on your own step by step, where to start?

External optimization

For those who are only getting deeper into the knowledge of SEO, this part of the work should be performed only after the previous step.

Follow these directions:

  • conduct a thorough analysis of competitors in the TOP search results according to search queries;
  • make sure that the relevant page is exactly the one you promoted;
  • explore issues related to building up your inbound link mass and choosing donor sites;
  • get down to work on writing anchors, increasing the incoming link mass to improve the position of promoted keys. In the process, do not forget to control the indexing and dynamics in the search results;
  • Drive Link service will help to control the reference mass.

Behavioral Studies

At the moment, these factors are not the last role in sorting PS pages. If the site was created at a good level, then they literally automatically turn out to be of acceptable quality. However, there may still be some problems with click factors.

To understand where to start at this stage, how to control snippets, to increase attractiveness, you need the following:

  • study all the necessary questions that relate to behavioral factors;
  • Yandex and Google webmaster panels have the ability to control significant behavioral factors;
  • using Yandex.Metrica to analyze internal and external behavioral factors.
SEO website promotion on your own step by step, where to start?

Transactional ranking

The degree of commercial quality depends on the form in which the page is presented. The most common factors that affect this indicator are:

  • company age;
  • brand reference;
  • number of branches;
  • the presence of phone numbers;
  • contacts and described driving directions;
  • methods of ordering products – a basket, by phone, feedback forms, bot consultant, etc.
  • the presence of promotions and discounts;
  • e-mail for communication;
  • the presence of advertising of competitive organizations;
  • updating the assortment, as well as current prices;
  • how convenient it is for the user to search for the necessary products and select the product of interest;
  • section with reviews and recommendations.

All these components increase or, on the contrary, lower, in case of errors, profit and sales.

SEO website promotion on your own step by step, where to start?

Analysis of sanctions and their elimination

In order to independently carry out diagnostics, and then if sanctions are available, you need to have experience and baggage of certain knowledge behind them. To do this, study the materials that relate to this issue, among which:

  • new search engine sanctions;
  • reasons for loss of position;
  • text filters – studying the question will help you understand how to correctly create text content so that it is not blocked by the PS;
  • antispam innovations.

Web analytics, KPI and testing

For independent promotion of the resource, you need to correctly set and achieve the KPIs that were set. Ideally, when they are understandable not only to specialists in the field of SEO, but also reflect all the indicators of doing business in general. Check out materials on the following topics:

  • what is web analytics and the convenience of the site for the visitor;
  • comparison of the effectiveness of indicators of online advertising;
  • how to understand that visitors like your web page.
SEO website promotion on your own step by step, where to start?

Fix the studied material, read specialized literature

In order for knowledge to be well acquired, you need to completely immerse yourself in the subject of study. Opt for literature on the subject. In our blog you can find a sufficient number of articles that will help to better understand the topic of promotion and further consolidation of occupied positions. For example:

As in any field, you need regular “brain pumping” in order to stay in the trend, do not forget what you have learned and improve in all directions. A great way to develop your abilities and knowledge is to attend seminars and watch webinars. Subscribe to specialized sites that provide the necessary information to keep track of updates.

SEO website promotion on your own step by step, where to start?


Having done all the above steps, it is quite possible to succeed in promoting your own resource or for those who want to learn a new profession, to learn. Of course, you need to understand that independent promotion is always a risk that can lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, getting to work, study all kinds of material thoroughly, because your further profit and position of the resource in the vastness of the world network depend on perception and understanding. If there is even the slightest share of doubt that you can promote your site properly only on your own, do not hesitate to go to specialists who can quickly and efficiently achieve efficiency, as well as eliminate mistakes that have already been made. We are always ready to come to your aid and with our well-coordinated team bring your site to the TOP of search results, increase conversion, attract traffic and consolidate among the leaders among competitors!

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