Seo-specialist called the most popular errors on sites

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How not to fill the site from scratch? SEO rewriting: what is it?

Creating an e-page is actually a very important task. Here you will not manage a beautiful picture – the interface should be clear and convenient, and the admin panel is easy to use. In addition, the site should be well read by search engines.

More often than not, the client turns to the designers of web studios for the development, they draw a beautiful picture, the customer accepts the work quite. And when there is a question about the correct promotion of a new site, the customer turns to seo-specialists who find so many problems that it is often easier to rewrite the resource from scratch.

Of course, nobody wants to get into such a situation, and for this you just need to know what to look for when accepting a project from developers. And it is better to immediately mention your requirements in the TK, since if at the beginning of the agreements you did not specify the requirements correctly, then most likely the introduction of corrections will not be free.

So check the work of developers in the following areas:

Choosing the best CMS

Immediately determine for yourself what you expect from a resource in the future. Will it be a simple business card or do you want to run an online store on it? It is necessary to understand that CMS differs from each other in functionality, and if you do not foresee all the wishes at once, then in the end new functions will either be impossible to implement or it will cost a lot of money.

OpenCart, 1C-Bitrix, HostCMS, NetCat, CS-Cart, Webasyst, PrestaShop and others are better for selling, and WordPress, Joomla, Drupal will work for informative pages. It is better not to choose WP for sales sites, because it is problematic to optimize it, and it will be difficult for it to work because of page overload.

Many after reading tips decide to develop a page on the designers. And when it comes to optimization, most often it is impossible to make adjustments to logical files due to lack of access. Simply put – the creators limit the functionality of your resource to the modules and functions available to the designer. On the Internet, you can easily find lists of CMS that are not recommended for further optimization.

Also there are so-called samopinnye management systems. Having decided to stay on a similar platform, then expect every time for changes to contact the developer (of course not for free), or use the services of an experienced specialist who can develop the resource himself. The last option is good, but expensive.

Additional possible modules

As mentioned earlier, always immediately consider the desired tools. For example, you need a platform for sales with a wide variation of filters, and you are staying on the Bitrix platform. To stimulate attendance on the MF and LF inquiries, you can use the optimization of filters for search engines through the integration of SEO smart filter.

Very often, large stores want to associate a resource with 1C accounting system. This functionality is also not available to all CMS. Such a request, for example, is easily implemented by Bitrix, CS-Cart, Netcat and OpenCart with the module.

SJ and page structure

The use of these two concepts in the design is fundamental. It is better to immediately assemble a complete semantic core using the catalogs in 1C, information about product categories, and so on.

After analyzing and clustering requests, the approximate constructive of the future resource becomes immediately clear. It’s best to create a relevance map right away.

In the case of a limited budget, no one forces you to create all the pages at once, but in the future you will have a ready-made list of pages that you need for development. Using this information, you can also evaluate the relevance of certain filters, and decide on the relevance of the blog and requests in it.

Speaking of the directory, it should be clarified that it should be accessible to guests of the site and observe a clear hierarchy. The visitor should be on the desired page with a maximum of 5 transitions. Navigation is also important – the user should be guided in where he is located.

Seo-specialist called the most popular errors on sites

Cases at work:

The site structure for the store was made on the basis of the retail catalog, but the pages were not available for indexing in robots.txt., Because they were oriented only to the filter. The man had to re-order the analysis of the semantic core and the alteration of the structure due to such a gross error that it flew into the penny. To avoid such problems, initially discuss semantics and navigation with web designers.


Seo-friendly url or CNC is a url path containing accessible and preferred keys for searchers and guests.

With the correct setting of the CNC, you can not only easily understand by its name what is located on the page, but also increase the attendance due to high indexing. When registering an address, always use transliteration and keys. Follow these guidelines:

  • match the address to the page content;
  • Separation should be marked with hyphens, not spaces or underscores;
  • eliminate the use of id;
  • simplify the address and shorten it to the maximum.

Here is an example of a correct CNC:, and, accordingly, a bad way –§ion=auto.

Immediately check that in the technical specifications the creation of correct CNC was indicated, otherwise sooner or later they will have to redo them and set up 301 redirects. This will entail, at best, a temporary drawdown due to re-indexing.

Good domain

Domain plays a big role in promotion. Good domain:

  • short and easy to read;
  • coincides with the region (for example .ua for Ukraine, etc.);
  • consonant with the name or type of activity.

After selecting the name and zone, you should define the main mirror (with www or without) for the transitions, configure 301 redirects to the main mirror, and in the case of an SSL certificate connected, they need to be rebuilt from http to https.

In the case when the marketing strategy includes an offline promo, it is better to have an additional domain in Cyrillic and adjust the movement to the main one, as it is easier perceived and remembered. But using such a domain as the main one is a bad decision, since there are features of the promotion of domains with Cyrillic and you have to pay extra for this.

Secure protocol

After Google announced a new distribution factor, the secure HTTPS protocol is connected. In Chrome, http sites are marked as insecure, so an SSL certificate must always be connected. This not only protects you from the additional costs of the transition in the future, but also shows your concern for the safety of guests.

Startup Optimization

Accepting development, check the start-up optimization:

  • Filling tags title and description at least at a minimum. There must be keys. If automatic filling by “mask” is available at the same time, this is a big plus.
  • The presence of analytics (user behavior statistics).
  • Created robots.txt file with xml sitemap.
  • “Ease” resource

Slow site does not like any search engine. Check the download speed, and analyze the causes of low speed. Most often – these are images that are not compressed to a web size. If difficulties are found – ask to fix it!

Seo-specialist called the most popular errors on sites

Correct server response

What matters is not only the server’s response to existing pages, but also to remote ones, especially for search robots. The correct answers for deleted pages are 404 and 401. Non-existent pages should be designed presentable, so that when they hit it, the guest finds a landing page.

Validation of HTML and micromarking for robots

In order to make your site easier to scan and understand search robots, you need to lay out a micro-mark at the beginning of development. If you miss this, then in the future you will have to rewrite a lot.

Be sure to also check the validity of the code, since its purity and correctness is part of the optimization.

Mobile version

Not only that in the modern world of smartphones a site that is not adapted for viewing from a phone is a loss of an audience, Google also prioritizes a mobile index.

Scan the site easily using the service of the same Google. Check that the file robot.txt has access to CSS, JS, images, and so on.

Text content

Most often, the development of texts is the headache of the customer, not the developers. Clients most often write texts themselves or pay copywriters, not giving correct technical tasks for reasons of economy, and then, within the framework of optimization, they pay for these texts again.

The thing is that the text is the main element of promotion. They should not just be written, developed taking into account the semantic core. It often happens that the final text is effective, but it doesn’t fit into the already drawn design.

Always develop a resource layout with already painted text, even for the main page, so that the finished product does not look like a collection of collages.

In order to get a high-quality and modern website, you should take into account many nuances and at least check the work on the above parameters. It is better to order the creation of a turnkey website, with cursive canonical addresses, setting up a webmaster and goals in the Metric. And even such a site should be further promoted for its effective work.

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