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Website SEO analysis is an important step that every resource should be subjected to before optimization. This type of check will help to identify all the problems that may hinder the development or already hinder being in the leaders of search results, it does not matter how correctly the keys are entered or links are purchased.

For a service to be performed efficiently, it must consist of several stages. Let’s consider them in more detail.

SEO site analysis

Analysis steps

  • Technical analysis – redirects, broken links, presence of codes, detection of viruses, search for server errors, page loading speed, 404 errors. Many errors that were made at the development stage lay the foundation, which can negatively affect the entire future work of the site. If you do not have the proper knowledge, then their presence will simply go unnoticed, and the search bot has already analyzed everything and has stopped recommending the page to users for key queries.
  • Checking the semantic core. Incorrectly assembled SY is the most common problem. We evaluate it according to certain indicators: the correctness of the requests, the division into commercial and informational search parameters, the consideration of all keywords during the collection, the age of the kernel. In the latter case, regular updates are recommended.
  • Structure. Many website owners for some reason consider this aspect not so important, and due to an ill-conceived structure, interaction with the user is disrupted. For its formation, it is better to attract specialists – an experienced optimizer or marketer. The assessment takes place according to the parameters of the distribution of the weight of the pages, their nesting, dubbing. To select it most accurately, you need to carefully study the target audience, competitors, assortment, the path to the basket of orders should be simple and easily accessible.
  • Reference profile. Search engine filters carefully monitor its cleanliness, backlink growth and donors. Specialists will help evaluate all outgoing links, distribution of the total mass, anchors and donor sites. In order to successfully organize external promotion, one needs to have a solid baggage of certain knowledge.
  • The quality of the content. Everyone has long known that filling plays a key role. The success of the project largely depends on what information is presented on the site, the style of its design and the frequency of updates. The analysis is carried out according to the following parameters: the uniqueness of the written text and pictures, the density of the copolymer and their occurrence, indexing and volume, the presence of takes.
  • Usability. One of the main factors that affects the user’s opinion. The site is too complex, an inconvenient navigation system, placing an order takes place not in one or two clicks, but in several stressful stages, is there no adaptation to mobile devices so important in our time? Consider that your customer is already making purchases from a competitor. At this stage, you should look at your resource from the side to determine whether it is convenient for your customers.

Our company is ready to provide you with a quality SEO audit service at an affordable price.

SEO site analysis

Why choose us?

  • We have all the necessary certificates for the work.
  • We’ll not only point out errors, but also write down recommendations for correcting them, after the implementation of which you will notice a tangible result in the form of increased positions in search results, increased profits, conversion to orders and calls.
  • We have assembled the best team of specialists from all over the CIS and are ready to work for the result.
  • All nuances important to you are indicated in the contract. Are you afraid that we may delay the deadlines or not fulfill all the assigned tasks? In this case, we are ready to fully refund the payment.
  • We have been successfully cooperating with the best websites for a long time, the reviews of the owners of which will help you to finally decide.
SEO site analysis

Contact us and we will discuss all the details you are interested in.

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