SEO promotion. Results of 2017 and expectations from 2018

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2017 can be characterized by new business events and separately in SEO. What only are the laws of the Federal Law-54 on the use of CCP and the Federal Law-152 on the protection of personal data. Some were delighted with such innovations, and some were upset. We can draw a line to understand what has changed in the SEO space and what is being prepared for in the coming 2018.

With current innovations that affect the work of marketers in the network, can be found in previous materials. There you can update your knowledge and extract from memory the forgotten moments. Let us turn to the main part of the article – the trends of SEO promotion in 2018. For this, we asked opinions from reputable representatives of popular companies:

  1. The most important changes in this type of activity for 2017?
  2. What to prepare in 2018, what to undertake, for confident self-perception in SEO-environment?

Such interesting, and in some cases useful comments followed:

Dmitry Kudinov, Head of Technical SEO

Significant innovations in 2017?

The first thing that needs to be noted globally on the search engines is a bid for the unique and practical use of sites by visitors. If we consider in detail the search, machine learning is gaining momentum. Artificial Intelligence is given a TOR – a search for information that satisfies human expectation as much as possible. This task is constantly being improved. The leaders in this race became Yandex. It all started with the demanding improvement of “Palekh”, which lined up correspondences by name and a limited number of similar elements. Baden-Baden did not appreciate seo-copywriters, it was replaced by the latest Korolev algorithm.

Now all the conditions have been created so that the resources for consumers bring maximum benefit and are unique. Another novelty that has entered and strengthened the market is actions aimed at user safety. In 2015, the problem of switching to HTTPS became acute, and now less than 10% of consumers think about it, and the remaining 90% have already switched and no longer return to this issue. It is the security of the transmitted data that should primarily take care of web professionals specializing in commerce.

This was greatly facilitated by Google, giving a plus to the ranking of sites with secure protocols, marking the release of an updated Google Chrome version 56. Another interesting detail that goes further with us is the AMP page. This is all designed to reduce the search time even at the minimum speed of the network connection. From the most significant, which lasts more than 5 years – semantic markup, with which bots understand the content of the page. And the default is mobile search optimization. In general, this is not news, but some so did not put in order sites for smartphones.

Internet marketing year after year increases its momentum, every day there are new technological solutions, tools for their implementation. Many are pursuing advanced technologies, forgetting that it is important to conform to fashion, but at the same time remain attractive and not lose their individuality. I really hope that the experts and managers of the sites will think about the main thing – their visitors and active users. Such a policy will lead to the creation and development of truly convenient and useful resources with a + sign.

As for the trends, they remain almost the same every year, only improvements are added. I recommend to highlight the main thing:

  • Adaptation sites. Initially, it is a comfortable use. Particularly acute is the issue of adaptability for smartphones.
  • High-speed (turbostranitsy) from Yandex. At the moment, this innovation is only gaining momentum, but in 2018 everything will remain stable, if we take into account the Google AMP.
  • Machine intelligence is improved annually, it can be traced to Google RankBrain and “Korolev” from Yandex. The next 12 months will focus on the quality of the search engine. Here is the time to start improving the content of the resource.

Significant innovations in 2017?

Global change is not observed. To all that has been, search engines have been deliberately going lately. Lost the relevance of thinking about the transition to https. All decided to move. Mobile traffic rises to incredible heights, in the AMP and PWA mods. Yandex follows Google, developing and improving instructions for assessing the quality of content. There are “Baden-Baden” and “Korolev”. Many resources received additional problems and tried to get out of the filter.

What trends are expected in 2018?

Increases quality search. Search engines are hard to fool and step over. The priority will be sites for people – “NLL”. Promotion in Yandex is no longer relevant, the whole emphasis is on the creation of high-quality expensive texts. Active users of Google will begin to accelerate their resources to rabid revolutions, trying to extract links from these well-promoted sites. Small wish: handle filters carefully. Automatic selection of a huge number of pages will no longer succeed. In such situations, it is better to completely curl up and gradually produce high quality.

Andrey Efremov, head of SEO-promotion department, digital agency Webit

SEO продвижение. Результаты 2017 года и ожидания от 2018

Significant innovations in 2017?

I made my own list of new products in SEO space for 2017:

  • Yandex’s specialization in increasing the visibility coefficient of a flexible ad corresponding to a page. Yandex brought out several serious amendments relating specifically to this — the fourth special placement and extended quick links. Innovations remain in the test version and refer to a small percentage of requests. It is possible that this will soon become the standard. The fourth placement reduced the CTR of organic results by an average of 20%. This is already noticeable, and if in the future Yandex allows, by general commercial requests, to issue detailed descriptions for high-speed references in the background environment, the downward movement will intensify.
  • Successful implementation of the calculation of “Baden-Baden”. The announcement took place in the spring of 2017. If to understand, this is a natural following of the re-optimization filter, which existed a few years ago. It must be metered to use it – exceeding the permitted limits is seriously punished and sites may suffer damage. This is a direct action of Baden-Baden. However, some still do not realize that the pages of their resources are in an underestimated state precisely because of re-optimization.
  • Development and implementation by Yandex of the Korolev algorithm. The presentation of the algorithm was unusual and large-scale, the announcement came in the fall of 2017. The impact on commercial searches is low. Maybe in the process of operation, it will appear stronger.

What trends are expected in 2018?

As mentioned earlier, Yandex with a new force notes that sometimes contextual advertising brings real benefits than promotion through search. In various subjects it is necessary to combine ways to attract the attention of the consumer. Part of Google in RuNet inexorably moves up, pushing on the thought of raising the visibility of the search engine using the connection Google Adwords.

We are smoothly approaching the fact that a beginning and even developing business in the open spaces of the network must be aware of and have an idea about the advertising flows that bring the greatest benefit and effect. Using this, you should correctly distribute resources between them. In other words, to conduct a deep analytical analysis. However, in order to achieve maximum utility in search engine promotion, purchasing links and placing text is not enough. It is necessary to know the points of maximum growth of a specific site, skillfully place priorities among them, understand and recognize competitors, appreciating their work.

SEO promotion. Results of 2017 and expectations from 2018

Significant innovations in 2017?

The most significant innovations in SEO in 2017, in terms of Yandex, were pessimization of sites, which is designed to improve the place in the search, but is not intended to help the guest with the selection of the necessary information. Launch of “Baden-Baden” created a real sensation among professionals, shook the minds of the agencies providing SEO-services. Those who are actively versed in today’s changing realities managed to fix working moments without problems, so as not to fall under the sanctions of Yandex.

Those at risk remain those whose knowledge is optimized and lost their “human” orientation. After the aforementioned algorithm, the Korolev continued the case. This is really a major breakthrough for the system itself and its active users. This is a real war with low-quality rewriting, copyright, cheap water articles, where one thought wanders in different interpretations according to different resources. As a result, you need to get a unique semantic entry. Quality copywriting requires a huge amount of resources.

In addition to all the clear advantages, in Yandex, the specific monetary policy of the search result is increasingly visible. This is indicated by an increase in the number of positions in the Directive for issuing, an increase in the number of search answers on page 1, other experiments on the location of cells with a paid issuance. Not so long ago there was a presentation of the possibility of launching campaigns in the Directive on issuing “without key phrases”. Here there is a concrete hint at expanding the consumer base of Yandex.Direct and reducing the cost of entering there, so as not to resort to the services of target organizations. Similar innovations were observed in Google. It is important that organic delivery does not fall out of sight. Otherwise, it will result in visitors not observing it. The situation has already occurred.

In 2017 came the rise of fashion for HTTPS. Google is actively involved in its promotion. The number of sites on this trend is growing inexorably. Two global systems are trying to experiment with instant playback of content on smartphones. There is a high probability that large news resources will be obliged to be developed specifically for AMP and Turbo. Commercial sites will consider new types of site presentation in the search. If all this does not find an extensive response in a short time, improvements will be minimized.

Rendering a full marketing cycle at that stage of development, when a quick, clear response to new products is simply necessary. If you stick to the old options, without regard to modern search engines, keys, functions, you can quickly get off the competitive distance. At the top of success will remain those who can adapt to the new trends, not copy colleagues, and create their own attempts to master resources. In 2018 end-to-end analytics will come into fashion. Such services will be in demand, there will be ample opportunities for new players. The minds of marketers will try to tie together offline and online. All changes begin with the internal systems of companies, and many are not ready for this. Naturally, Yandex wages war against spam.


Calculations are made, risks are thought out, the concept is built. It remains to wait. We will be the first to know which transformations will affect SEO in 2018. I would like to give one main advice – systematically monitor your resource, be aware of current information, do not allow competitors to bypass you in this race.

P.S. We sincerely want to meet at the end of next year and, looking back, to assess the relevance of the advice given by the experts. If you need help, write to us and we will be very happy to help you understand all the issues of concern.

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