SEO or contextual advertising: which is better?

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All work on the new site is finished and is it ready to work? Is it time to review an already running resource? At one stage in the life of each site, the question arises before its owner:

“How to attract the maximum number of users?”

On the Internet there are a lot of pages that offer similar services or products. How to make the buyer come to me?

SEO or contextual advertising: which is better?

And this is a matter of promotion. And, globally, it is of only two types:

  • Contextual advertising (Direct)
  • CEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Contextual promotion is the use of advertisements in search engines. They are shown to the user depending on the request. In this case, only the transition to the site is paid (pay per click). When you are looking for something, the paid resources will be displayed at the very top of the results page.

SEO is a set of actions aimed at external and internal optimization of a resource to increase its position in the issuance, improve conversion and usability.

A conclusion to the TOP search is made for key phrases related to the services or goods of your company.

Any entrepreneur has a fair question: “Which is better, CEO or direct?”

In short

SEO – the site through certain works is displayed in the first places of the search for key queries and is maintained at this position.

Contextual advertising – the site is in the first place as much as you are willing to pay for it.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Context is often used to increase sales today, but as soon as the budget is over, calls will stop. If the average check from one customer is low, then the income will be doubtful.

SEO or contextual advertising: which is better?

Another caveat to be aware of:

A click is not a purchase

Context cannot provide you with a conversion. If the product does not meet expectations, it is difficult to find and even more difficult to buy (the buyer needs to take an excessive number of actions), then you pay for the transition, do not receive the sale and go to minus.

So, optimization is necessary anyway

Before starting an advertising campaign, your online resource should:

  • Meet all Yandex and Google requirements
  • Be healthy and ready to receive users 24/7
  • Contain interesting content and unique texts that increase the time spent on it
  • Be in tight integration with social networks
  • Have an analytics system
  • Respond to queries in the TOP search in the most complete way

Investing in SEO is more profitable because you are buying not a temporary, but a permanent result

This method of promotion has other impressive advantages:

  • Customer trust. You are perceived not as advertising, but as a personal choice. Many users do not trust advertisements and prefer to find products themselves.
  • Coverage. You will get potential customers, regardless of the PS and the region. Advance in one – positions are growing everywhere.
  • Cost. If we summarize the cost of all the work and divide by the number of attracted audiences, it comes out much cheaper than contextual promotion.
  • Effect. You can’t work through a website once and it’s always on top. Of course, positions will be lost without support, but not sharply and with the possibility of quick “resuscitation” through elementary actions.

What does quality integrated promotion include?

In order for the CEO to work, it is necessary from 2 to 6 months, depending on the competitiveness of requests and the “neglect” of the resource.

Such a service cannot be cheap, as it takes the company to a completely new, previously inaccessible level of sales. Yes, it is sales, not simple visits.

SEO or contextual advertising: which is better?

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to carry out the following work:

  • Optimization at the zero stage. If the project is only in development, it is better to prepare a good technical specification and immediately introduce corrections and improvements that will help you become the best
  • Deep audit. Start by working on bugs. They can be both technical (related to programming), and informative (everything related to content and design). To increase conversion and ranking, these shortcomings are eliminated.
  • Usability audit. It tests how comfortable the site is for visitors. You should find strengths and weaknesses, analyze the chips of competitors and take what works successfully.
  • Link building. At this stage, the competitors backlinks from TOP5 are analyzed and a systematic list of blogs, portals, directories, etc. is developed to improve the quality of your link mass. Next, links are posted in semi-thematic articles, news blogs, social networks, job sites, and so on.
  • Leaving software filters. Few visitors? Perhaps the robots Yandex and Google blocked you for using incorrect promotion techniques or errors in the code.

Only such an integrated approach will help you not to buy each client, but to increase the flow of the target audience automatically, without constant intervention and cash investments.

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