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Today we will talk about a dozen of the latest programs designed to optimize the spent work resources of seo specialists. Improvement, development, verification, maintenance of content, pages, grouping keys and other useful functions that can fully automate the work with the site.

This rating is useful for both masters with many years of experience and newcomers in this direction. The article contains popular SEO services optimization, which will bring to the automatism most of the tasks assigned to the master, and increase the efficiency of obtaining information.


Service that has information about the trust not only of your resource, but also of a competitor. The presence of a scale of 100 points will show the level of confidence of search engines for your resource. From this directly depends on the order of placement of the web page in the search results. A nice bonus is the ability to apply link archives to work, having data on the boundary of their trust without spending time and energy.


A partially free SEO resource (there is a free one-time run, and after a price range from 390 to 1990 rubles per month) offers reports that are generated automatically, and transfer all the necessary source data for the SEO analysis of the website online. Yandex Metrics and Google Analytics pages are connected without any problems.


A complete set of various tools that allows you to work with:

  • Content and promotion. There are options for collecting data on your own name, technical verification of backlinks, various advantages for PR.
  • Social networks. Utilities for studying potential users in social networks, characterizing the level of customer engagement, research of relevant news, comparative characteristics of opponents, and so on.
  • SEO tools. Technical revision, research of competitors, observation of their own and the positions of the opponent, collection of the semantic core, link analyzers and more.
  • The amount of information. The ability to assess the volume of movement of the opposite side, improve and revise advertising campaigns, consider the central words and the originality of the methods of promotion.

Young base with a lot of necessary solutions for content owners. Perhaps the most important of them is the SEO run of the text for nausea, the percentage of water, spam, and a unique indicator. Also, here you can buy ready-made articles or order from the authors. Today this site is one of the most popular of its kind. This is the merit of advanced search algorithms.

Сервисы SEO оптимизации


Practical arrangement of semantic values, text exploration for options for raising in TOP 10 for searching, selection and drafting of technical tasks for authors and other attributes that ensure high-quality work with the main keywords. Free first 50 requests, each following from 18 to 60 kopecks for one search.

Online service aimed at the implementation of full technical supervision of the web page. It helps to identify the most important controversial issues in HTML coding, offers information on the development of the site, notes on future development. All tools are free. Can be used to evaluate competitors. Main functions:

  • Yandex and Google indexing tracking;
  • Research on the presence of prohibitions in search engines;
  • Definition of social activity and statistics of views;
  • Server data.


Service follow the frequency and frequency of growth, CTR site, steps in the issue, motion estimation and so on. Without any help, he can assess the quality of the pages, suggest meaningful phrases and words to improve his position, and show the data on the study of your positions in search engines.

An overview of commercial requests is also useful. automatic detection by search robots which of the masses are commerce. In addition, there are options for selecting the degree of conformity of pages to specific information of interest.

Сервисы SEO оптимизации


Developing resource, with options for links and advertising practices in well-known social networks. The administration of the resource personally selects advertisers and platforms. The risk of running into a dishonest advertiser or a page with purchased bots tends to zero. There is a commission of 10%. The target audience is more than 429 million people, and there are more than 12,000 sites. If necessary, there are options for setting up an advertising campaign with a full package of services, which reduces the work of a web specialist and increases quality.


It is a popular freelance platform. Here you can order the desired service for SEO, design, content filling at the lowest cost. Working with the stock exchange optimizes the time spent searching for and selecting a qualified performer, minimizes the chances to meet with the lack of professionalism of employees. The order of responses and the establishment of trust points for clients and freelancers are developed. On average, the time required to complete the task – a day and 6 hours. More than 85 thousand active users.


A set of tools is ideal for analyzing the competitive environment and using the collected information to improve the quality of their work. There is almost everything that is needed for SEO-optimization: snippets, ad texts, structured lists of basic requests, movement, budget of opponents. All information is based on Yandex and Google indicators.

All of the above resources are relatively new, but proven on hundreds of projects and millions of craftsmen.

A well-designed interface, ample opportunities, relevant data are all the main advantages of the presented SEO optimizers, which are designed to significantly and effectively reduce the work time of specialists, making the content unique and successful.

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