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To promote link building is still an urgent task. All SEO links are divided into paid and natural, internal and external. Internal linking is done inside the site. The fact is that the search engine algorithm automatically assigns its own weight to each file, and the link transfers part of it to its target. So this is a great way to increase the performance of individual sections, when ranking they fall into the TOP.

But more often, the term implies external hyperlinks that allow you to increase another indicator – TCI (thematic citation index). He came to SEO from the academic community, where the weight of the author is the higher, the more his work is referenced. Popularity in WEB is evaluated in the same way – when other resources suggest switching to yours, it is believed that it has an excellent degree of trust. Accordingly, it is better ranked.

However, this promotion over the past 4 years has undergone strong changes. Now buying hyperlinks is a delicate and even dangerous business for indexing.


Until 2015, building the TCI was one of the easiest options to get into the TOP. Many earned from the sale of publication space on their portal. It was a popular way to get rich doing nothing. Seoshniki mass purchased such anchors, reaching up to tens of thousands of pieces.

In 2015, Yandex introduced the Minusinsk filter in its algorithms, and Google introduced the Penguin filter. Their main task was to track the artificial increase of the trust through such actions. Thousands of websites got into the ban and lost their positions dramatically. Mass attempts began to abandon previously made acquisitions, but this did not always succeed – after all, I had to contact the owners of the sites and ask for everything to be removed.

After that, link promotion became completely different.

SEO links

What are the sanctions for?

Both Yandex and Google equally dislike paid SEO, tracking purchased links. Signs are a number of parameters.

  • The appearance of linking after creating the page.
  • Not in the text (in the basement, in the generated content).
  • Leads to a site of a different subject. For example, from a resource about cars to a furniture store.
  • There are a large number of articles and links on the site that are thematically different from each other. This is one of the signs of a commercial component.
  • The text is unnatural and has signs of spam.
  • Old ones are constantly changing or new external ones appear.
  • There was an instant increase in quantity.

Yandex offers a whole algorithm for withdrawing from sanctions, but it takes a long time. It is based on the rejection of all purchased hyperlinks. As already mentioned, it is quite difficult to do this. Therefore, the promotion should be neat and gradual, it is better if this is done by specialists who have experienced removing from Minusinsk and Penguin.


In addition to the already indicated external and internal, paid and free, links can be:

  • анкорные, в качестве текста используется ключ;
  • безанкорные, включают прямой URL адрес или слова «тут», «сюда», «здесь» и т.д.;
  • разбавленные, вместо прямой ключевой фразы вставляется естественное предложение, ее включающее («где купить вкусные красивые торты» и пр.).
  • anchor, the key is used as text;
  • non-anchor, include direct URL or the words “here”, “here”, “here”, etc .;
  • diluted, instead of a direct key phrase, a natural sentence is inserted, including it (“where to buy delicious beautiful cakes”, etc.).

The optimal ratio is 10% -80% -10%, respectively. In this case, search engines relate to the appearance of the link mass less strictly.

Another gradation is eternal and rented. In the first case, a thematic article is used, in which two or three links are added. The latter most often “hangs” in the basements, on the right in the news, or simply in a row, are placed in a heap of brothers in special blocks. They are paid on a regular basis. No payment – no link, so removing them is easier. But they harm harder. Recently, preference has been given to the eternal.

Where to buy

SEO buying links most often occurs on special exchanges:

  • eternal – Miralinks, Rotapost,,;
  • rent – Sape.

You can also find thematic websites and write directly to the administrator. This will come out cheaper, since you will not need to pay a commission to the intermediary (sometimes it’s half the cost of the service).

Features of site selection

The most difficult thing to buy is choosing the right donor. It must meet a number of conditions.

  • Attendance from 500 unique visitors per day (otherwise there is simply no point in wasting money – no one will see your article).
  • At least 200 indexed pages (in both search engines).
  • Presence in catalogs.
  • Age not less than a year.
  • Similar topics.

There are several more parameters (quality index, trust, TCI), but only a professional can correctly evaluate them depending on other factors.

The quality of the donor is the guarantee that you will not fall under sanctions!

How to make a purchase

On all exchanges, the process is approximately the same. On the example of Miralinks.

  • Setting up a filter that allows you to select options according to different criteria.
  • Choosing the right one.
  • heck through services, for example,
  • Filling out the application form (placement of the text of the article).
  • Waiting for moderation (30-60 seconds).
  • Payment (for this, the account must have money).
  • Waiting for accommodation.

You can control the status in your account. The placement period can take from 2 days to several weeks (this is indicated in the description).

The cost depends on the characteristics of the donor – from 50 rubles (plus commission) to several tens of thousands.

SEO links

This method is time consuming, but safer. Free hyperlinks can be obtained from various sources.

  • Партнерская площадка. Необходимо договориться с владельцами аналогичных сайтов о взаимном сотрудничестве и публикациях. Сложно, так как велик уровень недоверия.
  • Собственные блоги. На свободных хостингах создаются сайты, где публикуются статьи с линковкой. Минус – продвигать придется все, что обойдется дороже.
  • Каталоги. При SEO продвижении в них регистрируются в любом случае. Также нужно выбирать качественные и проверенные порталы.
  • Форумы. Сообщения со вставленными URL часто удаляют. Нужно иметь высокий статус и общаться постоянно, чтобы на хорошем форуме вас не забанили.
  • Социальные сети. Очень весомый фактор ранжирования. Вам потребуется вести свою группу и договориться другими. Можно заказать платное продвижение, но это уже выйдет за рамки «халявы».
  • Сервис «Вопрос-ответ». Ищите посты пользователей, в где в комментарии можно естественным адресом указать свой URL.
  • Комментарии к статьям. На авторитетных порталах рекламные сообщения удаляют, поэтому также нужно быть постоянным и активным участником.
  • Affiliate platform. It is necessary to agree with the owners of similar sites on mutual cooperation and publications. It’s difficult, because the level of distrust is high.
  • Own blogs. On free hosting sites are created where articles are published with a link. Minus – you have to promote everything that costs more.
  • Catalogs. With SEO promotion, they are registered in any case. You also need to choose high-quality and proven portals.
  • Forums. Messages with pasted URLs are often deleted. You need to have a high status and communicate constantly so that you are not banned in a good forum.
  • Social networks. A very significant ranking factor. You will need to lead your group and negotiate with others. You can order paid promotion, but it will already go beyond the “freebie.”
  • Service “Question-answer”. Look for user posts where you can specify your URL in a comment with a natural address.
  • Comments on articles. On reputable portals, advertising messages are deleted, so you also need to be a constant and active participant.

If your time is not worth a penny, then a great way is SEO. But for busy entrepreneurs, the assessment of time in financial terms is quite high, so independent work in this direction will be expensive and often inconclusive.

Secure build

Times with the simultaneous acquisition of several hundred hyperlinks are a thing of the past. Now this is being done gradually. Optimum and safe is considered 30-50 per month. The percentage of anchors was indicated above.

This approach takes a lot of time and requires extreme care. We recommend contacting professionals who clearly understand how the search engine works and why you can get under the filter.

We went through all the stages of SEO and are well acquainted with the nuances. Over 10 years, enough statistics have been accumulated on various business fields to understand how to safely and efficiently bring a website to the TOP. As part of the promotion of SEO links, we will do the following.

  • We will provide natural growth and linking with resources of a similar subject.
  • We select the best online services.
  • We organize gradual procurement on an ongoing basis.
  • We will find an approach to the owners of reputable sites and agree on publications.
  • We’ll write great articles that in themselves will be of interest to users – this will increase traffic, which is ultimately the goal.
  • Distribute the budget in the best way to get the maximum result.
  • We provide transparent and understandable reports on the work done.

There are enough thematic affiliate URLs in our database, so we will always find a great place for your links. The cost of the service depends on your budget – you decide how and how much to buy. Our manager at the first free consultation will provide a plan that will bring the best results. In addition, he will recommend additional services that will increase the indexing of even a young website and bring it to the top positions in the shortest possible time: audit, optimization, contextual advertising, SMM.

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