SEO analysis of competitors

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Competition exists in virtually all areas of business. By analyzing their work will be able to plan their own actions in such a way as to gain competitive advantages. Modern innovative technologies offer for this the best techniques, in particular – the analysis of the website.

In the business sphere, it is especially relevant to say that wise people should learn not from their own, but from others’ mistakes. Of course, it will not be possible to prevent everything, but not repeating what competitors are doing is a great way to success. Analyzing their web resources contributes to the development of new and improved old marketing techniques, to determine the design features that most interest users.

SEO analysis of competitors

When conducting SEO analysis, it is necessary to evaluate the external and internal optimization of sites. The external links include backlinks and their anchors. The internal ones include the applicable key queries, structure and content, usability. And the question remains – what details to pay attention to get the most useful information.

SEO-analysis of external competitive hyperlinks significantly simplifies the search procedure for donor sites. After all, why spend time on the selection of web resources that represent the interests of the user audience, if this is already engaged in another? And besides, you should not get involved with those from whom the minimum benefit, and they also quickly found during the study.

With the help of specialized services, it will be possible to find out the number, type of hyperlinks (texts, images or banners), as well as they are permanent or only for a while. This information will help you find the most promising resources for donation. Prefer should be only those who have increased confidence and a small number of outbound links.

SEO analysis of competitors

The content of anchor links, in the first place, allows you to identify the keys, some are most often used by competitors, and also to determine which requests are missing specifically in your strategy.

How the opponents dilute the reference content – this is also quite useful and relevant information. Understanding which side they serve themselves, you will manage to create your own unique and inimitable style, as well as to ensure that the brand becomes recognizable.

Equally important is not only the anchor itself, but also the text surrounding it. Search engine robots take it into account when ranking, so keywords should also be searched for in it.

SEO analysis of competitors


The role of key requests is also huge, and therefore their analysis should be carried out in all possible directions. One of the existing – anchors that were previously mentioned. There are two more that are of great importance – the presence of keywords in the meta tags, as well as their number when present in the search. Calculate these, as well as other indicators help in a special way developed programs, as well as extensions used by browsers.

Website structure

The way internal communication is built and how well the semantic core is designed has a significant impact on two parameters simultaneously: it makes operation more convenient and speeds up the indexing by search engine robots. Therefore, SEO analysis of the structure of rivals will help to further optimize your site correctly. Of course, due attention should be paid to the following factors:

  • Principles of kernel distribution;
  • Building categories;
  • Internal form of communication;
  • Nesting level indicator.
SEO analysis of competitors


From the quality of filling directly depends on the ranking of search engines. When adding content to the site, you should correctly consider the competition. It is necessary that you have contained not the worst information. And for this you should turn to special programs and pay attention to:

  • Volume of texts placed;
  • Entry of keywords;
  • The uniqueness of the articles;
  • Headings and subheadings;
  • The number, resolution, as well as the dimensions of the inserted images.
SEO analysis of competitors


In this direction, it is especially difficult to carry out SEO analysis, because it cannot become automatic in any of the parts. It will be required to study in detail the competing resources for ease of viewing. However, this action is essential because users will choose you if they feel comfortable.

First of all, you need to analyze the top and bottom, as well as a page with answers to frequently asked questions, a feedback form. If we are talking about online stores, then you should not miss the design of the basket, cards of each product and tools to help make the right choice. The most successful ones can be easily applied to your site, and at the expense of unsuccessful ones you can emphasize the advantages.

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