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Recommendations for the effective promotion of a web resource to the first places of search results

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In order to attract as many visitors as possible and increase traffic, it is necessary to bring the resource to the tops of the search engines. Thus, it is always possible to attract a large number of visitors to the target audience. On the Internet there are a lot of articles that describe ways to improve ranking. Here are collected time-tested, effective options and effective techniques of promotion.

Recommendations for the effective promotion of a web resource to the first places of search results

Basic tips for promoting a resource

There are several extremely important recommendations that will help promote the site to the first place of extradition. Below we consider the main, without which it can not do.

Using keys in tags

Not only text affects the page ranking process. Meta tags also affect this. As for the title, it is necessary to enter the keys in it. This should not affect readability, because the search results should have a well readable title.

Still need to take into account the individual features of each search engine. For example, Google will give only 70 characters (about 7-8 words), so you should fit into this value, or contain the main information at the beginning. And after 12 words, Google will not even index the keys in the title.

Recommendations for the effective promotion of a web resource to the first places of search results

Customize Robots.txt

Using this file, it is easy to keep track of which sections of the resource, its pages, were visited by search robots.

Alt Attribute – Application Tips

Many in the description of the picture try to accommodate a maximum of keys, but this is the wrong approach. Robots do not know how to read the image, but they recognize the attribute. If the content does not match the page of the site – this is bad. Therefore, you can enter the keys adequate for a particular web page.

Work on links

Many people do not think when inserting a link into the text, and often use the words in front of it “see here” “by reference”, “here”. Anchors are made of them – active links, clicking on which the visitor goes to the site. This way of inserting a link is harmful, because you need to accurately convey where the link leads.

In addition, the length should not be more than 55 characters. This is an important factor affecting link performance.

Рекомендации по эффективному продвижению веб-ресурса на первые места поисковой выдачи

Quality links to your resource

Any SEO knows that a large number of links to your resource has a beneficial effect on traffic and ranking. But besides this, you need to be extremely careful when choosing donors. The ranking-algorithm depends on them.

If unreliable sites, spammers, and periodically blocked resources are chosen as a site for hosting sites, then this leads to negative consequences. For example, Google punishes such resources. It should be borne in mind that if there are more than 100 external links on a page, then their robot will not have time to check.

Tag Application Rules

Tags are categorized by importance and should be used according to special rules:

  • The h1 header can be used only once per page, twice or more is prohibited.
  • H2-h6 tags are not limited and can be used as desired.

Properly use the introductory paragraph.

The search engine robot considers the very first paragraph to be something like a summary. Therefore, fit into it the most basic keys. The main key phrase should be in the first sentences.

Рекомендации по эффективному продвижению веб-ресурса на первые места поисковой выдачи

Normal resource operation

Not only for robots, but also for humans, it is preferable that all pages open, work normally, load along with pictures.

Therefore, you need to monitor the page loading time, broken links and other factors affecting the functionality.

Pay attention to URL

The page address should be suitable not only for robots, but also for the visitor. It should be easy to read, consistent with the content of the page and preferably include keywords.

Improving usability of the resource

Ease of use of the site primarily affects its popularity among users. A simple interface, clear and easy navigation, interesting content and a minimum of advertising are components that can attract a maximum of visitors.

Design also plays a big role in the development of popularity and promotion. older versions need to be updated.

These are the main areas that require careful study. To obtain a good result, it is necessary to take into account all possible circumstances.

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