Quiz website is what it is and how to promote it

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Let’s put the dots right from the start and see what it is and how to promote it? Translated from English, quiz means “quiz”. This is one of the types of tools for increasing the conversion of a resource and attracting users, which often represents a test or survey.

In the English-speaking Internet, the use of quizzes is very common for promoting goods. In RuNet, this practice is just beginning to gain momentum.

We have been implementing them in practice for about a year for those who want more sales from their Landing page.

Quiz website is what it is and how to promote it

This is a five-minute trend, which means that it would be better for you to introduce it now, while people are not yet over-saturated and do not become annoyed like a teaser or banner.

So, the first thing to start with is that this type of site is introduced to create a successful conversion of guests into leads. Our “modest” statistics shows that it is able to increase performance by 2-3 times. It turns out that if you just “repack” the landing page in quiz, even without changing the content and copywriting, it will bring much better results. But, this is not a panacea! In principle, we are more likely not to redo the landing, but run them in parallel. The questionnaire will help earn leads through surveys and increase conversion. The basic idea is this: not to break down what is already there, but to build something new next to it. And only if one of them shows a higher response, “kill” the second. For evaluative analytics, it is better to make a sample for a period of at least six months.

With the sentence above, we wrote a “questionnaire,” but this is not entirely true. This is not always a poll. There are various examples of how to engage the opponent in the game. And this is in the quiz – the most important. If a landing page has one task – to tell, what an awesome company and what a super product, then with the help of questions we kill several birds with one stone:

  • find out what hurts the client, what he likes
  • collect statistics of opinions and preferences of Central Asia
  • involved in the sale (play)

And this is exactly the last point that any marketer knows about and provides a high probability of closing.

For example, consider the landing page of English courses.

Quiz website is what it is and how to promote it

At first glance – cool. But, many will doubt that: Why do I need a free lesson? And what is the level of language in this lesson? “Hello, my name is” – I can say that already. How would I remake this in EIT? Well, for example, I would add the option “Take the test and you will know your level of English” or “Test your knowledge and determine how many lessons you lack to communicate freely with the indigenous English”. After pressing the button, the user goes to the page with simple tasks and selects the correct answers, reading at the end of his result, something like “Congratulations, you already have basic knowledge, but you make typical mistakes that you can learn to avoid and go to the level” FREE SPEAKING ”for just 10 online classes. Sign up now and get a 5% discount on the entire course. ”

I am a thousand percent sure that this would increase the conversion at least twice.

How and why did the quiz appear?

Standard landing already exist for a long time. In some areas they even managed to become irrelevant. That is why marketers had to think about how to improve them in order to generate more completed leads. So calculators were introduced. We all of you, we are sure, met such sites on the order of metal-plastic windows, doors, furniture, and so on.

Quiz website is what it is and how to promote it

After this feature became publicly available, some began to go further and implement real designers. For example, buying a sofa, you can not only calculate the cost, but also try on different types of fabric, colors and see how it looks in different interiors. And you no longer simply choose upholstered furniture, but play an improvised game. The chances that a person will make a purchase (leave a request with contact details) after that – much higher.

But, we believe that this is not a full-fledged questionnaire, but a kind of transitional stage, on which many have stopped. Now we will tell you why it was necessary to go further. The difference of quotes is that you are not staying on one page, go to the new block after the previous one is closed (answer, choice of option). The structure is more complicated, since for each option a separate page is created in order to form a test with the final predicted result.

Quiz website is what it is and how to promote it

How to use such sites?

So, we have already clarified that quiz is interesting for users and marketers like for their efficiency. Now we will discuss where to apply and why? What goals will it help to achieve?

  • Generate and interest your target audience
  • Increase sales
  • Get to know your target audience
  • Distribute the base into segments according to various factors (if the necessary segments and relevant questions are asked at the design stage)
  • To establish a communication channel.
  • Hear opinions about your new products, services or offers
  • Learn to predict the effect of advertising campaigns due to the data
  • Attract traffic from social networks (how we do it further)

And most importantly, for which this tool is so loved by everyone – it stirs up “cold” customers. You do not bust your goods right in the face of people, but after passing the survey, they are already “cushy”, configured to interact and involved in the purchase.

And also, importantly, you can elegantly cut off those with whom you do not want to cooperate. For example, you have a niche expensive product that only a few can afford. You can hide prices, giving them out only in exchange for contacts, or you can just competently make a quiz that will help not to waste time on customers who do not agree with your price or are not able to pay it at all.

Which is better: long or short?

Permanent subject of disputes – the length of the page. Let’s turn on the logic: if a person finds you through a search engine, reads articles and leaves a request – he is considered hot. That is, he wants to purchase a product or service after reading the content. With landing and quiz pages the situation changes. To promote them, commercial advertising is used. And this means that a bunch of unheated customers appear who do not think that they need something very much.

In such situations, the quiz page enters the battle. Of course, it processes well “lukewarm” buyers, but in the sphere of communication with a cold audience it has no equal. If your area involves working with cold traffic, then we definitely recommend making a short questionnaire that will contain brief target actions, one for each module.

At the same time there is a direct relationship. In this case, the company will begin to receive a greater number of applications. And if you create a long quiz with detailed content – there will be much less willing people, but the chances of a conversion will increase. This is obvious – if a person has finished reading and left the data, then he is definitely interested in the proposal. We would recommend attaching such a “test” to the main resource and using it so that people spend more time here, increasing CEO in many respects.

So, we bet on what is in priority:

  • A short one is suitable for those who care about the amount of feedback. For example, if you fill the base.
  • Long – to increase interest and close.

Hint: if your resource has a price table (price list), then we advise you to think about creating a poll instead, which will interest people more.

Quiz website is what it is and how to promote it

Implementation process

Again, before introducing, it should be clearly defined for what audience this is being done and for what purpose. The construction takes place in several stages:

1. Choose a task that is required to solve with it. Based on this, there are two types of this tool:

  • offer for individual sale
  • customer problem solving

What is the difference? The first type needs warming up, the second is ready to purchase.

2. Find your lead magnet. This could be a cool headline, a USP, a provocation, or an interesting paradox.

3. Register a subtitle. In it we already actively paint the benefits of the test and put a bright invocation button. For clarity, let’s take an example: “To become younger without surgery and injections? It’s real! ”Pass and find out what a real return of your skin. In the end, be sure to add something like“ get 10% discount on the procedure ”.

4. Planning questions. Taking out of my head is extremely presumptuous. They must be real, swim out of successful cases and real cases that arise before the purchase. At a minimum, conduct a newsletter, and the opinions of the respondents will allow you to create a really sensible survey.

5. Finish lead-closing. So, we need the guest data. General practice suggests opening a summary page in exchange for mail or phone. This is good, but be careful – it will not suit every direction. Sometimes it is more relevant to immediately issue a result, and Contacts get in exchange for a discount or a gift. And here, it would seem, the end. But no.

6. We are testing. There is no difference from other methods. Ideally, we create a pilot version and show it to friends and relatives. What we want to know: Reaction – do they like the presentation, is there a desire to share? Was there a desire to “test” again to read other options? How long do you have to think about the answer? Isn’t it boring? Can cut or change?


How to make this site get to the “end user”?

There are quite obvious methods for this:

  • Contextual Promotion
  • Social Network Targeting
  • SEO

We hope we did not surprise you – this is understandable.

Therefore, further catch the “secret chip”, how to promote inexpensively and effectively. Social Networks Place quiz on the base resource. There we place buttons for sharing in networks. Make the results interesting and beautiful so that you want to share them. Something like:

“Congratulations, your skin is very young! You properly courted her, and we are sure that you often receive compliments! Pass only supporting procedures. ”

This will have a viral effect and other girls will also want to “brag” or evaluate how things are with their skin. You can also throw off the post in Facebook chronicle and secure vkontakte. Zheleznoe works fixed test in the Facebook community.

What are the main benefits?

We have already covered the obvious advantages of quiz sites. Now let’s talk about not so obvious. You can use the information you received to analyze the status of your target audience. What does she want? What hurts her? You can make an avatar of your customer, and even divide it by age or any other factor. This will be the most useful beacon in the planning of any advertising campaign.

For the collection of these data, enterprises pay hundreds of thousands, and you just analyze the passage of the questionnaires. Therefore, this tool a priori can not be called useless. Even if the deal did not end with the purchase, you received the information.

Quiz website is what it is and how to promote it

Another plus is the additional Advertising in networks. Surprisingly, many adore these “testiki” and gladly share them in your profile. It looks like a non-binding entertainment, but a way to pass the 15 minutes of work time. And from myself, without expecting a person to become involved.

Designers or professional help?

When you have planned for yourself what you want to achieve, choose how the quiz page will be created. In fact, this will be enough for one day without taking into account the mechanical implementation of the TZ. So, you can contact a specialist or an agency, or you can try to dazzle it using special constructors.

Definitely tell you that one of the options we can not better. Perhaps the game is worth the candle. If you have a large serious business, you are waiting for returns with high profitability and all advertising content is professional – the choice is obvious. Well, if you only heard about it today and want to try without serious expectations, you can also construct it.

This is not scary and absolutely not difficult, the main thing is not to make mistakes due to inexperience. Newbies can still refer to “friends-friends”, but we strongly advise you to take the program part from the list at the end of the chapter.

We set a goal and defined important parameters with which this service should respond:

  • Ability to analyze each of the stages of creation
  • Functionality that allows you to embed it on your resource
  • Access to edit answers and questions
  • Access to different types of fields
  • CRM Integration

If you have any other important requirements in practice, or we have missed something, write in the comments. Very interesting!

Here are a few designers with a good reputation and wide functionality, which you can look at:

  • Marquiz;
  • Fyrebox;
  • Envybox;
  • LPMotor;
  • QuizMake;
  • Flexbe;
  • Enquiz.

Your choice (waiting in the comments)

To summarize, the main thing that should worry you after launching a quiz is “how to serve new customers efficiently?” The format of the monologue, unfortunately, does not give us the opportunity to discuss the nuances, therefore write or contact us for further advice.

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