Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

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Consultations on the promotion of the resource to the western segment have become extremely relevant and in demand. Of course, there are nuances that are identical with the rules of domestic markets, but there are also fundamental differences that must be taken into account in order to achieve the desired positions and not stumble upon search engine filters.

So, you have already reached the ceiling in the Russian-speaking direction, having received huge traffic and a steady income, or do you not see yourself at all in the expanses of the RuNet? What to do? It is time to do promotion to the Western segment and its organization.

Canada, the United Kingdom, the States and the west of Europe are undoubtedly considered the top directions among experts. But much depends on the product that you are going to offer – you need to soberly assess its relevance.

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

Demanded and successful will be:

  • bulk raw materials
  • tourism to post-soviet countries
  • language schools for foreigners
  • online services
  • unique product (designer products, fabrics, eco-friendly food)
  • IT

In order to assess the relevance, you can tritely analyze traffic from abroad using Google Analytics or Yandex Metrics. You can see what percentage of visitors belong to a particular country. If it has already interested users, for example from Germany, more because of any features of the product and mentality, then this segment should be paid attention to first.

Viewing reports with differentiation by geographical principle in Yandex

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

In Google

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

In the chosen direction, you can also analyze competitors and the frequency of key inquiries by country using the SEMrush service.

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

Well, or, as the most elementary way – to evaluate the issue on the desired request and simply browse the websites of those in the top.

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

Evaluating competitors and their resources is extremely important: look at the data feed, additional service, page structure, menus, etc., and only then think about your promotion plan.

Thus, you can draw conclusions and think up a further plan for the promotion of your web platform.

The main factors influencing the quality of promotion in the west

The algorithm of online brand promotion to foreign markets will be based on both internal and external optimization.

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization


In order to go to foreign TOP inevitably have to improve the filling of your resource. Below we describe the minimum set of manipulations that cannot be avoided when it is created or modified for new customers.

  1. First, make up competent SYa and map relevance. These tools will help us in the future to properly arrange key phrases on the pages, as well as set the general direction for the content and development of a web resource.

The presence of keys in the Headers and Description of the domain, as well as in its address, will increase the visibility of the site and will prompt search robots that you have useful information for the user.

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization
  1. Speaking of domain, we recommend to stop on the simplest name in the style, as they are ranked much better subdomains. Backlinks will get much easier, but the potential target audience will trust this address more. Ideally for everyone region, a separate domain (.de, .fr, .it, etc.) is created on the corresponding language.
  1. This section is worth saying about meta tags , which many owners ignore unknowingly. If you list in them top key requests, search engines will recognize the Internet resource much more active, and also you will have a beautiful snippet in the search (description, which forms the system. About how you can influence snippets without being programmer, and catch at the expense of this position, we told here). But not insert the keys mindlessly, as perespam and lack of logical connection play with you a cruel joke.
Promotion to the Western segment and its organization
  1. You will need high-quality and literate text written native speaker. As in the internal segment, the same requirements apply. A good SEO text should have correctly placed headers H1, H2 … and be 100% unique. The text must be correctly placed keys “water” and “nausea (frequently repeated words and tautologies)” are excluded. Well, if the content will be applied cross-links, and the pages will not be removed from the main by more than three steps.
  1. Optimize download speed. By Last research based on search engine analytics if the website is does not load for 3 seconds, 70% of users do not wait and return to home page issue. Moreover, 80 of them will never come to you again. again. And this means that you will forever lose traffic without even having time to share its with your super best deal. Thanks to the resource PageSpeed ​​Insights You can analyze the problems of loading the site, find flaws and speed things up. Bring performance to at least the orange zone.
Promotion to the Western segment and its organization
  1. Marking images. If you install ALT attributes for all images that are used in the content, then the search systems will recognize the content of the page, as well as additional traffic from those & nbsp; looking for images.
  1. Be sure to clean the web resource from broken links and duplicate pages. They cause 404 errors, wrong indexing and negative trends from search engines.
  1. A new, not yet mastered trend – adjustment to voice search . The fact is that today landline and mobile traffic almost equaled, and many who use smartphones are looking for information using voice commands. This is a tribute to the development of new-fangled technology. Exactly therefore, the content should be customized and under the phrases that people often use with voice commands.
Promotion to the Western segment and its organization
  1. The next item is also a tribute to the rapidly gaining momentum to the “mobile” internet. It’s foolish to lose 50% of users. A dynamic world solve questions by phone. Including make a purchase. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ADAPT A SITE UNDER MOBILE DEVICES, and better to create Accelerated Mobile Pages accelerated. Not only is the lack pop-up windows and a convenient menu increases usability, so also The presence of AMP boosts the web page in the issue. This is especially true for news portals and content databases, such as blogs, which are always displayed over the rest of the issue, as they give specific answers to the search query user, and therefore the probability of transition is extremely high.

Most of the popular designers already have in their arsenal the tools to create the MW directly in the process of constructing the site.

  1. Social buttons and sharing. The “share” function – it is always an additional opportunity to distribute brand information and attract new audience at the expense of already established.
  1. Setting up robots and sitemap is another underestimated functionality that fundamentally changes the indexing position. If a You have not taken care of sitemap.xml and robots.txt, recommend fixing it.
Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

Use Google Webmaster to check how bots see a website. By running the scan tool, you will see what is displayed incorrectly or not at all. Sometimes, errors in programming and layout can lead to unpleasant incidents, such as the lack of a “buy” button in the mobile version of the online store. Everyone is waiting for sales, but they are not.


In the Western market, Google takes the lion’s share of the traffic, the rest is shared between Bing and Yahoo (if we are talking about China, then you need to work. Baidu). So when developing a strategy, we will be guided by their requirements.

As in runet, the presence of external links plays a significant role in ranking. But, for such links there is a certain set of requirements. First of all, the quality and thematic direction of the place where the reference mass is located is important. You should not increase links on resources that are not related to the direction of your business.

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

To increase the significance and influence on the rating, the word or phrase that is consonant with the title or page keys should be entered in the anchor.

Another important point is the speed of building. There is such a thing as a “reference explosion”, which can lead to a resource being blocked by search engines.

If we are talking about the reference mass, then the priority is quality than quantity.

This section does not hurt to mention crowd marketing. It will help to get a natural increase, popularity and create a brand that will interest even more buyers, which ultimately will promote the visibility of the website in Google.

The next step in external optimization is brand promotion using the SMM toolkit. We need to work on the promotion of groups in social networks. Be sure to configure the function of broadcasting from the news feed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram.

The more information about the company, the more interest it causes and the higher its position

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

Google and Bing settings

In both systems, you should work with the Webmaster. They have similar functionality.

One of the key settings is targeting by country. It will help the site to go to the top with geographic queries.

Immediately clarify that the installation of the region is relevant for domains with the address .org and .com.

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

Geotargeting settings affect not only the entire site, but are also relevant for certain pages or directories.

Another important element is the design in Google Business. This increases customer confidence and also has a positive effect on the rating.

It can be developed by adding photos, positive reviews and ratings, a detailed description of the company, working hours, providing contact details, locations on the map and so on.

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

How to start driving traffic?

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

So, you have configured your web resource, posted the right content, publications in networks, but there is almost no traffic. Of course, there is nowhere to wait for it, since it has yet to be formed. This will help us contextual advertising.

But, before you start an advertising campaign through Direct, make sure that you are ready to receive the target audience and sell them what you want. Ensure that the entire sales cycle is real and can be completed.

Before you start “in an adult”, we recommend testing your offer on the western segment with the help of the landing page. After you evaluate your strengths, do the work on the mistakes (and they definitely are), then invest money in advertising, which costs a lot abroad.

Promotion to the Western segment and its organization

To start, work low-frequency and mid-frequency keys, under which and set up landing pages. We use for this semantics, which you received at the starting stages of work. MF and LF help to save on promo and at the same time get a higher percentage of conversion.


In addition to all the above, we remind about the obvious things – the visual and technical component is extremely important. Entering new segments abroad should be only with a quality product and beautiful packaging in the form of good usability.

And if you take into account our tips on settings in Google, promotion in social networks, corrections in the functionality of the web page, you have every chance. But if you are not sure about your strategy and technical capabilities, or if you need a new website, we will always be happy to help. Contact us.

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