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Procedure for auditing content and increasing organic traffic

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Do you practice content auditing? In a situation when the described action is not your strong point, we want to upset you. This event is extremely important, especially if your site consists of a large number of pages. The fact is that over time, as a rule, the uniqueness of the text content and its relevance also decrease. As a result, publications lose the ability to bring you, as the owner, traffic. And since the pages no longer respond to user inquiries, the behavioral factor deteriorates significantly. As a result, the position of the resource may be reduced in the issue. You don’t need such a situation, right? That is why we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the translation of the guide (Joshua Hardwick), which describes in detail how to conduct this very audit of the content. Here you will find an interesting option to automate this procedure, which will simplify the routine process. Enjoy reading!

We did a content audit last year. In the course of his blog was removed 31% of articles. Already two months later, the traffic increased to the rate of 70,816 visitors per month from 65,835.

That is, despite the fact that the content has been reduced by a third, the performance has become much higher.

Increased traffic has been observed and Siege Media. After one client had 15% of content cut, traffic increased by about 50%.

Процедура проведения аудита контента и увеличения органического трафика

Robbie Richards used the same method when he raised the rating of his client’s site by as much as 79 percent.

Процедура проведения аудита контента и увеличения органического трафика

From this post you will learn how to properly conduct an audit of the content, make the process automatic so that you don’t spend a lot of time on it in the future.

Content audit what is it?

The concept implies a procedure for analyzing the effectiveness of the content available on the site. After receiving the results, you decide how to proceed with it further – update, delete, do not change anything at all, or redirect the traffic from a specific article to somewhere.

What we get in the end – an improved resource with a minimum number of pages with poor-quality material. Since you have removed all unnecessary, the site will begin to respond better to user requests.

For example, we will show the record deleted (one of them):

Процедура проведения аудита контента и увеличения органического трафика

The text is small in size, and the post was created more than two years ago. Consequently, it was uninformative for humans, which was the cause of low traffic.

Процедура проведения аудита контента и увеличения органического трафика

How to conduct a content audit procedure

You can, of course, assume that such a result is a banal coincidence, but it is not. Let us explain why.

Initially, you need to be prepared for the fact that content audit on a resource is a long procedure. But such your action indicates that the site is important to you, you take care of it, take part in various marketing moves.

A similar opinion and the representative of Google, John Muller. He believes that when there are substandard pages on the resource, each of the solutions to correct the situation will benefit. This may be the removal of all content or its partial (full) update.

Процедура проведения аудита контента и увеличения органического трафика

You can use it when conducting a page by page audit. Remember that you need a tool to gather analytical information.

To make it clearer, we will show how this is done, based on article 75 SEO tips. First, let’s see if the page has high traffic, although you can choose your own value. As for the example, let’s talk here: provided that over the past year at least one person has looked through the article, the indicators are considered normal:

Данные за двенадцать месяцев:

Процедура проведения аудита контента и увеличения органического трафика

The result meets the criteria. Now let’s see if we get organic traffic or not.

Процедура проведения аудита контента и увеличения органического трафика

The answer is yes.

Based on this, we do not change anything, do not remove, do not redirect, and so on.

Refresh page or redirect 301

A recommendation is needed when:

  • there is not enough traffic regardless of the source;
  • there is even one link processed.

How to proceed? It can be said that the decision is made according to your own wishes. But, according to John Muller, the best solution would be to improve the content, if such an opportunity exists.

We conclude that the correct option is to upgrade and do better. Delete or redirect are the latest methods of correcting the situation.

As an exit – association. You can combine a couple of three posts of the same subject and add to the content of higher quality. As a result, instead of three low-quality articles, we get one unique and effective one.

Процедура проведения аудита контента и увеличения органического трафика

Our recommendation: it makes sense to update the content, to do it better, in the case when the resource is sharpened under the correct keyword regarding the issue. Thus, the efficiency will be increased, as well as we need indicators from organic chemistry will increase.

In the past year, in the course of the audit, we saw that the traffic indicators (organic) from Google significantly fell on the content of the “Top Search Queries”.

“top searches on google” is the main search phrase. In the US, the frequency (monthly) is 3500. We decided to upgrade. The result is in front of you:

Процедура проведения аудита контента и увеличения органического трафика

The growth in traffic due to our actions was 500 percent.

Removal (404)

The procedure is justified in the following cases:

  • regardless of the source of traffic to the page does not arrive;
  • no backlinks.

This page can be safely removed.

But, during the audit, we did not put anywhere 404 error. Instead, they used redirect 301, the visitor was redirected to the following pages of the resource.

That is, after the removal of the page they set the redirect to the home page.

The need for such an approach can not be called, but for us it was the most suitable option of all. There is evidence that the redirect to not entirely relevant page addresses is viewed by Google as 404 in a relaxed form. That is why we recommend matching pages 404 to the parameters described above.

Manually review or manual analysis

Information is relevant if:

  • the flow of traffic to the page is sufficient;
  • of organics, indicators are low or nonexistent.

Here the situation is more complicated. You can do the following:

We do not change anything: business-relevant content – a page that brings sales and conversions, or with contact information.

Noindex: it is very rarely allowed to leave traffic coming from another source / sources, but indexing is not performed, for example, in the case of split testing. Be warned – be very careful about this option. It is better not to do than to do something about which you know nothing.

Update: the page will not have traffic from other sources if it does not represent value. The problem may lie in the lack of optimization for the keyword with the desired frequency. Need to see if there is another key, more relevant. This gives a chance for higher rates of organic traffic.

301 redirect or unchanged: most likely, on your resource there will be a page with limited traffic indicators. According to the logic of things, a redirect is appropriate here (traffic will be redirected to it). Links will help to concentrate all attention on it.

Conclusion: never delete this or that page or use redirects without checking it manually. Otherwise, you can not avoid enough unpleasant consequences.

Процедура проведения аудита контента и увеличения органического трафика


The audit procedure should be carried out with a certain frequency. This will protect the resource from poor quality material that negatively affects SEO.

Do not forget about common sense. Automatic actions significantly speed up the workflow, but in some cases it is important to double-check manually. Without making a check, do not make adjustments.

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