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If a person needs any information on the network, he asks for it. Next, a search engine, for example, Google or any other gives him a list of relevant resources. How does the search system determine the relevance of the content? One of the main aspects is the compliance of the text posted on the site with the user’s request. Using keywords, we focus the car on the interests of the user and show that this is exactly what he needs. Where exactly should the keys be on the page? How many of them are needed? How to enter them correctly? All this we consider in our material.

What the search engines recommend

In the “Website Development Guidelines”, Yandex draws attention to how important the entered keywords are. Here it is indicated that in the search results of the requested material, the position of the resource is greatly influenced by the fact that the content placed on it corresponds to the request itself. Not bypassed this issue and Google. In his SEO guide, he recommends not ignoring keywords. The advice is that the words and remarks should be thought out in advance, according to which people will look for information, and, accordingly, they need to be written in the text.

Where are keywords required?

The correctness of the definition of the content of your page depends on the added keys. They must be present:

  • in Title and Descript;
  • in the title;
  • Alt and Title (for pictures);
  • in the domain name;
  • in the article;
  • in the URL;
  • in file names;
  • in the subtitles of all levels.

Let’s talk about all of the above.

Подготовка страниц сайта под запросы поисковых систем

Domain name

A selection of a domain name must be paired with a piece of the main keyword or with a whole key, it must go in there. So you kill two birds with one stone. The search engine will quickly determine the specificity of the resource, visitors will understand in which field of activity you are working.

Подготовка страниц сайта под запросы поисковых систем

“Talking” domains “bike shop Moscow” in the TOP

The use of keys in this case is possible in the English version or in transliteration.

Page URL

In order for the URL to be generated, in automatic mode based on the h1 header, you need to configure the CNC on the resource. In this case, you can also manually specify the address.

Подготовка страниц сайта под запросы поисковых систем

CNC based on h1 header

Such solutions are presented and search engines, and people much more data. In another case, meaningful information that is important to a person or a search engine is not transmitted.

Подготовка страниц сайта под запросы поисковых систем

Title and Descript

The above is not a rule, but mostly useful tips. With respect to tags and meta tags, this does not work. In this case, search engines pay great attention to what the Title and Description consist of, and, of course, take into account when evaluating relevance. Did you forget to fill in the Description? In the special line for the webmaster you will see a notification from Yandex:

Подготовка страниц сайта под запросы поисковых систем

Title – the title displayed when the result is displayed. The most suitable length is approximately 60 characters with spaces. It is important to add the main replica, which can most accurately identify the essence. The key must be placed at the very beginning.

Description – abbreviated description of the content. If we talk about Google, the meta tag is reflected in the snippet. Another situation with Yandex. It takes into account everything when relevance is determined, but takes on the formation of a snippet.

Подготовка страниц сайта под запросы поисковых систем

Optimized Title and Description in HTML Code

Ideally, the Descript should be up to three hundred characters long. A description of a pair of key entries is allowed. It is important that the basic information is submitted first, in the first 160-170 characters. Such a length of the Description is displayed in the snippet, if Yandex determines that it needs to show it.

What not to do when entering the keys:

  • repeat some keywords;
  • list the keys without explanation;
  • post irrelevant keywords, thereby misleading people;
  • make spelling and punctuation errors.

H1 header

If Title is not displayed, then with this title the opposite is true. It is his page visitor who sees before the article. You do not need to repeat the same in h1 as in the tag. This is especially true when working with online stores. With identical Title and title, search engines regard them as a way of manipulation. To prevent such a situation from occurring, it is recommended to use common forms of keywords in H1, as opposed to Title. This approach is more effective. Learn detailed information about how the headers are formed, as well as all about their characteristics can be from one of the newsletter releases.

Подготовка страниц сайта под запросы поисковых систем

Subheadings h2-h6

Their purpose is to structure the text information posted on the page and more simple and accessible navigation. The correct approach in the compilation of subtitles is the use of queries related to the fundamental key, giving it specificity. The most frequently made mistake in subtitling is the repetition of the master key.

Main text

It is important, when including keywords in the main content, to observe the following tips:

  • include only those keywords that exactly correspond to the subject of your resource;
  • Remember that you don’t need to insert more keys than the rules require – two to three phrases are enough for 2000 characters without spaces;
  • It is not recommended to use both informational and commercial keywords on one page;
  • you can’t write text just for writing keywords: you need to act exactly the opposite – first we write a quality text and only then we start working with keys;
  • there is no point in highlighting the keys (words, phrases) in bold — this move will not help with the ranking;
  • so that you can dilute semantics, do not ignore various synonyms and word forms;
  • Introduce LSI phrases that are associated with keywords in the text: this will help to significantly increase relevance.

Compliance with these rules is important. If your site will contain poor-quality texts with a lot of grammatical errors, non-informational ones with a huge number of key entries, search engines may impose sanctions on it. In Google, this issue is dealt with by the Panda algorithm, in Yandex, by Baden-Baden. To get rid of sanctions, you have to change all the content. In order not to get into a similar situation and not to do one job twice, try to do the right thing initially.

Alt and Title (for images)

Title – the same title, but for different images. While hovering the cursor over the picture, it is shown in a yellow rectangle. The tag does not affect the CEO, but the behavioral factor has a positive effect. This is especially good when it is necessary to clarify the essence of images placed on the resource. A good example would be the sights (their names).

Alt is a text alternative, which is shown instead of a picture, if for some reason the latter cannot be visualized (it often happens if the speed is low). In contrast to Title, Alt has an effect on SEO. In spite of everything, it is important to insert keywords in both the first and second attributes.

We recommend to adhere to the following rules:

  • Insert one keyword into the attributes, which is able to accurately convey the content of the image, the image;
  • no need to insert requests of commercial value (“order”, “buy”, “price”, etc.); as an exception, there are situations when these words are associated with a picture in a direct way (price list, or rather its screenshot, which needs to be described);
  • make attributes unique in the case of each individual image.

More detailed information about the optimization process can be found in the corresponding article.

File names

When adding various files, including photos and pictures, or other files, it is important to name them with the presence of the master key or part of it. In this case, search engines will quickly determine the essence of your file. Do not forget to use the Latin alphabet when you name the file.

Key Optimization Resource Check

You can perform this task in two ways, automatically and manually. The second case is quite acceptable if the site consists of no more than fifty pages. They can really be checked by running through the texts, tags and meta tags. But, if the pages are much larger, then it is more rational to use special tools. To analyze how correctly everything was compiled, the “Meta Tag and Header Parser” is ideal for you. This is an effective tool from SeoPult. To begin, you will need the entire list of urls, select the required indicators for parsing and start the procedure. You can save results in XLSX:

Подготовка страниц сайта под запросы поисковых систем

To analyze the keys in the text content, we recommend using the tool from the service. This is not difficult to do. You just need to copy the article, enter it in a special empty field and click on the button for checking the SEO data. The results will help you decide whether there is a need to reduce, add or change any keys.

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