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An important step in working with SEO texts is the development of internal links. Despite the fact that they are not actively discussed in CEO communities, their significance is one of the highest. Mistakes in working with internal links can lead to negative consequences.

Практические советы по работе с внутренними ссылками

Before you start working with internal links, you need to understand what it is and what they are used for. The main purpose of using these links is the ability to move visitors within the site. So, if external links are significantly different in the root domain, then internal links are subject to it and have the same HTML code. Previously, it was not so significant. But not for SEO. After all, the means of processing internal links are very different from the processing of external links.

Why give so much importance to the internal mailing, if it has no effect on anything? And that’s not true. Here is what is important for search engines when using internal links:

  • Purpose. What end point it will lead to.
  • Relevance links. After all, it must fit the context. Otherwise, its irrelevance is recognized by search engines. So, if you write information about the purchase of a product and insert an anchor on the conditions of delivery, it will be appropriate. But if you write about sushi and want to insert a link to order food for your pet, then this action will be irrelevant.
  • Placement of links on the page. It is also very important for search engines. This is especially significant in the menu of the site and its footer (as the name of the basement of the site, which, as a rule, is located at the very bottom). Google checks various actions with sending and punishes for violations. For example, if you add a link to the footer along with an anchor text in order to rank it more actively, it will be considered a violation. Its consequence may be the imposition of algorithmic sanctions by the company. But despite this, Google removes them very quickly. And in some cases, adding and then removing such links increases the level of ranking of the site.
  • Anchor text. It is not so important for search engines, but you should not lose sight of this moment.
  • The importance level of the page from which the newsletter is sent. If any of the pages of the site has many different external links, then it becomes authoritative (that is, meaningful, important). Due to this, such a page can affect the ranking of others within the site. Therefore, if you have pages with lots of inbound links, make sure that the posts and pages are really needed and that they benefit the visitors. Otherwise, they just may harm your site in its development and prevent users from navigating normally.
  • View link. Our advice is to use HTML links, abandon the JavaScript format. The latter do not bring such credibility, rather than the first, despite the fact that Google is quite acceptable working with them. Studies that were conducted a couple of years ago showed that text links are more beneficial and show better results than images. It is believed that today the level of their utility and processing is the same. But if you still decide to use the image as a link, do not forget that a piece of alt they go into anchor text.
  • The significance of the first link page. If you have several identical links to the same page in different areas on the page, then Google will take into consideration only the very first of them. Therefore, no matter how many links you have on the page, it will process only the very first one.

A. In the latter, as a rule, more authority and value.

Практические советы по работе с внутренними ссылками

Anyone interested in this topic has long been understood and aware of. After all, external links are an independent message about your site, which supposedly says: “Hey, come here, there is a lot of useful information that you are looking for.” And internal links are like you are going to advertise yourself and ask for you cast your vote. Therefore, search engines give them less value, considering not so important and interesting to users.

B. The anchor text plays a more significant role in external messages than in internal ones.

Практические советы по работе с внутренними ссылками

You are allowed to put anchor sending, which is associated with a phrase or a word and makes it possible to place them on the page of your own site. This will not be considered a violation. But such links can be put so that they will seem spam to users. Because of this, their clickability will decrease, users will stop clicking on the other links of the site, the number of refusals and interaction with links may increase. All this will affect the fact that the positive effect of these links and the long-awaited effect of increasing the ranking of the site completely evaporate and disappear. But do not forget that the links for internal navigation through the site with anchor text do not affect the ranking as much as for the external one.

C. An insufficient number of internal links can also cause difficulty in ranking the page.

Практические советы по работе с внутренними ссылками

Sometimes it happens that a small number of both external and internal links negatively affect the ranking. And this is not good for the development of your site. Here it is important to find a balance so that there is not too much and too little.

D. A lot of links to the same page is also not good – you need not to go too far.

Практические советы по работе с внутренними ссылками

In this case, they will have less weight per send.

It is worth reminding you the principle of calculating Google PageRank. Its essence is as follows: if there are, for example, 6 links on a page, then each of them sends 1/6 PageRank. If 4 links, then they respectively pass 1/5 PageRank, etc. It is important to understand here that 1/5 will be more valuable than 1/5.

If PageRank seems to someone an obsolete algorithm, then know that the best theory that explains the operation of links has not yet been invented. Bottom line: a page with many links may not bear enough reference weight, compared to a page with a smaller number.

That is why it is worth right now to review the pages of your own site and do a “spring-cleaning” of the links: remove those that do not make sense to either the search engines or users, and all the more do not bring any benefit to the development of your site. It is these actions that can help you raise your rankings. We confirm this with confidence, as numerous experiments and studies have shown that those sites that were cleared of informational garbage and unnecessary links received improvements both in ranking and in other indicators – mailing list, contextual and behavioral. Try to evaluate the effectiveness on your own experience.

E. From sculpting PageRank you get the effect, but very small.

Surely you should have heard about the practice of sculpting PageRank in SEO. It was actively implemented in the periods of 2002–2003 and 2008–2009. During these periods, there was an active discussion and research about their use and benefits. They even created software that analyzed the site and selected a perfectly suitable sculpturing plan for him. For example, it showed which pages should be referred to and which should be avoided.

At a time when PageRank was the main and only ranking tool in Google, sculpting yielded its rich fruits and high achievements. But today its importance has decreased significantly. Despite this, sculpture has not lost its effectiveness. The same fact remains that more does not mean better. That is, a greater number of links can not only not bring results, but also adversely affect the ranking level of the site. At the same time, fewer links will give better site performance. But remember that all the same, most often, the optimization of internal links does not have any effect, so do not expect noticeable changes from them.

But the so-called “correct” sendings can give a very noticeable result. In particular, if you have pages that have not been used for a long time or have been abandoned, readers cannot find them, or search engines do not even recognize them through the newsletter structure, this indicates significant problems with links. Correcting them and redoing them into correct links will help solve these problems.

Practical tips for working with internal links

Best of all, if the scheme of the structure of link building looks like this:

Практические советы по работе с внутренними ссылками

Let us analyze it in order. The zero level is the most important, central page, which can have up to 100 links to various internal pages. Level 1 is a hundred different pages (including categories, subcategories of the site, sections), by means of which users can surf through your site and study it more deeply, find the necessary information. Any of these pages can have no more than 100 links. All of them are located on the second level, when compared with the main one, and each of them is also able to have a hundred unique links.

  • Each page should not be located further than 3 links from each other (this does not apply to large sites).

When placing pages and sending them, it is necessary to work using a special algorithm and be wise to approach the placement of all categories of the site. The very idea of placing three links is that in this way the user can bypass almost a million pages.

We give the simplest example – the site of any blog. Suppose you need to find a text that was written and posted a couple of years ago. Traditionally, in order to reach it, you need to leaf through many pages. But if we think over everything in advance and put all the information into categories, then the visitor will find it at all easy to find the necessary information. Agree, because in a separate category among several dozen publications, finding the one you need will be much faster and easier than surfing the entire site and viewing each page.

  • The importance of the relevance and usefulness of links for readers.

Google takes everything into account, and if it sees that the sending is not clicked enough or immediately goes backwards, then it signals its uselessness.

  • In the same way as a single keyword cannot belong to two pages, one text of anchor pages should be only in one link, and not in several different ones.

Do not form your own rivalry between your pages. Stay away from cases when messages with the same content lead to different pages of the same type. Understand difficult, but necessary. You do not need extra pages, but also performing the same functions. Summarize, merge the pages into one, but do not allow them to repeat, otherwise you will reduce all the effectiveness to nothing.

  • Use the attribute rel = “nofollow” only in the most necessary cases, no frills.

The use of this attribute in internal links is perceived as another way to sculpt PageRank. Our advice: discard this method. Google does not consider these links as relevant. Careful studies have shown that rel = “nofollow” negatively affects the optimization of link importance between pages.

  • Say content with poor quality and zero no.

Ruthlessly remove pages and links with unnecessary and meaningless information. Leave only those messages that benefit visitors and that they need to better surf the site. This will definitely give a positive effect on the operation of your site.

  • There should be no page at all without sending.

Each page should contain both incoming and outgoing links (both those that link to you and those that link to others). Also control the amount of incoming links, they should be at a minimum. But outgoing links, and even those that will lead users to useful and valuable information, may be more.


We hope that this article has helped you understand the importance of internal links on your website and analyze their work. And also gave the opportunity to work out the shortcomings and increase the productivity of your site and increase its value for users.

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