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76 conversions at $ 10.38 per month – Google Ads, Yandex Direct

Service: Contextual advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Ads
Subject: Search for Russian-speaking Truck drivers in the USA
Region: USA
Monthly budget: $ 800
Purpose: Urgent search for Russian-speaking truck drivers
Solution: Detailed study of semantics and constant optimization of the advertising campaign based on the analysis of the conversion cost

What was done:

  • Keywords research
  • Setting up search campaigns
  • Retargeting, Remarketing configured
  • Configured Yandex Advertising Network, context media network сampaigns
  • Set up goals in Metrics and Analytics
  • Testing campaigns, analyzing statistics, and identifying the most profitable tools and solutions in terms of conversion cost
  • Continuous optimization of the advertising campaign
  • Regular replenishment of the list of negative keywords
  • Regular cleaning of ineffective sites of the Yandex Advertising Network, context media network

Project work:

07/19/2021 – 08/19/2021
A daily budget of $ 30 was set for two systems.
The main goal is to get targeted appeals from potential employees as quickly as possible.
Extensive work was carried out in all areas:

  • Worked out semantics, list of negative keywords
  • Setting up Search Campaigns
  • Configured Yandex Advertising Network, context media network сampaigns
  • Setting up Retargeting, Remarketing

Already in the first month of work, the task was completed 100% and all open vacancies were closed.

The Yandex Advertising Network campaign showed especially good results since the Russian-speaking audience in the United States actively browses Yandex partner sites in Russian. All relevant types of campaigns have been tested. Search campaigns in Yandex Direct turned out to be less effective since Yandex Search is less popular in the US than Google. We carried out a daily analysis of statistics and adjustments to bids, flexible reallocation of budgets in favor of effective campaigns.


For 1 month of placement, we managed to complete the task by 100% and find Truck drivers for the client. $ 789 was spent on advertising. Received 10,156 clicks, the average cost per click was $ 0.08. 76 conversions were received, with an average conversion cost of $ 10.38.

In each project, you can find a unique solution to get leads at competitive prices. Such solutions are often obvious and involve simple but high-quality work on an advertising campaign: collection and clustering of semantics, analysis of statistics, daily optimization, flexible budget redistribution.