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Online shopping, selling counterfeit goods, loomed the prospect of emergency blocking

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    At a meeting of the Federation Council, which was held recently, and was aimed at addressing cross-border online trade, Russian rightholders were put forward a proposal to impose a ban on the activities of Internet boutiques, on whose interactive windows the counterfeit goods were displayed.

    In daily practice, law enforcement agencies, as a rule, refuse to accept applications for Internet companies that violate the law in terms of trading fake products. At the moment, in order to block a page with counterfeit goods, you need to spend a lot of money and time to consider the case in court.

    As a way out of the current situation, the business community proposed the creation of an SRO (self-regulating organization). Members of this organization will be representatives of online stores. Their mission is to consider appeals from Russian copyright holders. Interestingly, AKIT (Internet Trade Association of Companies) is aiming at the same position. There is a conflict of interest.

    According to Svetlana Lienko, director of the portal, the idea of ​​a ban on the sale of counterfeit goods in Russia is more relevant than ever. Users of the global network can everywhere see the movement of the shadow market from basements to online spaces. However, the question of how to recognize a product as counterfeit and check the relevant licenses with the seller remains open. Perhaps, in the near future, some Internet boutiques should be wary of unlawful attacks by competing companies, as there is a risk of using a pre-trial blocking of a “suspicious” online resource and an incorrect interpretation of the new rules. Nevertheless, if the government goes to meet the measures taken and strengthens control over the importation of counterfeit products into the territory of the Russian Federation, perhaps the “forces of good” will be able to achieve some success.

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