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Who does not want to please everyone? Hundreds of books are written about how to put yourself in society so as to be loved and respected. It is no secret to anyone that the opinions of others can be controlled. But why are these companies and how to use it in the open spaces of the network – we understand further.

If earlier the term “Reputation Management” was related to public relations and was widely heard by units, then with the development of social networks it became a large-scale movement. So, RM is a planned complex influence on the factors responsible for the image of a private or business subject.

The online image is extremely important, and its creation is a complex, time-consuming process with a huge number of nuances. Information on the Internet is available 24/7, finding negative or positive opinions is not difficult, and any note five years ago continues to influence the ranking of the site, which means sales.

When is it time to think about it?

Online Reputation Management

By standard, business owners and marketers are turning to image management in two cases:

  • A lot of negativity on the web. At one point, it turns out that if you type in a search query “brand review”, then there is a huge layer of bad comments in relation to the brand or product.
  • You have decided to use otzovik as an additional channel of advertising and communication with the end user.

What do we say to that? In both cases, this is not entirely correct.

It is better to do this before you enter the market. As they say “straws to spread.” Absolutely it does not matter what you do, if you work through this moment at the start and create the necessary image of the brand, as well as a controlled informational aura, you will more effectively attract customers and make them loyal. And the most important thing is to quickly identify the negative and fight it, otherwise this “snowball” cannot be destroyed later.

Unfortunately, many of our customers and even agencies continue to fail to understand the essence of reputation management. For example, you are offered a SERM package. In fact, in 8 cases out of 10, they will simply monitor the mention of the brand and throw good comments on the otzovik. Most players in this market do not understand the basic terms and tools. Or they simply do not understand the real mechanisms of influence on this or that niche. Often, customers get the wrong result, the market does not develop, and “specialists” continue to actively confuse SERM, HM and ORM. What are these abbreviations? This is your “tool” in the struggle for the prestige of his name. Simply, each of them solves a specific problem, not all at once.

Management methods: how to select and apply successfully?

  1. HM

Hidden Marketing

What is the meaning of classic promo? Through the media or opinion leaders directly convey to the consumer what you sell, how much it costs and how it is good. The task is to make the sentence clear and obvious. In contrast, hidden marketing is not striking, does not make open statements about you or about the product.

The person who made your purchase does not even remember that a couple of days ago, “how to choose laminate flooring” google and read the discussion, where the company and product name was compared to its peers several times in passing, some master Petrov gave advice, and one From the commentators he shared his personal experience “I bought here, the prices are affordable, for a year now the laminate floor is as good as new.” Well … Do you understand?

Of course, you can take a top blogger whose audience is identical to your target audience – from Dudy to Mitroshina. But an odious person who mentions a certain brand is an obvious advertisement. But “agents of influence” are unknown and simple users of social networks and other resources, behind which there are special people whose task is to mention the brand by chance.

Consider an example of promoting a Spanish tile manufacturer. At one of the designer forums, an agent disguised as a novice designer asks where to buy tiles with a Gzhel pattern? Another user also supports his interest, since such a painting is now relevant. The third writes that of all popular factories, no one releases such a line. And the fourth interlocutor calls the manufacturer N and says that he saw in their latest collection exactly what they were looking for.

Online Reputation Management

As you can see, this is a fairly thought-out scheme. There were as many as 4 agents who covertly promoted a certain company. Still, as an option, they can even specially create a new branch on the repair forum about the finishing of the bathroom. One of “his” asks which manufacturer is easier to install and more reliable? Another agent, allegedly an experienced master, replies that he tried a lot and there were constant remarks (high expense, reject rate, uneven edges, etc.). So little by little, the conversation is brought to the manufacturer N.

What is important?

Any experienced specialist knows that for HM it’s not the number of Web resources mentioned that matter, but their quality. Should choose a strategic approach to advancement. Before you determine the forums in which you need to carry out the work, competent marketers evaluate the issue analytics on request. For example, “which tile is better to choose.”


  • Loyalty increase
  • Brand recognition
  • Increased product confidence
  • Relatively low cost


  • It is difficult to understand the effectiveness. For example, when ordering direct advertising, you get detailed statistics on the promotional codes used and the number of transitions from their profile to yours. You can track the hidden only by the increase in traffic or sales, but not a fact, especially if several methods are used at the same time.
  • If you do not work with other tools, then you will not learn about negative reviews and you will not work them out. And they just scare people away.

Who is this strategy for?

Ideal for beginners who target the B2C sector. Perfectly proved to be for business of any direction, especially real estate, construction and sale of pharmaceutical preparations.

2. ORM

Online Reputation Management

The principle of action is that with the help of search services on semantics (such as Brand Analytics), experts are looking for all the notes about the brand. Data is periodically updated, so the owner will always be aware of the appearing responses.

The next step is development and feedback. Your employees or specially hired SMMs answer questions, help solve problems, work out comments and thank you for good feedback. Very important for the image and ranking is the number of positive references to the brand. They can be increased by motivating existing customers to leave feedback on products or the company as a whole.

As a bonus for accommodation you can offer a discount on the next order. For these purposes, you can use the email distribution. If a person makes a re-order – it is obvious that he is satisfied with the service or product, so you can write him a letter asking him to evaluate your company. If this does not lead to the expected effect, the environment is artificially increased by all the same agents of influence.

Online Reputation Management

Take this example: automatic monitoring reports every bad message about a restaurant that has appeared. The user claims that he was brought not properly cooked salad. The person who communicates with the audience on behalf of the brand asks for clarification of the time, the name of the waiter or his external characteristics, ascertains the essence of the situation from the management and offers the guest a solution – compensation in the form of a free dinner. Or it turns out that this guest slanders (the tricks of competitors or simple trolling), so he turns to the administration with a complaint and evidence to remove false information. After the conflict has been closed, the user is asked to remove his response, since this nuance was decided.

Our remarks

ORM should be more perceived as an additional method of communication with already established clients than the opportunity to get a new audience. You should know that you cannot save money by generating the same positive publications and posting them on different websites. More precisely, you can, if there is a desire to roll into the bottom of the search. Robots very quickly track cheaters by IP and mark the resource as dishonest. Some platforms even conduct their anti-rating of those who engage in unprincipled PR of themselves. Comments should be unique, ip accounts and geolocation should be changed each time.


  • This is another interesting channel to increase the level of customer service.
  • Analytics is very useful not only for the image, but also to work on the bugs.
  • You get loyalty loyal customers and the confidence of the recently arrived


  • Services for the search for references do not respond to comments that do not have a name.
  • Manual monitoring is required for platforms on which there are branches with your brand, and someone may simply write “they took the money, the goods were not sent”
  • Inability to cover everything. Unfortunately, popular sites scored into the analytics system are only 5% of the informative content of the Runet.
  • Inadequate assessment of success. Of course, you will receive a report on the work done, reviews left, responses to consumers, but you will never know how this affected sales. The agency generally can work on sites where there is no your buyer.

Who will it be interesting?

Those who have already entered the market and are eager to win their position. It will help organizations that want to establish to communicate with the consumer. More relevant for the Business to Consumer scheme, although for B2B companies from a not too narrow sphere with a limited number of players will be useful.


Search Engine Reputation Management

The main task of this tool is very simple – to bring up the top sites where there is an opportunity to “clean up” a developed negative. The fact is that when an ordinary user wants to find information before a purchase, he will look for reviews by name and will go to the top pages and not scroll.

Consider a network of dental clinics. With the help of the SERMometer service or manually search for “dentistry N + reviews” in order to understand which sites you can start from. In parallel, employees remove negative publications that are exhausted. Reputational environment of the dental clinic becomes favorable. Further, these sites are promoted to the top due to SEO optimization. In addition, manageable branches are created on forums and postings with good indexing, and a separate section is created for feedback.

You can check the positive effect by comparing the reputation before / after. This method plays a crucial role in the process of monetizing advertising costs, because it affects what the person sees in the issue. Note. Some people prefer to hide bad publications behind a large flow of good ones, but in the end there will be unmanaged resources in the top. We recommend to solve problem points everywhere, and leave positive content where the hands for management have been untied for promotion. The sooner you discover this functionality, the faster and easier you will gain control over your reputation.


  • Creating the desired image in search engines
  • Interaction with Central Asia at the last stage of the funnel
  • Opportunity to influence the acquisition decision
  • Negative processing Detection of problems with service or goods


  • Not effective enough without ORM. It will be correct to combine both principles of marketing for a successful result.
  • Time-consuming and ongoing process

It is useful for those who aim to get the conversion and the promotion of the buyer in the sales funnel. So, now you know what to do for image management online. Of course, this is a general article, collected “at the top”. If you need professional advice, then contact the experts in this field. We will be happy to answer any questions and propose a successful strategy for your individual case.

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