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If you think that opening a web platform related to food is easy, then you are very mistaken. If you take the clothing store as an example, then everything is really simple and does not require heavy expenses. The site can work on a standard engine, you need to choose suppliers and use either your own courier delivery, or ideally, which is less costly, use standard mail services that work on the network. In fact, you don’t need to spend much money even on renting a warehouse. But with products, everything is much more complicated. This is a product that tends to deteriorate, firstly, and secondly, if a dress and shoes can be sold on order and the client can wait, then ordering the same potato or a herring jar with delivery, no one will wait two days, that is everything should always be available, otherwise the client will either run into a neighboring stall or go to a competitor.

Now let’s move on to organizational issues before talking about the functionality of the site itself.

Online Product Store Development

Remember that you can not do without competent logistics. The courier service, the availability, and the location of warehouses are related to this issue. Please note that you will have to significantly invest in high-quality refrigeration equipment, which is designed for long-term storage, but it costs a lot. Plus, compliance with hygiene standards should be in the first place.

Delivery of goods should be carried out on specialized vehicles that are equipped with a thermal body and be roomy. Just hire a private cabman or use the services of a taxi service does not work. In general, depending on the size of the enterprise, the fleet should consist of no less than 5 cars.

This was a preface about life. And now to the technical part.

The development of an online store of products has its own characteristics. In general, the process is similar to the creation of other trading floors, but still there are some nuances.

Online Product Store Development

Brief Functionality:

  • The main information pages are “Delivery”, “Certificates”, “Quality Assurance”, “About the store”. This set allows the buyer to understand that this is a real serious organization, and not just a web page with pictures. It inspires confidence and raises your credibility.
  • Catalog. The most important member of the site. All products should be divided into categories and subcategories. By the way, it’s very useful to add a footnote to additions to each card of a certain product. For example, in a card with red fish, make a link to white wine. This may indirectly affect the average bill.
  • Names. The trademark, weight, price is published. The description should be as careful as possible. It is not recommended to inflate the text with “tasty words”, but excessive brevity will not be a plus either.
  • Order button. Next to each item should be able to quickly send to the basket. At the same time, it is mandatory to easily change the quantity or weight. When ordering food products on the Internet, people, as a rule, don’t buy sporadically; And if your customers are small shops in the courtyards or cafes and restaurants, then such a function is all the more necessary.
Online Product Store Development
  • Basket. Statistics show that users can leave the site if it does not work correctly. Therefore, the functions should have easy control, the ability to delete or change the quantity, the total amount should be quickly and accurately calculated. A big plus is that if the user accidentally closes the tab, then the contents should not be deleted when reopened.
  • Check in. Since “live” supermarkets often use various loyalty systems such as discounts or coupons, you should not neglect this in online trading. In order for the buyer to use promotions and special offers, invite him to register. This will make it possible to do newsletters with special offers, to inform about new products. In simple words, establish communication. You should not make this field mandatory. It is important to consider the factor of psychology. Not everyone wants to report their data for one reason or another, or it may be a trial order. If you require the user to pass verification. This can scare off and make him go to competitors.
  • Payment. It is important that there are as many payment methods as possible. Card, cash, electronic wallets. So you will attract more customers
  • Visual design. Colorful pictures are good. But in this matter do not overdo it. Too heavy images impede navigation and visually annoy buyers. The task is to sell, and not bewitch with the graphics!

In principle, the simpler the functional, the better. The most important thing is that at the first visit the user can easily find what he needs.

Online Product Store Development

Additional features

We divide the implementation into two areas: for the buyer and for the administrator.

It must be remembered that any innovations should be well thought out and simplify the purchase process, and not make it even more complicated!

For client:

  • Reviews of products that allow visitors reading them to better determine the choice. In addition, the introduction of a kind of rating platform becomes more interactive. And also, as an owner, it will help you to refuse certain products if they do not meet expectations or, on the contrary, increase their supply.
  • The blog. For a grocery store, this may seem odd. But if you understand the direction in which you need to write articles, you will see that this only increases your income. A win-win option – recipes. Thus, you yourself will direct visitors to certain purchases. Tell us about trends in Italian or Mediterranean cuisine, write some methods for baking delicious bread. And right below, calculate the cost of the products you sell. Each season has its own dish – in the fall pumpkin soup, on New Year’s Eve – the recipe for the original Olivier. And do not forget to recommend drinks! It will definitely be interesting for your customers. Well, search engines will also not be indebted. The presence of reviews and articles increases the position of the site in search results
  • Search. Even on issues such as products, people have a clear idea of ​​what they want. If the visitor endlessly flips through a tape listing the types of butter, then he may get tired and leave. Give the opportunity to quickly find the product of interest. It is quite difficult to make a search system high-quality, but a good specialist can do it. Therefore, even if you have such skills, it is better to trust a professional in this matter. Such investments are not in vain.
  • Additional showcases. In this case, we mean banners that display certain products, for example, at a discount or bestsellers. The development of such a canvas has an additional cost, but the advantage of the product store is that with the right cooperation with the supplier, you can correctly divide the costs. Moreover, often distribution companies themselves offer this option.
Online Product Store Development
  • Loyalty system. Seasonal discounts and promotions, an accumulative point system with which you can pay with a certain amount, etc. If there is a “live” store, make different bonus systems for it and the online platform. The programmer’s task in this case is to develop the count so that there are no errors.
  • Subscriptions for cost reduction. If among your regular customers, in addition to ordinary people, there will be cafes or other catering establishments that specialize in certain dishes, they will be interested in this function. The system can send emails once a month or with an update with specific content that is interesting to a particular client.
  • Delivery calculation. This nuance is necessary if the goods are transported not only within a certain city, but also in the suburbs. So the client will immediately understand how much it will cost to deliver products under the house, for example, from Kiev if he lives in Bucha or from Moscow to Balashikha. There is no need to talk about the delivery of products across the country, because the product still has the property of deteriorating, and it makes no sense in principle.
  • Integration of payment systems. If the buyer can pay on the site without contacting the manager once again, then consider that you are in the damsels. Minimal communication makes your project a real online store! and this applies not only to payment, but also to clarify the availability of goods, delivery and other nuances.
Online Product Store Development

For administrator:

  • Export to Yandex.Market will help expand the market.
  • Order processing system. It allows you to track the status of the application. The item is quite expensive and difficult to develop, but for large markets it is extremely necessary.
  • Data fill. For a grocery store, this is a very necessary moment, since prices tend to change with the speed of light, it should be possible to quickly change them. As you know, the quantity of goods is very large and it is a very long time to search the list you need. Therefore, a script is prescribed that makes it possible to export updated data from Excel files or other formats and change information on the site automatically.
Online Product Store Development
  • Access rights. To avoid confusion, each employee must have its own “access system” with clearly defined capabilities. This will prevent workers from accidentally interfering in each other’s work.
  • Synchronization with 1C. Relieves the work of an accountant and makes uploading data on balances and turnover much easier.
  • Partnership programs. You can register a script, which is then posted on the site of the partner store. In this case, the partner receives his share for the sales. The downside is that you will have to pay for the link, even if there were no conversions.
Online Product Store Development

As you can see, in many ways the creation of a website for a product store is similar to the development of any other online trading project. Of course, there are nuances and they should be taken into account. In order for your platform to work effectively, seek the help of professionals who will help with marketing solutions and, especially, with the technical part. The slightest mistakes will entail a loss of expected income and a decrease in positions in the search results. We are waiting for calls and messages in instant messengers to together make your resource high-quality and profitable!

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