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Now the result in Google will be exclusively regional.

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    According to the latest innovations of the Google search engine, wherever you are, you will get a localized result, ie the search result will be issued solely for the location of the user.

    результат в Google

    If earlier we could get data for Russia from “” or for Ukraine – ““, now the result will be automatically displayed only for the country in which the one who enters the request is located. Google representatives are confident that this will allow to get more relevant results that the user expects. Already today, such changes are adapted both for the desktop version, mobile and in the application for iOS.

    In this case, do not despair. Search results for another country are easy to set up manually, for example, for mobile:

    1. Go to the Google application “Settings”.
    2. We are looking for “Search Settings” – “Search Region”.
    3. Select the region of interest and save.

    Traveling around the world, the Google search engine will automatically adjust to your current location and become a faithful and reliable companion.

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