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Note to the owner of the online store: 7 of the most common mistakes when creating

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You have created your own online store, but no purchases are made? There may be several reasons for this:

  • The lack of demand for the product that you offer;
  • Too high prices in comparison with other online stores;
  • Inconvenient, and therefore not causing the desire to buy the site.

The first two reasons are eliminated by collecting information, analyzing it and making appropriate adjustments to the range or price policy. Today we will talk about the latter – errors in the process of creating a site that make it inconvenient.

Attempts to save on hosting

As you know, the miser pays twice. Saving funds in this way leads to the fact that a powerful flow of traffic can simply collapse the server, cause problems with the connection and access to the site simply will not. If you are planning an active business, growing and expanding your business, hosting is not something worth saving.

No one can give a guarantee that the server will not collapse, however, it’s better not to consider the idea of using the free offer. If your project falls into the medium category, you should have a virtual dedicated server (VPS / VDS), and a large one – a dedicated server. Before you decide on a hoster, read the available user reviews, check the speed of technical support.

На заметку владельцу интернет-магазина: 7 самых распространенных ошибок при создании

Fill in required fields

Ordering or consultation on some sites are available only after authorization by filling in a huge number of free fields that look more like a social survey. The simpler the ordering, the more likely the purchase and vice versa: the more steps the buyer must go through in order to get what he wants, the less this probability. The choice of the path of least resistance is obvious, so it is worth giving the opportunity to buy goods without registering, subscribing to the newsletter and other things. Make the most simple form in which the buyer enters the really important information.

If you need an electronic customer base or additional information about customers, offer them any bonuses for completing the questionnaires: discounts, certificates, participation in the draw or any other promotion.

Insufficient attention to users visiting the site from mobile devices

Every day, a fraction of people browsing websites from mobile devices is growing steadily and this should be taken into account. A reasonable solution would be to create and optimize the mobile version of your site, which makes staying on its pages convenient and enjoyable. If you do not do this, a huge number of potential customers will be lost, because a modern person often works at a computer, but his smartphone is his personal space and the opportunity to do something for himself, including the purchase.

You can adapt the site in three main ways:

  1. Creating a separate website on a domain like;
  2. Dynamic display, adapts to different screens of devices;
  3. The most expensive, but preferred, adaptive design, which is a universal solution for all types of devices.

Slow loading pages

Layout, cluttered with heavy code, refusal to use the browser cache, scripts and non-optimized images, can lead to the page being loaded for too long. The buyer waits for the download on average for five seconds, after which the page opens, or it goes to your competitors.

Diagnostics download speed can be quickly carried out using a special service Google, which will identify problems and tell you how to fix them.

На заметку владельцу интернет-магазина: 7 самых распространенных ошибок при создании

Cart issues

The lion’s share of refusals to order is due to the following problems with the basket:

  1. The buyer did not find a link to it (as a rule, it is placed in the upper right corner, where visitors of the site will look at first);
  2. The content can not be edited (you need the opportunity not only to add, but also to remove items from the basket, if the buyer changed his mind or accidentally pressed the wrong thing);
  3. There is no field for a promotional promo code (the customer must see the final purchase price before the order is placed to avoid misunderstandings);
  4. Cart contents are reset when the page is closed (who wants to look for the same thing several times?).
На заметку владельцу интернет-магазина: 7 самых распространенных ошибок при создании

No item description added

Filling your online store with goods, you should not neglect not only photos, but also descriptions. Your job as a seller is to provide as much information as possible about the items you have on display. The buyer is not able to promptly ask all his questions directly and get advice, so he will look for detailed descriptions. The information provided also indicates how carefully you approach the matter and how competent you are in matters of goods. If you do not have information, there will be no client either.

Old information on the site

It is necessary to carefully monitor how relevant the information posted on the website is so that there are no misunderstandings when the goods for an already issued order are out of stock and receipts are not expected. The following data needs regular updating:

  1. Information from the warehouse (which of the goods presented at any given moment is available, ends or arrives);
  2. Prices for the goods (they must be indicated in the currency in which the calculation will be made in order to avoid discrepancies when the exchange rate fluctuates);
  3. Payment methods (the more ways to pay for a purchase, the more likely it will be made);
  4. Methods of delivery of goods and its cost (courier service, postal parcel, pickup from the office or warehouse).

And that is not all

The above list of problems is a list of the most common mistakes. In the creation, operation and promotion of sites there may be a lot of other problems that need to be fixed immediately. Before you invest in seo or take any marketing moves, you should carefully check the site and eliminate the detected weaknesses.

For any reason, you cannot diagnose problems yourself – order it from specialists who will quickly and professionally put your website in order, after which you can calmly promote it. In this case, you do not have to resort to the services of intermediaries and overpay.

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